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Which Party Puts Up Qualified Candidates in NJ-3?

Republican Congressman Jim Saxton represented New Jersey’s Third Congressional District for a quarter-century. Let’s take a look at the candidates from both parties who ran or are running for that seat since then.

On the Republican side, we had a business executive who later turned out to be a sex offender, an eminently unqualified but popular NFL star, and an out-of-district millionaire who is attempting to buy the seat.

On the Democratic side, we had a popular, fiercely smart Harvard-educated State Senator, then his equally qualified widow, and now an advocate for environmental protection and health care.

While both parties want to win, it seems like the Democrats are taking this business of representational government more seriously.

Republican Endorses Republican! Film At 11!

Well, here’s my vote for stupid lede of the day from the Press of Atlantic City:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney formally endorsed Chris Myers, the Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in New Jersey’s 3rd District on Tuesday.

Romney, who campaigned for president earlier this year, called Myers an unusual man who offers the district a unique opportunity.

I tell you, I am shocked — nay, SHOCKED!!!!! — that a former Republican presidential candidate “formally endorsed” a Republican House candidate.

I expect tomorrow’s Press will have a story about a dog biting a man on the cover above the fold.

Adler Behind Three Points In Poll

The Monmouth University Poll (careful: PDF) of the 3rd District race between Republican Chris Meyers and Democrat John Adler has Meyers leading 44-41.

Adler has vastly outraised Meyers for the campaign, but hasn’t really been spending his money all that much.  In an apparent decision to blitz the area with ads in the last month, Adler just went on the air with TV Ads last week.  Combined with the DCCC expenditures for Adler and his own resources, he is unlikely to be matched by Myers who has little money and only Freedom Watch to help out.

Another note is that there are thousands of new voters who are not in the pollsters’ databases right now, because they have either not been entered into the system or there has not been a data dump.  County election offices are struggling to keep up with the influx, and as a result there are lots of new and likely voters who are not being polled.

A last caveat is that the national environment is definitely moving towards the Democrats.  With only four weeks to the election, that momentum is likely to help Adler.

But you cannot assume any of that.  This is still a district that has gone Republican for a long time, and the poll still notes that Adler is behind.  

You can help by donating some money to the campaign’s coffers, or by volunteering.  

NRCC Comes To NJ3

James Pindell of Politicker says the National Republican Congressional Committee dropped $16,500 on Chris Myers’ behalf in NJ3.

That’s in comparison to the $1.7 million — 100 times as much — that the DCCC is dropping for Democrat John Adler.

Who knows, the NRCC may do more in the future but still $16,500 is spent on mayoral races in small towns.  It’s really a drip, drip, drip out of the bucket.

Update: James L. notes that this is funding for a poll.  If we see money flowing into this race that’ll mean that the poll looks good for Myers and the GOP.  But if the NRCC walks away from this race then that’s good news for the Dems and Jon Adler.