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NJ2: Kurkowski holds LoBiondo under 60%

It’s at best a small moral victory for Dave Kurkowski’s campaign, but 100% of precincts reporting Frank LoBiondo has won 59-39.  That is LoBiondo’s worst performance as a Congressman.  Since the final poll was

LoBiondo 59  Kurkowski 29 and the September poll was LoBiondo 62  Kurkowski 26, Kurkowski and his campaign can also be proud that they won over the undecideds.  Congratulations to the campaign.

Dave Kurkowski

Covering New Jersey Politics

Matt Stoller quoted Josh Zeitz on the Philly Inquirer:

the Philadelphia Inquirer never covered my race once. Never interviewed me. Never sent a candidate questionnaire. Never responded to any of dozens of press releases. Purports to oppose the Bush tax cuts, the war, the bankrupcy bill, homophobia, and the Christian Right. But endorsed Chris Smith. This is the state of journalism today. They endorsed someone without even interviewing by paper or in person his opponent.”

Having our news dominated by Philadelphia and New York media organizations that don’t care about us is one of the many structural problems of New Jersey politics.  Reading the quote above reminded me, though, that I’ve been meaning to thank the Press of Atlantic City for actually covering the NJ2 Congressional Race year.  Besides commissioning a poll of the 2nd district race, here’s a selection of articles in which the Press (mainly the reporter Daniel Wash) actually covers the candidates regularly:

Kurkowski claims LoBiondo broke ‘Contract with America’ (Oct 11)

LoBiondo votes against revised bailout bill (Oct 4)

Kurkowski says LoBiondo failed to oversee Coast Guard project (Oct 3)

LoBiondo’s surprise: He’ll debate (Sept 20)

Kurkowski challenges LoBiondo’s long record (Sept 20)

Kurkowski challenges LoBiondo’s effectiveness (Sept 11)

Now in my local paper, there is usually only a couple of articles covering the incumbent and the challengers. Here we see regular press coverage, which is essential to an informed citizenry.  

Quote of the Day

In the 2nd Congressional District, Dave Kurkowski held a press conference on Friday going after Frank LoBiondo and his broken contract with America.   Kurkowski wasn’t happy with LoBiondo’s response to the issues he raised giving us this:

“Mr. LoBiondo has not responded to a single one of the numerous and specific issues I raised yesterday. He did not deny that he has broken his contract with the voters,” Kurkowski said. “He did not deny that his record has led to financial ruin, record deficit spending, a tanking economy, or a failed foreign policy that has cost this great nation its standing in the world- all of this is in direct conflict with the “Contract” he signed 14 years ago. He cannot refute anything I have said. He cannot argue with the facts. He has broken his contract – and should thus be fired.”

Quote of the Day

Independent NJ2 Congressional candidate Gary Stein has endorsed Democrat Dave Kurkowski.  The quote of the day is:

“There’s no point in my mucking up the debate dais at the next debate,” Stein wrote The Press of Atlantic City in a letter Wednesday, “which is precisely why Mr. LoBiondo saw fit to personally shake my hand and invite me to the next round, even though I’ve criticized him severely in my Web site and attempted to do so again on Tuesday night.”

I’ve heard Republicans blame Bill Clinton for everything, but Frank LoBiondo still surprises me.

I wasn’t able to go to the NJ2 debate yesterday between Representative Frank LoBiondo and challenger Dave Kurkowski, but Kurkowski describes how Frank LoBiondo was questioned about his role in squandering over twenty billion dollars:

“I wasn’t the only one last night asking LoBiondo to explain his role in this scandal,” Kurkowski said. “He was supposed to be looking out for taxpayers and for the Coast Guard. As usual, LoBiondo refused to take responsibility for his actions, passing the buck to-and this is a new one-Bill Clinton. As far as I know, President Clinton wasn’t the chairman of the Coast Guard subcommittee.”

That’s really pathetic. Here are the major dates in the Washington Post article on Deepwater:

Deepwater, awarded in 2002 and modified in 2005,…

The first problems appeared in 2004, …

Bill Clinton wasn’t even President!  But even if Bill Clinton personally programmed the computers that miscalculated the weight of the ships and made the radios that were not waterproof, LoBiondo still bears major responsibility.  After all, we already knew he wasn’t running the shipyard.

Kurkowski (NJ2) reacts to debate, brings up LoBiondo’s link to Deepwater

So far I’ve only seen one NJ response to the debate, and it’s our candidate in NJ2:

“This was a strong showing by Sen. Obama,” Kurkowski said, “and he touched on topics that are very relevant to the Congressional race here in South Jersey.”

“As Obama stated early on, the question we must ask of ourselves is how did we get into this situation in the first place-both economically and internationally,” Kurkowski said. “This is about accountability, and it is a question McCain dodged all evening long, just as my opponent is doing.”

“Sen. Obama asked his opponent to take responsibility for rubber stamping the policies of the Bush administration for eight years, and he refused to do so,” Kurkowski said. “McCain did not refute Obama’s assertions about his role in getting us into Iraq and plunging us into this economic mess, just as my opponent has not and cannot refute my assertions about his record. McCain and LoBiondo can try to change the topic or hide behind empty rhetoric, but the voters aren’t going to buy it. The times demand better. I know for a fact that Voters are demanding better.”

Next, the link to Frank LoBiondo and Deepwater.

Blue Jersey Radio Tonight at 8:30pm w/ Dave Kurkowski

kurkowskiThis week: Jeff is taking a few week’s vacation so cross your fingers because I’ll be running the board.  I won’t be alone however as Brian McGinnis will be joining us as co-host and we’ll have a special guest, 2nd District Congressional Candidate Dave Kurkowski who is challenging incumbent Frank LoBiondo to talk about the progress of his campaign.

Along with our interview, we’re past the Democratic Convention and right smack in the middle of the GOP festivities.

  • Perhaps you want to talk about how the Democratic convention went?  Last week we heard live from Scott and Reed Guscoria from Denver.
  • Or maybe you want to touch on this week’s convention and what the selection of Sarah Palin as VP choice means to NJ?
  • Do you have an opinion on the sudden apparent death of Clean elections?
  • Could you offer some kind words to ease GOP Chair Tom Wilson’s possible oncoming sickness?
  • Along the line’s of Wilson’s blood pressure, we can touch on how the NRCC is making ad buys, but none that will help any of their candidates here in NJ.
  • What would you like to see on the agenda of the NJ Legislature as they return for business?  It appears transportation issues will be front and center.

    If you don’t like any of those ideas, call and give you you’re own because of course, it’s all LIVE.  Want to join in? Give us a call tonight at 8:30 p.m. Eastern time and have your say with me, Brian and the rest of the Blue Jersey listening audience.

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