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Junior Come Lately

Tom Kean, Jr finally spoke up against the port deal. He says that “the security of the people residing in the surrounding communities should not have to wait for congressional action when the State of New Jersey can act decisively to protect the security of our residents.” Sounds to me like he’s trying to steal the thunder from Menendez’ legislation to block the port deal, which he announced four days ago. Still, Kean suggests that Corzine may be able to void the lease aggrement:

Section 48 of the lease Between the Port Authority and Port Newark Container Terminal, the subsidiary of P&O that operates the terminal, entitled “Right of Termination/Ownership and Control,” would appear to give the port authority the ability to void the provisions of the lease if the transaction is contrary to public interest.

If Bill Frist and Congress do not follow Senators Clinton and Menendez’ lead to block all such port deals, this is an option that the state should definitely consider.

News Roundup

Haven’t done one of these in a while. Are they useful?

  • 60% of New Jerseyans give Bush two thumbs down. 37% haven’t been paying attention. Among women, his numbers get even worse: 28%-68%.
  • Dick Cheney was in Newark today for a fundraiser for Tom Kean, Jr. No word yet on whether Kean Jr survived. “This gives new meaning to a campaign shooting itself in the foot” – Brad Lawrence, Menendez consultant.
  • Why does NJ support a $1.6 billion plan to deepen the NY-NJ harbor but oppose a $500 million plan to do the same in the Delaware River? The official answer is environmental concerns. Hmmmm….
  • A memorial mass for Laurel Hester will be held at noon March 4 at St. Mary’s By the Sea Episcopal Church in Point Pleasant. (NY Times obituary)
  • Corzine won’t be raising the gasoline tax. “You can’t even say it’s on life support,” said one legislative official. Instead, he’ll borrow billions to refinance the debt. A short term fix, for sure.
  • You’ve got mail! And if you’re Corzine, you’ve got 13 people to read the 7,000 letters you’ve gotten in the past month.
  • Jersey City’s got a serious chromium problem: “On a field trip earlier this month to a known chromium waste site on Garfield Avenue – that was supposed to be covered with a protective liner – the researchers found chunks of chromium sitting on top of the liner, a block from homes.”
  • Check out our mini-podcast with Sen Menendez. Then, subscribe to the podcast.
  • Links of the day: Tom Wyka for Congress, running in the 11th district. Learn more about his opponent Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen at MeetRodney.com. NJ-11 and Blue 11th are keeping an eye on Frelinghuysen, too.
  • More Stupid Media

    The Cox News Service has decided that Bob Menendez may be too liberal for New Jersey.

    Democratic incumbent Bob Menendez, appointed by Gov. Jon Corzine to the seat Corzine vacated in January, is one of the top Republican targets in the fall. Menendez represented a Democratic stronghold in Congress for more than a decade, but his appointment to Corzine’s Senate seat may require him to moderate his politics. In his short time in the Senate, however, he has shown no signs of doing so. He voted against Alito, a native of New Jersey, and is delivering speeches against Bush’s “reckless” tax policies. State Sen. Tom Kean Jr., the son of a popular former governor, is favored to win the Republican nomination to challenge Menendez. In some recent polls, Kean has led the Democratic incumbent. Gore and Kerry both carried New Jersey in their presidential campaigns, but it was a battle for both against Bush.

    Menendez is definitely a Democrat, but the idea that he would have to move to the center to appeal to New Jerseyans is a joke.

    Why Johnnie Can’t Poll

    One of my pet peeves is polling.  By now, after the 2000 and 2004 Presidential races, everyone should have a fairly good idea of the weaknesses of polling.  Sometimes, like in just about every poll produced by FDU Public Mind, the problem is bad polling science – they tend to use samples that are too small (I’m guessing it’s probably because people hang-up).

    Sometimes, it’s the psychology of the questions.  Sometimes, it’s just that the questions don’t tell you anything useful.

    NJGOP: NJ Supports Kean Jr because of…Lautenberg?

    NJGOP Chairman Tom Wilson makes the case for Tom Kean Jr. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it, but he essentially says that because Senator Lautenberg (yes – Lautenberg, not Menendez) has a 40%-44% approval/disapproval rating, New Jerseyans will pick Tom Kean Jr for Senator. Go read for yourself.

    Logic apparently isn’t a strong point for the NJGOP, but I’ll play their game anyway. In a Republican Strategic Vision poll released today, George W Bush was found to have a 37%-57% approval/disappoval rating. Mr. Wilson argues that “New Jersey needs a Senator who can work with the majority, work with the administration and get the job done for us.” It’s a shame that facts have to get in the way of his rhetoric. New Jersey neither voted for nor approves of this administration. It certainly doesn’t want to elect a Bush rubberstamp to office, but if Junior wants to align himself with someone with a -20 point net approval rating, I’ll give him all the rope he needs.

    Poll: Kean Jr leads

    A Strategic Vision (R) poll out today has Tom Kean Jr leading Bob Menendez by 33%-27%. That’s the end of the good news for Junior. A plurality (39%) still have not made up their minds.

    Both candidates are largely unknown to the public at this point.

              Favorable Unfavorable Undecided
    Menendez     23%        12%        65%
    Kean Jr.     21%         8%        71%

    The numbers will shift once they realize daddy isn’t actually running again. It gets worse for Kean.

    By a margin of 58%-30%, New Jerseyans say they do not want the US Surpreme Court to overturn Roe v Wade. Kean Jr is pro-choice, but even pro-choice Republicans recently showed that when it comes time to approve Supreme Court justices, party comes before principles.

    Only 37% of New Jerseyans approve of Bush’s job performance (57% disapprove), and just 34% approve of his handling of the economy and Iraq.

    Menendez voted against giving the President the authority to go to war in Iraq. Even with the hindsight of this disasterous distraction and the knowledge that it was based on lies, Kean Jr has said that had he been in the US Senate in 2002, he would have voted for war. Do we need any more proof that Junior just wants to be a rubberstamp for Bush? That’s not what New Jersey wants.

    Who Shot Jr.?

    Wally Edge reports that the “greed train” had Tom Kean Jr. as a passenger as well.

    The Jedi Mind Trick induced by dropping the Jr. works so well, it even works on the campaign management staff:

    volunteers at Union Station stood under a banner saying “Senator Tom Kean Welcomes You to Washington,” and handed out buttons that said “Tom Kean, Jr. for U.S. Senate.

    Also interesting to note, is that the Star Ledger reported the buttons to read something else:

    State Sen. Tom Kean Jr., the presumptive GOP U.S. Senate nominee, handed out buttons that cryptically read “T2.”

    So which is it? Jr. or no Jr.? Is he T2 like the Terminator sequel? He certainly is acting like that shape shifting cyborg on this name issue.

    Wally Edge drops the Jr. in his post. I know many media outlets will be doing the same.

    Media folk, until Tom Kean Jr.’s campaign makes up its mind on the Jr., why not refer to him by his legal name. Which includes the Jr.

    Thursday funnies

  • Sen Lautenberg filed an amendment today to rename the “Tax Reconciliation Act of 2005” to “More Tax Breaks for the Rich and More Debt for Our Grandchildren Deficit Expansion Reconciliation Act of 2006.” “This bill will stuff the pockets of the rich and pick the pockets of our grandchildren. The American people want straight talk from Congress. Let’s start by telling them what this bill will really do.”
  • Christie Whitman will be on the “The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central at 11:30pm tonight.
  • Junior’s got an identity problem: “volunteers at Union Station stood under a banner saying “Senator Tom Kean Welcomes You to Washington,” and handed out buttons that said “Tom Kean, Jr. for U.S. Senate.