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If this is New Jersey, the Republicans Must be Imploding

Life is interesting as a Democrat in New Jersey.  I get to see the state Republicans do all the same stupid stuff national Democrats do – like eating their own young.

When the leading candidate can’t decide to accept a formal county endorsement, you know things are bad.  The problem, for those who aren’t hip to Jersey politics, is that the county chairs basically operate like petty kings.  Junior now must choose if he will back the king or the revolution.  Unfortunately, this is one county that really matters.

Kid Kean’s Moral Twerpitude

This is rich: Dick “Cardinal Fang” Cheney comes to Newark, N.J., to help raise campaign cash for Tom Kean Junior’s Senate bid, and Kid Kean stays  out of sight until the rootin’est, tootin’est,  shootin’est vice president in the Wild Wild West is safely gone.

Normally, I’d feel sympathy for anyone who wanted to stay out of range while Deadeye Dick was in town, but Kid Kean’s main concern was to avoid being photographed with Ol’ Snarly, knowing full well that any such pictures would keep the Democratic Party in material for the rest of the year. He does love those bucks Cheney can still rake in, but can you take dirty money without acquiring any of the oily film from the hand that gives it? How’s this for a GOP campaign motto: “Take the green but avoid the sheen.” That’s moral fiber for you.

From the Bergen Record:

Kean campaign officials denied there was a coordinated effort to keep Kean and Cheney from being photographed together, thus giving Democratic campaign strategists an issue to exploit.

“There was no concerted effort,” said Jill Hazelbaker, a spokeswoman for the Kean campaign,
describing the timing as an example of “ships that pass in the night.”

Two ships that pass in the night, eh? Funny — I thought there was only one Titanic. (Ba-dum, bish!)

Incidentally, Cardinal Fang’s visit to Newark — a city that’s already caught its share of hell and doesn’t need any more — inspired this very amusing press release from Assemblyman Reed Guscoria.


As many of you know, Dick Cheney is helping Tom Kean Jr. shoot people in the face raise money today.

This prompted Assemblyman Reed Guscoria to call for stronger drunk hunting laws. The hilarious press release complete with Elmer Fudd comparisons follows the break in full glory.

News Roundup For Thursday March 16

  • Dave Graham, FDA whistleblower, has been ordered by the judge to testify against Merck in the Vioxx case. This “despite FDA’s abjections.” WOW! I am sure the Merck folks are not going to sleep tight tonight. However, why would the FDA object to this guy going on the record? They shouldn’t have anything to worry about.
  • A motion to add a 9th seat on the Senate Health Panel was shot down. Loretta Weinberg was slated to fill that 9th seat. Word on the street is that this is due to her support of AIDS reducing measures like the Needle Exchange programs so adamantly opposed by the Senators (*cough*James, Rice Sr.*cough*) who voted against her nomination. (we will have more on this soon)
  • Sharpe James has about an hour to make up his mind on wether or not he will defend his title as King of Newark. Though the feeling is that he will at least file the papers.
  • NJ Catholics celebrating St. Patrick’s day can have their corned beef with their green beers this Friday.
  • Laura Bush gives Newark kids $14 million reasons to love her.
  • A poll shows that NJ folks don’t want tax hikes and do want spending cuts. No word on what programs these folks would want to cut. If you have any ideas you can send them right to the Govna here.
  • The Assembly passed the Transportation Trust Fund ReFi. The Republican response can be found here. (see fair and balanced).
  • The Tom Kean Jr./ Bergen County Republican soap opera continues, and it just seems to keep getting better. Now, there may be a primary challenger comming out of the BC Reps. The Law of Thermodynamics is at play here (see implosion), and the Bergen County Republicans are meddling with powers they cannot possibly comprehend!
  • Corzine is thinking about taxing the smokers some more, I look forward to another million stripper march.


We were passed along this invitation to a Dick Cheney/Tom Kean Jr fundraiser that’s happening next week…

Notice of Republican Investment Opportunity: Dick Cheney To Host Fundraiser For Tom Kean Jr

All proceeds to be deposited in:

Jr & Jr Inc
A Political Hedge Fund

George Bush Junior & Tom Kean Junior
‘Investing In The Political Alliance’

A GOP IPO (Invitation to Political Oblivion)

“Our campaign will be for those who are ready to aim higher.” – Tom Kean, Jr


What Will Junior Do?

So Tom Kean Jr. has 3 days until Tuesday to make a decision and Bergen County Republican Chair Guy Talarico says the clock is ticking…

According to PoliticsNJ, Bergen County GOP Chairman Guy Talarico has given U.S. Senate candidate Tom Kean Jr three days to decide whether he will run on the organization line. READ the letter

This is made more interesting by the fact that it’s set against the backdrop of the infighting withing the Bergen County Republican Organization

Junior has to choose. Will he run on the line of Party chairman Talarico and Todd Calguire? Or will he run on the line with Alan Marcus who is callenging Talarico for chair along with Kathleen Donovan? Donovan and Calaguire are both vying in the primary to unseat Democratic County Executive Dennis McNerney in November.

I’m gonna sit back, make some popcorn and enjoy the show.  Won’t you join?

Polls Trending Towards Menendez

A Strategic Vision (R) poll released today has Tom Kean Jr leading Bob Menendez by 32%-30%. Their previous poll a month ago had Kean Jr with a 33%-27% lead. This poll contradicts an FDU poll released yesterday showing Menendez with a 42%-37% lead. In January, that same poll showed Kean Jr with an 11 point lead. Both polls show a positive trend for Menendez.

Interestingly, the Strategic Vision poll also shows that Senator Lautenberg’s approval rating in the state is 50%-33%, which seems to contradict other polls showing him with a worse approval rating.

Bush’s numbers in the poll are abysmal. On his handling of Iraq, only 33% approve and 60% disapprove. The state is nearly split on his signature issue, the handling of the war on terror: 44%-46%. A plurality of 44% want to withdraw troops from Iraq within 6 months; 41% do not. 87% think a UAE owned company should not have control of our ports.

Is Tom Kean Jr. Already Overtaxed?

Tom Kean Jr. has been handed a lot in his time in politics.  Since being beaten by Mike Ferguson in the Republican primary in 2000, Kean Jr. was appointed to fill a vacant NJ Assembly seat, won an election and then appointed to a vacant NJ State Senate seat.  In each case, he had to be appointed to the seat before he could win it from the electorate.

Now Kean Jr. is running for the United States Senate, a seat that Bob Menendez was appointed to when Jon Corzine vacated it to become Governor.  The challenge appears to be pretty tough on the young State Senator, since Kean Jr. is giving up an important committee seat he holds as a State Senator to take an easier, less controversial gig.

With a U.S. Senate campaign to wage, state Sen. Tom Kean Jr. (R- Union) is giving up his seat on the powerful but time-consuming Senate budget committee for a spot on the judiciary committee.

Kean will trade seats with one of the major forces of the judiciary committee: Sen. William Gormley (R-Atlantic), who has served on that panel for 22 years and was once its high-profile chairman. …

  After Gov. Jon Corzine presents his budget March 21, the budget committee will hold nearly two months of hearings as other lawmakers take a break. The annual June budget scramble follows. Without his budget responsibilities, Kean will have more far time to devote to his statewide race against Democratic U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez.

The switch has other implications. Kean will be able to duck some politically dicey budget talks …

If Kean Jr. doesn’t think that he can do his job as a State Senator and run for the United States Senate then he should resign and campaign full-time.  But this halfway measure, giving up a plum assignment that can deliver resources directly to his constituents, in order to duck tough choices and hard work just shows he is already overtaxed and we haven’t even reached the primary yet.

Bob Menendez, on the other hand, accepted a tougher position by moving up from the House to the Senate.  Instead of representing 650,000 people in a small area of Northeast Jersey, he now represents 8,400,000 people in the entire state. 

Look! There Goes Junior’s Raison d’être!

We haven’t seen Kean Jr’s first ad yet, but we know what to expect.  As a moderate Republican in a blue state that doesn’t like Bush much, the logic that Kean Jr. will likely come out with is this:

Yes, I know 60% of you don’t like George Bush.  I’m not a Bush Republican..he doesn’t speak for me.  But the Republicans are in power at the Federal level, and I can get you more as a Republican, as an inside guy, than if you keep electing people who will be on the outside.  I’m in the room.  Oh yeah, did I mention that my dad was…..