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News Round-up & Open Thread for Thursday, October 5, 2006

  • Lots of new polls today. A Reuters/Zogby poll has Menendez up 45%-35% among likely voters. An FDU poll gives Menendez a 42%-37% lead, which grows to 46%-39% when leaners are included. Strategic Vision’s poll gives Kean Jr a 44%-40% lead.
  • Congressman Rob Andrews raised questions about Tom Kean Jr’s “independence” on the Iraq War considering he has received nearly $88,000 from former Congressman Jim Courter and the company he runs, IDT. “Courter has been implicated with former U.S. Sen. Robert Torricelli, a Democrat, in seeking contracts from the tarnished oil-for-food program under Saddam Hussein, according to published reports.” Courter also hosted the Dick Cheney fundraiser for no-show Kean Jr.
  • Princeton’s Drinking Liberally will have a special guest tonight. Bill Scher, long-time blogger at LiberalOasis.com will talk about his new book, Wait! Don’t Move to Canada! Details: Ivy Inn – 248 Nassau St, Princeton, 7:00-9:00 pm.
  • Congressman Holt’s amendment to the national homeland security budget will result in $6.5 million this year for New Jersey to spend on improving the security of our ground transit system. Holt noted that funding for ground transit security should be increased, and pointed out that aviation security has received about 50 times as much funding as ground security since Sept 11, 2001.
  • The bill that would have shifted federal funds for HIV prevention and AID treatment from New Jersey to politically conservative states, is dead. Garden State Equality chair Steven Goldstein credits New Jersey’s Congressional delegation: “Thanks go to U.S. Senators Frank Lautenberg and Bob Menendez, and Congressman Frank Pallone, for leading the way to successfully fend off attacks…They are everything public servants should be:  Tenacious, compassionate and successful in fighting for the public interest.  Thanks also go to all the other members of New Jersey’s Congressional delegation who stood with us.”
  • State Senator Ellen Karcher (D-Monmouth) wants to ban trans fats from restaurants. ” In April, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health reported that the elimination of trans fats from American diets could prevent tens of thousands of cardiac deaths each year.” Luckily, there already exists a soybeam oil that contains no trans fats.
  • Republicans and Democrats are criticizing Assemblyman and Jersey City school Superintendent Charles Epps for a being a corrupt and ineffective waste of taxpayer money. Assemblymen Brian Stack thinks Epps should step down from the Assembly.
  • Congressman Frelinghuysen has agreed to debate Tom Wyka.
  • Gas prices around the state are starting to dip below $2/gallon.
  • ‘Democrats for Kean’ may actually vote for Menendez

    That’s the Associated Press’s title, not mine. First there were internet “Hazelbaker Democrats” for Kean Jr, then the right-wing radio “Democrat” for Kean Jr, the non-Democrat & Republican candidate “Democrats” for Kean Jr and of course federal inmate Democrats for Tom Kean Jr. Angela Delli Santi at the AP writes about a “Democrats for Kean” event today in which both Democrats were misled about the purpose of the event, and neither one may actually support Kean Jr. (emphasis mine)

    The Republican candidate for U.S. Senate appeared alongside two people identified as “Democrats for Kean” on Wednesday in an effort to show that he can attract voters of both parties. Trouble is, Tom Kean Jr. might not get the vote of either one.

    The two Democrats who appeared with Kean thought the event was a chance to publicize their own beef over local corruption. Kean, however, staged the event to advance his own campaign.

    Daisy Vega, a member of the parents’ group Families United for Students of Elizabeth, said Wednesday she was a lifelong registered Democrat who has never voted Republican. She said she had not yet made up her mind whether to vote for Kean or his Democratic opponent, Sen. Robert Menendez, on Nov. 7, before adding, “I’ve never crossed over before.”

    The other “Democrat for Kean,” former Elizabeth Councilman Bob Jaspan, said he, too, had not yet decided whom to vote for in the Senate race. He said he “was asked to attend and say a few words about my feelings on corruption. I did not know the label of the press conference.”

    Vega, 45, said she appeared with Kean after he responded to her invitation to support Elizabeth school children. She said the group, known by the acronym FUSE, invited Kean in the hope of triggering an investigation into the sale of two city properties to a private developer at a discount. The group believes the parcels should have been deeded to the Board of Education for construction of new schools.

    She said she did not know the Kean campaign dubbed the event “Democrats for Kean” in its press release, but said she did not feel as if her group was being used. “Did it bring out the press? Good. What I had to say was heard,” she said.

    The entire campaign is one giant clumsily choreographed lie. What a bunch of clowns.

    News Roundup & Open Thread for Wednesday, October 4, 2006

  • We’ve finally begun to hear from our New Jersey Congressmen on the Foley cover-up. Democrat Rob Andrews said Republican leaders who knew should resign.  Republican Frank LoBiondo  is “sickened” by Foley’s actions and is “pleased” the FBI is investigating the case, but did not call for any resignations at this time.  His statement says “[Foley] and anyone involved should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” 
  • The Courier News reports that Menendez fully supports stem cell research, while Richard Codey says that Junior likes to “flip and then flop with the pancakes.”
  • Tom Moran is pretty critical of Kean Junior‘s attacks on Menendez, concluding:

    But Kean hasn’t come close to backing up his charges against Menendez. And by basing his campaign on cheap shots, he’s raising more doubts about his own integrity than he is about his opponent’s.


  • More shocking news:  President Bush is unpopular in Hudson County, with only 23% of voters saying he is doing a good job.  It’s good though the Jersey Journal is sponsoring local polls.  Another poll finds Bush is not popular statewide either.
  • Governor  Corzine is aiming to have an “energy master plan” by next year. You can find a nearby public meeting or provide your input through New Jersey Energy Master Plan website.
  • There will be discussion today of proposals to encourage mergers of municipalities.
  • A Megan’s Law ruling says that someone guilty of aggravted sexual assault, even if the attack was not sexually motivated, must register as a sex offender.  Check the link to see the details of the case.
  • Greater New Jersey baseball:  The Yankees won their first game, the Mets are having a lot of injuries to their pitchers, and the Phillies should hire Lou Pinella.

    This is an open thread, so comment about anything you like.

  • Meet the Press Debate: Downsides, Please?

    I wanted to know more about why Kean Jr. is ducking the League of Women Voters’ debate, and found that he wants a debate October 22nd on Meet the Press.

    Kean’s campaign released its letter to the league. The letter, from campaign manager Evan Kozlow, said it would “not be accepting any further debates” until Menendez debates Kean on NBC’s “Meet The Press.” Menendez had declined that debate, saying he wanted to concentrate on debates hosted by local media outlets and organizations.

    Why not? Kean Jr. got owned by Bob in the debates.

    I do not see a downside for Kean getting his ass kicked in front of a national audience (not to mention one more time in NJ). Who knows, maybe Republican donors around the country will actually see this wet noodle of a candidate and have second thoughts about where the NRSC is sending their money?

    Junior & Prisoner #25038-050: Perfect Together

    Senator Menendez’s newest ad goes after Tom Kean jr for colluding with a convicted criminal for his smear campaign:

    Menendez’s spokesman Matt Miller adds:

    “Bob Menendez helped send corrupt politicians to jail, while Tom Kean, Jr. teams up with them while they’re still behind bars. Tom Kean Jr. keeps sinking deeper into the gutter, even after his attacks have been exposed as lies.  The only thing he is proving is that he will say anything to distract for his pro-Bush, pro-war record and that he doesn’t have the character to be a United States Senator.”

    Tom Moran writes about Kean jr’s sleaze tactics:

    At 38, he still looks like a choir boy. But he knows he can’t win this race on the issues. So he’s hired a team of consultants and turned his campaign into a snarling machine that would make Karl Rove proud.

    To troll for dirt on Menendez, Kean’s campaign has enlisted Chris Lyon, a political hit-man who was last seen fleeing New Hampshire after the attorney general there deemed his tricks too sleazy for the Granite State.

    It seems Lyon was spreading rumors that the wife of a gubernatorial candidate in New Hampshire was a member of a cult that worshipped orgasms. That is not a joke.

    Lyon has become pen pals with Robert Janiszewski, the former Hudson County executive who is now in prison on corruption charges.

    Yes, Janiszewski is a liar with a grudge against Menendez. But Kean needs dirt, and he’s not real fussy about the source.

    In his latest broadside, Kean claims that a secretly recorded phone conversation reveals that a close ally of Menendez was “caught” using his name to “shakedown” a government contractor for a job.
    Sounds pretty sinister.

    But when you listen to this tape, you find no such thing.

    “I listened to it several times, and it sounded pretty innocent,” says Ed Stier, a respected corruption fighter.

    Junior Backs Out of League of Women Voters Debate

    Menendez campaign manager Steve DeMicco wrote Tom Kean Jr a letter in response:

    Dear Mr. Kean Jr.:

    In an August 29th email to the League of Women voters and in public comments on September 13, you agreed to an October 14 debate against Bob Menendez hosted by the League, WABC, and WPVI.  Today, you backed out of that debate, offering a laundry list of excuses, but no explanation for why you are breaking your word.  The voters of New Jersey have grown accustomed to your lying about everything under the sun since the beginning of this campaign, and apparently your previous commitment to debate now falls into that category.

    Your behavior leading up to this debate has been nothing short of bizarre.  After agreeing to the debate, your staff then informed the League that your candidate would only attend if allowed to speak behind a podium, instead of seated in chairs.  That request was puzzling, but we were willing to agree to it.  You then sent a staff member to the set to film the studio, no doubt to see that it met your needs, whatever those may be and no matter how odd they may be.

    As we informed the League, we will meet you under any format.  Since you have given no reason for your refusal, we can only conclude that you are afraid to defend your association with your campaign fundraisers and advisors George Bush, Karl Rove, Bob Janiszewski and Oscar Sandoval.  Or maybe you wish to continue to avoid a discussion about how we need to change the course in Iraq.

    No matter the reason for your backing out, you should be under no illusions:  Bob Menendez will be at the WPVI studios in Trenton at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 14, as agreed to by both campaigns.  We hope you will keep your word and attend as well.  New Jerseyans are really growing tired of your excuses and your lies.


    Steve DeMicco

    Too Junior For Jersey – and Our Veterans

    Angela Della Santi reports:

    In a two-page letter to Kean dated Monday, four members of [Military Families Speak Out] tell the Republican state senator, “You should feel ashamed that you refused to answer military families and the people of New Jersey. We urge you to drop out of this campaign for Senate because you have disgraced yourself.”

    A spokeswoman for Kean, Jill Hazelbaker, on Monday said the candidate has already answered the group.

    Of course, Jill Hazelbaker knows all about “disgracing yourself” all too well.  MFSO apparently hasn’t noticed that the Junior Kean campaign has no sense of disgrace – they have no problem pimping convicted felons, after all.  For a man who has gotten everything he owns from his father’s name, Baby Kean shows surprisingly little concern for his family name.

    Military Families Call on Kean, Jr. to Quit the Race

    According to an article by the Associated Press , the same group of military family members who Kean Jr. treated with disrespect by failing to answer a list of questions relating to his position on the war in Iraq are now calling for Junior to quit the senate race.  In a two page letter that Military Families Speak Out sent to the Kean campaign they stated

    “You should feel ashamed that you refused to answer military families and the people of New Jersey. We urge you to drop out of this campaign for Senate because you have disgraced yourself.”

    What’s Taken the State So Long?

    Empty rhetoric and senseless stonewalling have prevented the institution of a measure that is proven to stem the spread of HIV. But why?

    Objectively, the facts are quite clear. Numerous studies by health agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Institutes of Health, and the American Public Health Association clearly establish that by providing intravenous drug users with access to sterile syringes, needle exchange programs slow the spread of HIV.

    Our October cover story looks at the history and the politics behind the opposition to needle exchange in New Jersey.

    Interestingly enough, as we were beginning distribution of this issue, we were told on more than one ocassion that the aforementioned cover story was “too controversial.”

    How something that has been passed and funded in Texas, Mississippi, and Kansas could be “too controversial” for New Jersey is certainly beyond us.