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Time Now For ENDA

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Although I am savoring the ever sweet memory of the wedding nuptials of my friends and the victory and the fact that I have myself now regained the right to marry my love, should we choose, there is also so much more that can be achieved for Equality.

Elections have consequences and the election of Cory Booker in New Jersey to fill the unexpired term of the late Senator Frank Lautenberg brings us a loud and definitive vote in favor of the fully inclusive LGBT Employment Non Discrimination Act, popularly known as ENDA.  Right now in 29 states a person can be fired for being or being perceived as gay and in 33 states for being or being perceived as transgender.  That’s it… goodbye! In Pennsylvania. Ohio and Florida, there are no statewide protections for gay and trans people. In New York State, you are covered if you are gay, but if you are trans…. Sayonara!

Some activists have argued that transpeople now have Federal employment protections. Indeed last month, September 2013, Cori McCreery, a 29-year-old transgender woman, reached a $50,000 settlement in an employment discrimination suit against her former employer.


ICYMI: Buono’s daughter comes out, takes on Chris Christie & Bill Clinton

Supporters of Sen. Barbara Buono’s campaign heard this week from her daughter, Tessa Bitterman, who discussed her mother’s campaign in terms of some of the issues this race is about for her. Tessa is 22, and about to enter law school. And she’s gay.

“As governor, (Chris Christie)  has been a giant roadblock to New Jersey achieving equality for all,” she wrote. She also called him out for misrepresenting himself as a moderate, which he is not. And she questioned why Democratic leaders, like Bill Cllinton, spend time with Christie. They must not know the real Christie, she suggests. But the stakes aren’t just personal to her. Christie”s using his position on LGBT rights to impress 2016 Iowa GOP caucus voters.

If you got the email, you might like to meet Tessa Bitterman. This email is her introduction to her mother’s voters.

Do you know a young voter on the sidelines in this contest? Send them this video. For so many young people, the issue of gay rights is a settled question. They’re at the falling-in-love age. And impatient with our failure to get on with it.

Buono has acknowledged the marriage rights of gay people for a long time. And right now, the only thing standing in the way of a whole lot of gay NJ weddings is her opponent, Gov. Chris Christie.

Christie “Undecided” on Conversion Therapy Ban


To say that I was disappointed by Governor Christie’s indecisive response and reaction to the legislation to ban “conversion therapy”, is an understatement. The testimony at the Senate hearings by gay and transgender people who were traumatized as children when forced to undergo these conversion attempts was both chilling and moving. To hear of these so called “therapy” sessions, which included electric shock therapy (with their parents’ permission!) and forced masturbation with images of women, gave dramatic and cutting reasons for the necessity of this legislation. One might reasonably compare some of these abusive “reparative therapy” techniques to the work of the infamous Dr. Mengele.

Our Governor doesn’t know that the American Psychiatric Association has condemned this?

Was his wishy-washy response due to his apparent ambivalence or enmity towards LGBT New Jerseyans? Perhaps he does recognize the abusive nature of the “therapy” and did not wish to infer a criticism of the work of Marcus Bachmann, husband of tea party darling Michelle, a leading practitioner of this universally discredited “medicine”?

Perhaps Gov. Christie honestly doesn’t know. Other NJ Governors, both Republican and Democrat have reached out, lent an ear to the LGBT community, and helped our citizens and families progress to the American dream of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  So, Governor Christie, where do you stand and act for LGBT “at risk” children? Do you hear us? Do you care?

I’ll bet Barbara Buono cares!


Kristen Zimmer, Darcie Cimarusti: Couple of Jersey Girls With Something On Their Minds

Well, I guess she told him

From a site called The Everlasting GOP Stoppers, Bergen County resident and Jersey City Gay Relationship correspondent for The Examiner Kristen Zimmer lets Mitt Romney have it. Boom. Presented to you as a public service and a little taste of blood as we all get ready for the first presidential debate – on domestic issues –  between Mitt and the President tonight.

A New Jersey Mom: Another Hero of Public Education

Readers of Blue Jersey are well aware of where we stand on public education. What you may know less is how many amazing parents are working the front lines of protecting public education against destructive privatization and the gimmicks and schemes poorly devised by profiteers out to make a buck off NJ kids. But the highly-respected Diane Ravitch, historian of education, policy analyst and Assistant Secretary of Education under George H. W. Bush, hasn’t missed all the great work going on in New Jersey. In her must-read ed blog, Ravitch turns the spotlight on Highland Park’s own Mother Crusader, Darcie Cimarusti, the link above. In Darcie’s own blog, Mother Crusader, she talks about how she feels about Ravitch, and how well-acquainted Darcie’s own two little girls already are with with the complex and grown-up discussions in their household about education. That reminds me a lot of my own childhood, spent at NYC Board of Ed meetings and in Mayor John Lindsey’s busy office with my own mother, Helen. Go, Mother Crusader, go!

Wedding dress-down: Don’t shop here

Alix Genter tries on wedding dress

If you’re getting married, here’s where not to buy your wedding dress: Here Comes the Bride in Somers Point, New Jersey.

Alix Genter went there to buy the frilly thing she intends to wear when she marries her long-time love in New York, which is the closest place she can.

She chose her dress, and was waiting to hear back from Here Comes the Bride about her fabric choice. But that’s not the call she got, several days later. The shop’s manager called to tell her she wouldn’t be selling her a dress, because she didn’t want to be associated with an “illegal action”.

Alix Genter – her fiancée is publicity shy – has the love of family and friends, 200 of whom will be celebrating the couple at a reception in Blue Bell. Genter’s Mom and Dad, aunt and cousin, and two friends were with her to help choose the dress. Her mom made muffins, a neighbor contributed champagne. Big day.

But then, she got a call from the shop manager, who noticed that Alix Genter had crossed out Groom and written in Partner with her fiancée’s name.

And that’s where we are, New Jersey. I hope the manager at Here Comes the Bride uses this occasion as a learning moment. Meanwhile, maybe shop somewhere else.  

GSE v NOM at State House

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The National Organization for Marriage clowncar juggernaut was inTrenton today. The notoriously well-funded, (anti-gay) N.O.M crew is on tour spreading rancor from state to state.

The good folks at Garden State Equality (I'm a member) did a great job of showing up our angry rivals, although I grudgingly concede the style points to their tricked-out Winnebago festooned with stock photos of faux families.

The real action was inside, where we had /real/ families!


House votes to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

As part of an amendment to the Defense spending bill, the House of Representatives tonight voted to repeal don’t ask, don’t tell. For those unfamiliar, the policy has been in effect since 1993 barring openly gay men and lesbians from serving in the military. The bill says that the policy would be repealed after the Department of Defense review is complete on December 1. Republicans have threatened to filibuster the Defense spending bill over the issue, but this is a step in the right direction. The bill passed by a vote of 234 YEA, 194 NEA with 10 NV. We’ll have how the members of our delegation voted once it becomes available.

Update by Hopeful: Here is the Roll Call vote.  All NJ Democrats voted yes and all NJ Republicans voted no.

Update 2 by Hopeful: Here is President Obama’s statement on the vote

Update 3 by Rosi: Senate Armed Services Committee voted 16-12 in favor of that body’s version.

My solution to Governor Christie’s neglect? STEP UP! DO SOMETHING!

If you’re in Collingswood anytime soon, go check out  the library.  Then glance up and marvel at the craftsmanship and dedication that went into the  shiny brand new ceiling.  And then spare a thought for the people who made that progress happen: the members of Garden State Equality, whose south Jersey headquarters is located a few short block away.

In light of Governor Chris Christie’s drastic budget cuts to libraries, it’s up to the community to “step up” and fill the gap caused by an administration whose values and priorities do not include things like local libraries or food banks. (Click the link.  I dare you.)

Garden State Equality volunteers re-furbish Collingswood Library

In this photo, members of the gay rights group Garden State Equality give their our weekends to community service projects that recognize Gov. Christie’s neglectful ways.  

Newark Creates LGBT Commission

The Newark City Council tonight has created a new commission to help advise the administration regarding LGBT issues:

The council also approved legislation tonight to create a commission on gay, lesbian and transgender issues. The 11-member panel will advise the administration on sensitivity toward the gay community on issues like public safety and policing, housing, education and the training of municipal employees.

“This is not about anyone’s take on the issue. It’s about empowering a community, and bringing folks to the public policy table to propose legislation, to foster understanding, to empower folks in the city of Newark who have historically not been empowered,” said Councilman Ronald C. Rice, who drafted the legislation that created the commission.

James Credle, executive director of Newark Pride Alliance, agreed with Rice in a prepared statement.

“Our community has endured countless struggles in the fight for equality in the City of Newark,” Credle said. The alliance was founded in 2003 in response to the slaying of city resident Sakia Gunn, a 15-year-old lesbian who had rejected the advances of a man. As the umbrella organization for gay and lesbian groups in Newark, the alliance focuses on safety

Kudos to Ron Rice on his work to get the commission created.