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Pascrell: Fighting for LGBT Equality

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Following President Obama’s historic announcement in support of marriage equality, the progressive community has been reenergized.  His support for this important civil rights issue can’t be quantified.  We all need to follow his lead and fight to elect progressive Democrats like Bill Pascrell that are going to stand up and fight for our LGBT brothers-and-sisters.  As an early supporter of marriage equality myself, I know how important this issue is to our progressive community. Unfortunately, Bill’s opponent is doing everything he can to distort his record to remain in Congress.  I’m with Bill Pascrell this June because I know he is the real fighter in this race standing up for our progressive Democratic values. He won’t cut-and-run from any fight. Don’t just take my word, see why Michael Galluccio is standing with Congressman Bill Pascrell.

No Thanks, Congressman. You’ve done enough.

UPDATE – Congressman Rothman and Corzine are calling for Boss Joe to resign.  YAY!  Thank you both. I’m sorry I got a little rude, but I felt you were making a HUGE mistake.  I am extremely glad to see you make this choice.  Thank You!

Now, the only thing to decide is – how and when to call a convention to replace Boss Joe.

My biggest fear is that the longer we wait the more likely it is that Phyllis – I mean Lynne Hurwitz takes over and carries on the Pay to Play torch.  After all, it is like kicking both Bush and Cheney out of the White House – but leaving Karl Rove alone to roam the halls……. reminds me of another horror flick – oh yeah – The SHINING.

SECOND UPDATE: I guess you all know now what happened this Monday morning – the 15th.  It was all over the blogs – Congressman Rothman stood up to Michael Dressler – whose brother is now in charge of Parks at the County.  In fact most of the folks in the Executive Meeting which included mostly County employees who have high positions in the BCDO were the only ones allowed in the room.  Wish I was a fly on the wall – but I guess anyone in the next building could have heard the yelling.

They reached the conclusion since they did not want to piss off Lynne Hurwitz, that Joe doesn’t have to resign.  They love their Joey, they do.  And because the Assembly members had to be in Trenton today, Loretta was by herself, trying to defend her position but she was outnumbered and outshouted.  There is only one conclusion for those of us who want ethics reform to come to.  The FOJ care not about who wins in Washington, they only care about the County seats that keep their hold on power.  And so we are telling everyone we can to volunteer for the Obama Campaign and for the Shulman Campaign but NOT AT THE BCDO.

Let them work on the county seats – we will focus on electing Dems in our Boroughs and at the Presidential, Senate, and Congressional levels from a different HQ.  See my new diary on the Real Bergen Dems.