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anti-Menendez card sent to Italian-Americans

This recent mailing was mentioned earlier today by sandy23, in a comment to Steven Hart’s front page diary.  I’d just like to add a bit more info.

The yellow postcards criticize Menendez for his opposition to the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, and suggest that New Jersey’s Italian-Americans should therefore oppose the Senator and vote for Junior Kean.

The card was allegedly produced and mailed by the Filangieri Society for Justice and Good Government, an entity based in Monmouth Beach.  If you check the organization’s web site, it appears to be blank.  Bad sign.  It’s probably just a phony front group run out of some guy’s garage.

Just how stupid does this bogus Society (and/or the Kean campaign) think NJ’s Italian-Americans are?  Menendez obviously opposed Alito’s nomination because Alito is an extremist right-winger, not because he is the wrong ethnic type. 

Just as Junior is exploiting immigrant issues and smearing Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, he is attempting to exploit the fact that about 20% of New Jerseyans (as the card helpfully notes) are of Italian descent.  Frankly, it seems vaguely creepy that some GOP goon (or computer) combed through voter lists for names that end with vowels.

What an endorsement!

The New York Times enthusiastically endorsed Senator Menendez on Monday.  Not only did they say good things about him, they said some things about Junior, too.  Great background material for talking with voters–especially those who are still on the fence.

New York Times link

Here’s some of what they say about Junior:

The 38-year-old Mr. Kean, a son of the former New Jersey governor and co-chairman of the 9/11 commission, is the latest in what has become a very long line of second- and third-generation politicians hoping to achieve high office on the back of their parents’ reputations. Many of his positions seem to come from a campaign playbook rather than conviction. He has called for the ouster of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld while failing to criticize President Bush for keeping Mr. Rumsfeld on.

And their conclusion:

New Jersey voters have a choice between a lawmaker who has done a good job of representing the state’s concerns and the nation’s interests in the House and the Senate and a state legislator with a shallow grasp of the issues and a famous name. Our unqualified endorsement goes to Robert Menendez.

My sentiments exactly!  And remember what we got the last time people voted for someone because they liked his dad….

How Low Can You Go, Junior?

Tom Kean Jr’s latest ad features dark, grainy footage of border-crossing illegal immigrants right next to dark, grainy footage of Bob Menendez. Then it flips over to his pasty white happy family strolling on the beach. It’s a simple compare and contrast.

Get the message? Bob Menendez is like the scary, brown people that want to destroy our country, our economy and our families and he wants to give them your money. Tom Kean Jr is the exact opposite. He’ll keep you safe from those people. Pick a side.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought something was wrong with the ads:

Meanwhile, the nonpartisan National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials demanded that Kean withdraw a political commercial that shows Menendez alongside what it said were images of Latino immigrants running across the U.S. border.

“The tone and tenor of this ad exploits public fears and perpetuates ignorance about the impact of immigration on our nation. It also impairs responsible and civil dialogue about the most effective means to safeguard our national security,” the organization said. It demanded the Kean campaign “disavow and withdraw the ad immediately.”

Kean spokeswoman Jill Hazelbaker said the ad shows illegal migrants running across the border. “Any suggestion that this ad has racial undertones is offensive,” she said.

Any suggestion that Jill Hazelbaker should be taken seriously is offensive to me. Watch and decide for yourself:

(Re-Updated) Lots of Polls

A soon to be released Rasmussen poll has Bob Menendez leading Tom Kean Jr by 49%-44%. This was a one day poll of 500 likely voters on Oct 28. The previous poll on Oct 25 had the two tied at 45%. The Research 2000 poll earlier this week had Menenedez with a similar 6 point lead, 48%-42%.

Update: Strategic Vision (R) has Menendez ahead by just 1 point, 43%-42%. The previous SV poll had Kean leading by 5 points.

Update 2: Rumor has it the Quinnipiac poll to be released Tuesday morning will have Menendez ahead by 5 points. Indeed, Menenedez is ahead 49%-44%.

Update 3: CNN’s poll gives Menendez a 7 point lead (51%-44%) among likely voters. (h/t to jrsydem)

Marriage equality whip count

Where does your delegation stand?

Bernard Kenny (D-33) (Majority Leader) (Star Ledger 10/27/06)
Loretta Weinberg (D-37) (Star Ledger 10/27/06)
Barbara Buono (D-18) (Asbury Park Press 10/27/06)
Reed Gusciora (D-15) * (Garden State Equality PR 10/25/06)
Brian Stack (D-33) * (Garden State Equality PR 10/25/06)
Wilfred Caraballo (D-29) * (Speaker Pro Tem) ( ”  ” )
Mims Hackett (D-27) * (Blue Jersey 10/26/06)
Jerry Green (D-22) (Blue Jersey 10/26/06)
Joe Roberts (D-05) (Assembly Speaker) (Trenton Times 10/27/06)

* indicates the legislator will sponsor the Caraballo/Gusciora/Stack marriage equality legislation

The rest below the fold.

Social Security Privatization & Seeds of Doubt

The Republicans are going all over New Jersey telling people that the Democrats want to give Social Security benefits to illegal aliens. The Republican State Committee is sending out mailers, the RNC is putting up commercials, and Kean Jr is using this talking point to avoid giving his own plan — on immigration or Social Security.

This is a hollow campaign tactic the Republicans are using around the country. Who else voted for the Senate ammendment? Republicans McCain, Hagel, Stevens, Lugar, Martinez, Graham, Specter, Chafee, and Voinovich. So what’s this all about?

It’s a part of a larger Republican strategy to privatize Social Security.

President Bush has announced his intentions, but he has some very hardened opinions to overcome. Americans don’t trust him to fix Social Security. They think his party is ill-intentioned. So what do they do?

They plant the seeds of doubt early. They will ask, “You trust the Democrats on Social Security?! You know their plan is to give Social Security benefits to illegal immigrants? Don’t you remember it from the campaign?”

And that’s how they get their foot in the door.

Tom Kean Sr Says Iraq Was a Mistake

In a report on NJN by Zachary Fink last night, they revealed that Tom Kean Sr, in an interview done earlier this year, has said the Iraq War was a mistake, putting him at odds with his son:

FINK (voiceover): In an interview last spring, Kean’s father, the former governor and chairman of the 9/11 commission, said he thought the war was a mistake.

Kean Sr (from April 7 sitdown with NJN): Iraq is a situation that’s developed after our action. We have to deal with that instability. But if you want to go back historically, that wasn’t the place to go.

FINK (voiceover): Kean has been campaigning with his father this fall but seems to have staked out a different position on Iraq.

FINK (today, outside statehouse): Was it a mistake?

Kean Jr: I will not be asking what ifs. It’s a disrespect to the troops who have their lives and sacrificed so much over the last several years. The important question is what’s next.

So Tom Kean Jr either believes his father (who is now a centerpiece of his campaign) is disrespecting our troops or he’s being disengenuous and is just afraid to answer an important question.

DSCC poll: Menendez Leads by 9

Just in:

A new DSCC poll hot off the presses this afternoon shows that Bob Menendez has opened up a 9-point lead over Tom Kean Jr., 45% – 36%.  Bennett Petts & Blumenthal conducted the survey among 800 registered voters from October 23 to October 25, 2006. The margin of error was 3.5%.

This is at odds with today’s Rasmussen poll pegging both candidates at 45%, including leaners, but is consistent with the Monmouth University poll also showing a 9 point lead for Menendez.

Update: New York Times poll just out disagrees and gives Menendez just a 1 point lead over Kean Jr among likely voters, 40%-39%.