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Selling Us Out – Newark residents tell Shavar Jeffries their city is not for sale

Tomorrow – Tuesday – is one week before election day in Newark. And resistance to the privatization of the city’s public schools – coming from hedge funders and tycooning opportunists under a state plan orchestrated by Chris Christie’s hand-picked schools chief Cami Anderson – is centering as a crucial issue of the race for mayor. The race is between Ras Baraka, councilman and Newark Central HS Principal (on leave) and Shavar Jeffries, a former state assistant AG. Voters go to the polls May 13.

The race may hinge on how clearly that community-based hunger for local control, with heavy participation from Newark parents and students, will hold against a huge influx of cash behind Jeffries from ‘Education Reform Now,’ a NYC-based organization run by pro-charter, pro-privatization hedge fund managers, with donors investors from Connecticut to Texas. They just infused $850k into the Shavar Jeffries operation. Rob Duffey, whose New Jersey Working Families Alliance paid for the ad, says that’s “because they know Jeffries won’t hesitate to sell out Newark’s schools for their personal profit.” In this ad, we see some Newark residents who say their city isn’t for sale.

Photo of the Day: Aaron Howe, 39, homeless in Camden, NJ

In the relative cush of my suburban two-story, I’m bitching about the snow. Less than 50 miles from me, Aaron Howe lives in a tent in Camden. They call him the mayor there, because he takes charge of gathering up supplies and making sure everybody’s covered. There’s a little community of soft-sided domiciles there, put together with nylon and scraps of wood. Howe used to have a trucking business, but he lost everything when the economy nose-dived. This is where he lives now. My New Jersey neighbor is Photo of the Day.

It’s not about starting a gratitude journal, or giving thanks if we’re warm enough and getting the day off from work. It’s about taking some responsibility: living wage, fair housing, community gardens, electing people who give a damn, ending the drug war and beginning to help people get better – not get jailed. And things I can’t think of but you can. This is Aaron Howe’s snow day.

Camden, NJ homeless man Aaron Howe

PHOTO: Blake Ellis, CNN Money. View the series at CNN Money by photographers Blake Ellis and Jordan Malter, and read their stories.  

Buh-bye Manville Mayor Angelo Corradino, Buh-bye

Screen shot 2013-05-13 at 5.02.29 PMIf you’re a Manville or Somerset County Dem and wonder why Mayor Angelo Corrdino hasn’t been returning your calls lately, here’s your answer: Today, Democrat Corradino, standing in front of your basic Jersey diner, endorsed Chris Christie.

I hope Mayor Corradino enjoys the caviar and yuk-yuks at the Governor’s side. Because he’s got a price to pay for that. Manville is a majority Democratic town, and whatever goodies he’s getting, he’s going to find out his choice of Governor doesn’t represent the interests of his town well at all. These are middle-income people – 2010 Census pegs men at median income of $48,356. Women? $40,954 and almost 5% of residents under the poverty line.

As NJ Spotlight and Montclair State professor Brigid Callahan Harrison have both pointed out the last few days, Chris Christie’s record is dismal on the one issue New Jerseyans care about the most: property taxes. And what’s the issue communities care most about? Schools.

So, let’s take a look at some figures for Manville:

Christie Price Tag Manville

Christie Price Tag Manville

The numbers were compiled from the NJ Dept. of Community Affairs (fig. 1) and Education Law Center (fig. 2) and posted by the Buono campaign. Past Chris Christie’s spider smashing, YouTube moments and trash talk, the governor’s entire argument for re-election falls apart when you examine his tenure by the numbers.

Those are some numbers for Manville. Now, not only Christie, but Mayor Corradino will have to live with and defend these numbers. And I think we should ink these to Mayor Corradino from now to November. And when his term is up, defeat him. Should be easy enough, given that Christie won’t care about protecting Corradino past his usefulness if Christie wins, and if Buono wins, well, let’s just saw Corradino’s now on a very special list some of us Democrats have of fellow party members rendering themselves irrelevant. For more info on how Buono’s town-by-town numbers were compiled, go here. For the Christie campaign’s response, go here, or just mutter it to yourself … blah blah … Corzine … blah … Sandy donut spider Sandy Corzine blah.

Ron C. Rice out of running for Newark mayor

Ron RiceWest Ward Councilman Ron C. Rice is taking himself out of the running to succeed Cory Booker as the next mayor of Newark. He also offered himself as an ‘aggressive advocate and surrogate’ for fellow progressive Senator Barbara Buono in her campaign to defeat Chris Christie. In 2008, Rice was the first elected official to endorse Barack Obama and became the candidate’s Essex coordinator. Rice said he may also seek another term on Newark’s Council, though he did not specify whether that would be again for the West Ward seat or for one of the at-large seats. Among the city issues Rice says he is focusing on is a solution to finance Newark’s antiquated water system, which requires an estimated $500M in repairs.

Rice also stopped short of endorsing another candidate. But he has often allied with South Ward councilman Ras Baraka, who is also principal at Central High School in the central ward, and the son of poet Amiri Baraka. Recently, the two councilmen with colleagues Mildred Crump and Darrin Sharif successfully challenged in court Booker’s controversial vote to install Shanique L. Davis-Speight, a satellite of power broker Steve Adubato, into the council seat made vacant when Donald Payne Jr. ascended to his late father’s congressional seat.  

It’s dark at Mayor Tony Mack’s house in Trenton

It’s been quite a month for Mayor Tony Mack, whose stewardship has troubled many Trenton residents for quite some time, and who is now finally and officially under federal investigation. There was …

The pre-dawn raid of his house.

And his brother’s house –

         – and the house of a convicted sex offender who donated to his campaign

The weirdly-timed “vacation”.

Mack’s denials of any guilt.

Subpoenas and a grand jury.

But for Trentonians searching for metaphor on their troubled mayor, if the library’s locked gate didn’t do it, there’s this:

Today, PSE&G shut off the electricity at Tony Mack’s house for non-payment. Yes, the Mayor of Trenton … is literally … out …of .. power.  

Will Christie Defend Menendez Against Kyrillos Backer’s Accusation of Corruption?

West New York Mayor Felix Roque was arrested today by the FBI for computer hacking against an anti-Roque website.  Since it was a political act that makes it political corruption.

Back when Chris Christie was US Attorney this kind of thing was right in his wheelhouse.  He loved nailing elected officials, and in particular Democrats like Roque, for official misconduct.

The difference here is that Roque has been a Christie supporter and endorsed Republican State Senator Joe Kyrillos against Democratic US Senator Robert Menendez.  Kyrillos is a long-time supporter of Christie’s who as the state GOP leader helped Christie get his job as US Attorney after Christie and his family donated close to a million dollars to various Republican organs.  Including ~$100,000 to the state GOP Kyrillos led.

According to PolitickerNJ.com, Roque is blaming the investigation on “political payback for his defiance of U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and the Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO).”

That means Roque has accused the FBI officers who work with the US Attorney’s office of a politically motivated investigation at the behest of Senator Menendez.

Christie regularly claimed that he did not target Democrats and his proof was the apolitical staff of the US Attorney’s office and the FBI.  He was adamant that he was incapable of using his office for political gain because of the integrity and honesty of these professional staff.  This is despite the large quantity of smoke that suggested he was able to work around them.

Now that Christie and Kyrillos supporter Roque has accused these same professionals of political misconduct, will Chris Christie stand up and state categorically that this is not politically motivated payback by Bob Menendez?

Or will Christie let the FBI and US Attorney staff twist in the wind under these allegations just so that Bob Menedez can be smeared again.

Christie’s own past dropping a subpoena on Menendez during an election six years ago indicates he will let the staff twist.

A Prequel to the 2014 NJ Gubernatorial Elections -Hamilton Township (Mercer)

Hamilton Township (Mercer) Connie Carella-Dalton Takes on Chris Christie’s pal, John Bencivengo, Head-to-Head

A prequel to the 2012 Elections take place on September 20th from 11:30 AM to 1:30PM. On this day, we have an opportunity to hear Connie Carella-Dalton explain to Hamilton Township residents what is her vision for Hamilton Township.

Along side Connie will be the incimbent Republican Mayor, John Bencivengo, who will desperately try to justify his nearly 40% tax hike from 2008, his union busting tactics and his justification for reduced services AKA HamStat.

Afterwards, each candidate will take questions from the audience.

Sponsered by the Mercer County Regional Chamber of Commerce, this event will be held at the Stone Terrace in Hamilton.


Candidate Happenings in Hamilton Township (Mercer)

Candidate Events in July & August 2011

Please support these candidates by attending their Campaign Events.

Check to see if donations are required in order to attend.

Sun, July 24 12:30pm – 4:30pm

Assemblyman Dan Benson’s 7th Annual Back Yard Bash @ 81 Hempstead Road Hamilton, NJ

Sat, July 30, 12:30pm – 5:00pm

Sheriff Jack Kemler’s Annual Family Outing @ Tall Cedars Picnic Grove


August 4th 5:30PM

Evening Mixer with Council Candidate Tennille McCoy @ Hamilton Manor at The Cellar


August 17th All Day

Connie Carella Dalton for Hamilton Mayor

Ice Cream Social @ The Brown Dog in Mercerville (Carella’s Hallmark)


Saturday, August 27 · 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Daniel Keelan for Hamilton Twp Council @ Trenton Thunder


An update on our campaign

Our campaign is off to a great start with residents contacting us daily to get involved and offering to pitch in with our effort.  Unfortunately, we are faced with an unexpected curveball in this year’s general election.  Councilman Dominick DiDimenico has filed to run as an “Independent candidate for Mayor,” now making this a three-way race.

Obviously, we are disappointed that a Democratic Councilman whom we supported for over ten years in his runs for the Board of Education and Borough Council would turn his back on our party.   Now we are hearing rumors that the Scott Rumana faction of the GOP in town has unanimously endorsed his candidacy.  In less than a week he has gone from being a Democrat, to an Independent, to Republican-backed.  It shows his true character that he would get into bed with the ethically challenged Rumana who is currently under investigation for abusing his office.

Our plan for victory on Election Day is unchanged whether there is two, three, or twenty candidates in this race.  I am going to knock on every door twice and make my case as the best candidate to lead our Borough for the next three years.  In Woodland Park we know what it takes to run a grassroots operation. Over the last fifteen years we turned this town from a Republican stronghold to the highest performing suburb for the Democratic Party in Passaic County.    

Once we took the majority in local government, we started the process of getting our community back on track.  Mayor Pat Lepore stabilized our budget, protected open space, and revitalized our recreation programs.  I want to build on the foundation already in place and continue to move Woodland Park forward with new shared services agreements and new economic policies to bring investment, create efficiencies, and expand our local tax base.  

I hope the Blue Jersey community can pitch in with my campaign – spreading the word about my Facebook and Twitter pages to grow our numbers.  Or even joining us this weekend for a Comedy Night to support my campaign.  

This current situation isn’t ideal, but I know we will be able to overcome this roadblock and keep this seat in Democratic hands come Election Day.