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The Slimewave is $5 Mil

The Hotline On Call is reporting that the NRSC may (and in all likelihood will) dump as much as $5 million dollars into NJ on behalf of Kean Jr.

According to the two sources, both of whom have detailed and first-hand knowledge of the buy, the NRSC has reserved about $3.2 million worth of time in the ultra-expensive New York City market. One source said the NRSC would spend in excess of $1.5 million in Philadelphia. That portion of the buy could not be confirmed.

The NRSC believes that Menendez’s negative ratings are higher than the mean for safe incumbents, and strategists note how the media’s focus on a federal investigation touching Menendez helped push Tom Kean Jr. into a narrow lead in September.

Though Menendez appears to have regained a slim lead, Republicans believe that his support among independents is still a bit soft and even waning.

The Hotline speculates that “between the NRSC and RNC, Republicans can’t throw any more money in VA, MO or TN,” and Jersey is their only other option. We’ve already seen what they’re doing to Harold Ford Jr. in Tennessee. Now it’s our turn, and we’ll be ready for them.

News Roundup & Open Thread for Wednesday, October 25, 2006

  • The top news of the day will be the gay marriage decision. 
  • New Jersey has rejected $800,000 in Federal money for sex ed. due to right-wing restrictions on teaching about contraception and also…

    But Jacobs said new guidelines require the organizations to follow all sections, including one that teaches that monogamous in marriage is the only expected standard and that sex outside of marriage is likely to have harmful psychological and physical effects.

  • The New York Times has an overview of property tax reform.  The Courier Post says that Codey hinted as selling the New Jersey Turnpike.
  • The Star-Ledger reports that Italian-Americans  are infuriated with the Free Enterprise Fund’s anti-Menendez ad that smears Jersey Italians:

    “Our phones started ringing off the hook,” said Robert Bianchi, a Bloomfield lawyer who serves as national vice president for the Sons of Italy’s Commission for Social Justice. “I’ve never seen a response like what we’ve seen with this particular ad, from Democrats and Republicans alike.”

  • The AP reports that black leaders are rallying behind Menendez:

    “He is right on Iraq,” said the Rev. Reginald T. Jackson, pastor of St. Matthew’s AME Church in Orange and director of the influential Black Ministers Council, which represents 600 congregations statewide. “He is right on Social Security. He is right on stem cell research. He is right on the minimum wage. He is right on cutting the federal deficit. He is right on health care. He is right on immigration, and he was right on racial profiling legislation, which his opponent opposed and voted against.”

  • Tom Kean Jr. loaned himself $400,000 for his campaign,but Bob Menendez still has $1.5 million more according to Herb Jackson.
    The DSCC has spent $1 million in ‘coordinated’ ads and is spending another $2 million in ‘uncoordinated’ ads.  The article discusses spending by other groups as well.

  • Linda Stender has pointed out that the Wall Street Journal found that Mike Ferguson is one of the top 10 recipients of campaign contributions from big drug companies.
  • Comcast Digital has interviews with the candidates available free for subscribers.  Sounds good if you’ve got it, but remember that the free internet allows anyone to make interviews available with the magic of podcasting and youtube. 

    This is your open thread to discuss anything that’s on your mind.

  • New York Times: Junior to Suddenly Become Positive

    The New York Times is reporting that Candidates in New Jersey Try to Show a Softer Side.  What’s happened is that Junior has suddenly realized he has followed the failed Forrester 2004 path:  lots of negative ads against a Democrat, and not a single reason to vote for the Republican challenger.  Kean’s campaign is specially notable since it has consisted entirely of smears.  He jumped immediately into attacks, even when they had little basis. Indeed, The New York Times and the Star-Ledger debunked the Junior’s first smear, the Jersey Journal and Xpatriated Texan debunked Junior’s second smear, and the Star-Ledger exposed Kean’s partnership with a imprisoned criminal.  You might wonder what this leap into the gutter shows about Tom Kean Jr’s character, but it’s hard to think of the right words.  Fortunately, the New York Times consulted with a Hunter College professor, who said:

    You know you’re going to be attacked, so attack first, pre-emptively. That’s kind of pathological.

    So now what?  Well, we know the national Republican party is considering spending millions on negative ads.  Meanwhile, Junior will campaign with his father and show one TV ad with his family where he says he will stand up for New Jersey.  This is supposed to show he is bipartisan through some “genetic” effect, even though Tom Kean Sr is actually just negative campaigning too:

    Tom Kean Sr., the respected former governor and father of the Republican running for senator from New Jersey, again attacked his son’s opponent over ethics concerns Tuesday, even as a new poll finds voters weary of all the negative campaigning.

    The bottom line is that Tom Kean Jr. sought an office with no motivating idea for his campaign, other than than personal ambition to fulfill his family destiny.  His bid is now failing because he has run without any sense of shame or restraint, and of course because his party under George W. Bush has lead this nation into disaster. 

    Quote of the Day

    Steven Goldstein, Chair of Garden State Equality:

    “Dealing with Tom Kean Jr. is like playing chess with Casper the Friendly Ghost,” Mr. Goldstein said. “He believes he can affable his way out of anything — and I’m using affable as a verb — and he does everything in his power not to let you see who he really is.”

    Monmouth University Poll: Menendez Up By 9

    The poll shows a 15 point gain for Menendez from last month when Kean Jr was ahead by 6. It’s hard to believe there was such a large shift. I originally thought their likely voter screen was the problem. It appears to be one question asking how much interest voters have in the election, and doesn’t ask anything about past voting habits. I thought this might just amplify swings in favor of whichever side was receiving the most favorable attention in the media. But even according to their registered voter numbers, there was a 15 point swing since last month. Something is wrong – either the electorate or this poll’s methodology (and maybe both):

    What goes around comes around. The latest Monmouth University/Gannett New Jersey Poll now shows Democrat Bob Menendez ahead in New Jersey’s U.S. Senate contest. He leads by 48% to 39% among likely voters, wiping out the 6 point lead enjoyed by Republican Tom Kean, Jr. just four weeks ago. Another 10% of voters are undecided and 3% say they will vote for another candidate. Among all registered voters, Menendez leads Kean by 43% to 36%.

    Both candidates have solidified their partisan support – Menendez enjoys 81% to 8% support among Democratic voters (up from 71%-16% in September) and Kean takes the Republican vote by 85% to 3% (up from 81%-8%). However, Kean’s 14 point lead among independent voters last month has vanished. Menendez now has a slim 37% to 32% advantage among this group. While Menendez is doing better among independents, the poll indicates that this is due more to voter perception on how the campaigns have been conducting themselves rather than on any particular policy issues.

    Tom Kean Jr’s campaign doesn’t seem to agree with the poll methodology either:

    Kean spokeswoman Jill Hazelbaker took issue with the methodology of the Monmouth University poll.

    She said Kean campaign polls showed Kean with a slight lead. “We’re confident we have the momentum heading into election,” she said.

    That’s funny. They had no qualms about touting the poll’s results from last month that had them ahead by 6 points.

    Montclair Times Endorses Menendez

    Yesterday the Montclair Times strongly endorsed Bob Menendez for U.S. Senate.

    The key question to gain their endorsement- which candidate would stand up to President Bush’s agenda? Clearly, based on his past record of leadership and his current positions, that leader is Bob Menendez. (all emphases mine)

    At this crucial juncture in our nation’s history, we need legislators who can offer substan-tive solutions to the Bush administration’s incompetence and the corruption-wallowing GOP-led Congress. Menendez, not Kean, will challenge Bush on the host of mistaken policies purveyed during the past five years.

    The Montclair Times, like many across the state of New Jersey, sees this race as a chance for New Jerseyans to voice their disapproval of a failing Bush administration and to change the course:

    “Stay the course” has become Bush’s mantra. Stay the course has resulted in the United States’ worst strategized war of the past century. The Katrina-level incompetence of Bush and the appalling corruption of the Republican-dominated Congress is a stain on our national character that requires a new generation of leaders — Democrat, Republican and independent — to rectify.

    While insisting on tax cuts, Bush and the GOP irresponsibly spend money obtained by hocking our nation to China, Japan and European nations that buy our treasury bonds by the billions each day. With Bush and the GOP ballooning our national debt, today’s tax break becomes tomorrow’s burden of debt for our children to confront.

    The Republican Party has had the chance to uncompromisingly govern the United States, and the GOP has failed in fiscal oversight, healthcare, military administration, diplomacy, Social Security, environmental issues, alternative fuels and secure borders.

    The Times also issued a stinging rebuke to Tom Kean Jr’s sleazy campaign tactics:

    The Times supports the election of Sen. Robert Menendez to a full term in the Senate. Menendez, a Democrat, articulates stances that will strengthen the United States.

    The Times has editorially praised state Sen. Thomas H. Kean Jr. as a legislator who’s sponsored vitally needed ethical mandates for state government. As the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, however, Kean lobs smears against Menendez while ineffectively articulating his own positions on national issues.

    In addition to endorsing Senator Menendez, the Times also endorsed Reps. Pascrell and Payne for reelection to the House of Representatives.

    Zogby/WSJ Poll

    Kean Jr up 47-45 (Moe 3.3%):

    “Republican Tom Kean Jr. edged ahead of Robert Menendez in the latest Zogby poll and, with “leaning” voters included the latest Zogby tally, few voters remain undecided.  Menendez, who was named to serve in the Senate this year after Jon Corzine’s move in toe the governorship, has faced difficulty because of ethical breaches (which he denies). But the Democrat has made counter punches in campaign ads and some other pollsters show Kean, a state senator and the son of the popular former governor, trailing narrowly.  Zogby notes that Kean is up by 18 percentage points among male voters, while Menendez has a 12-point lead among women.  Kean has an 11-point lead among white voters.”

    Kean Jr: 4% tax burden is “too high”

    Yesterday we learned that Tom Kean Jr paid just $8000 in federal taxes on $200,000 worth of earnings, for an effective tax rate of 4%. Today reporters asked the obvious question.

    Kean Jr. tried to speak generally about taxes, but was repeatedly asked to comment on his personal situation. He finally said, “I think my tax burden is too high. I think everybody’s tax burden is too high.”

    Cry me a big deficit-inducing river. Tom Kean Jr believes paying 4% in taxes is too much, supports further tax cuts for the wealthy, but voted against a minimum wage increase. I wonder how many other people in the state would complain about a 4% tax rate. Anyone? Bueller?