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Newark NJ Discrimination Part One

On May 17, 1954 the Supreme Court made a landmark decision when it ruled on Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka. The court case that stated (Wikipedia’s  easy interpretation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B… ) “by declaring that state laws that established separate public schools for black and white students denied black children equal educational opportunities. Handed down on May 17, 1954, the Warren Court’s unanimous (9-0) decision stated that “separate educational facilities are inherently unequal.” As a result, de jure racial segregation was ruled a violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution. State Laws which established separate schools for black and white children were denying black children the right to an equal education”

As a result of the above ruling, education in America began its journey in addressing integration in all public schools regardless of where those schools were located.

According to: 88.01.03: School Desegregation and Prejudice in the United States Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute:  School Desegregation and Prejudice in the United States by Mary Ellen Leahy http://www.yale.edu/ynhti/curr… “In 1974, Federal District Court Judge Garrity found that the Boston, Massachusetts School Committee was implementing a systematic program of segregation affecting all students, teachers and schools. The Court imposed the remedy of mandatory busing. This order created chaos and social upheaval in the city of Boston. “

Every few years new milestones would be made guaranteeing that integration continued throughout America.  School districts bus their students within their districts to maintain integration so that the schools represent their total student population. Some districts actually integrate based upon race and religion to maintain a truly integrated system so that children of all backgrounds mingle and mix together.

However, the question arises is how integrated are our Urban schools in New Jersey?

I have no idea as to what is happening nationally, but I have a pretty good idea as to what is occurring in New Jersey.  As a Special Education Advocate I have had the opportunity to work with some of the Urban districts; most recently in Newark, NJ.

I have been representing four Native American children.  What I have experienced from the regular education to their Special Education would have stunned anyone else who had never run into the workings of inner city schools.

Newark is a very interesting City.  It is comprised of African Americans, Hispanics, Portuguese and a sundry of other minority groups- with a speckle of Caucasian sprinkled in somewhere.

The problem with Newark is that their schools are racially and ethnically imbalanced.  In essence Newark practices de facto segregation.  You have schools which are basically comprised of children of Hispanic origin attending one school, African American students attending another school, Portuguese children in another school, and the splattering of other ethnic and cultural groups scattered throughout the district.  Native American children, regardless of how many times the administration is told that they are Native American are told they are Hispanic, African American and basically denied recognition of their heritage.

However, that’s another diary.  Right now, Newark needs to end its defacto segregation and begin bussing their students city wide to effectively integrate their school system.  

It is unacceptable in today’s society, that there should be a school system where their schools are not racially and ethnically balanced.  The fact that most African American students are attending the failing schools in Newark; while children of other racial and ethnic backgrounds go to the “better” schools, should immediately cause outrage in a progressive society such as New Jersey.  

You have Hispanic principals with Hispanic children and African American Principals with African American children and the cultures do not mix on a grand scale.  

The State of NJ needs to integrate Newark schools by bussing the African American students to the Portuguese and Hispanic schools.  The Portuguese students need to be divided up and sent to the Hispanic and African American schools and Hispanic students sent to the Portuguese and African American schools.  Neighborhood schools/SLTs must end in Newark because not only is it a violation of integration, but depending upon which school the child attends, will determine the quality of education that child receives.  Mixing the populations of the children guarantees an end to de facto segregation. That’s Integration! Something that Newark is in great need of.  

Also, isn’t there something about Federal monies going to districts for integration?  What happened to Newark?  Why wasn’t it ever given Federal monies for bussing for integration? If they received it, where did the money go?

(This story can also be followed on www.secretnj.com)

Hearings Begin!

AN OPEN LETTER TO THE LAWYERS FOR THE COUNTIES IN THE LAWSUIT Between the Sand Hill Band of Lenape and Cherokee Indians VS. the State of New Jersey , etc. by a taxpayer who happens to know what the hell is going on.

(NOTE: This is a letter to the lawyers representing the 21 counties . Please be very careful on how you respond to this article as it may exacerbate the situation. This is no longer being considered frivolous and it never was! It just became very real for all of the lawyers and the Attorney General attending the preliminary hearing on Tuesday!)

Dear Lawyers involved:

For expediency, the Sand Hill Band of Lenape and Cherokee Indians will be referred to as just the Sand Hills in this letter to you.

On April 21 there was a preliminary hearing between the Sand Hills, approximately 30+ lawyers representing the 21 counties; and the Attorney General representing the Governor, Secretary of State, and the Native Indian Commission.    

The Sand Hills had been instructed not to bring anyone who wasn’t connected to the case to the hearing. Just the Lawyers, AG and the Sand Hills were to be present.

Question: Why was a reporter from the Star Ledger present when it had been stressed that only the parties involved were to be at the hearing? The reason?s very simple:  Because the State knew that the Sand Hills would have brought their own people to cover the story and (allegedly) the State doesn’t want that.

Understand there?s been an alleged blanket of silence request with the media by the state and/or federal government on this story.  There?s been an alleged attempt for the State to BLOCK all news coverage by assuring the reporters and TV networks that they have this under control and that this is a frivolous case.  The case not only encompasses 13 counts that call into question constitutional issues, but now a new case will eventually be filed for violation of the first amendment rights guaranteeing freedom of speech, press, etc in the US Federal courts, the United Nations, and in the World Court.

Please be aware that the reporter represents a paper that has allegedly committed libel and a great distortion of the truth pertaining to the Sand Hill Band of Lenape and Cherokee Indians and to matters surrounding this case, and if found to be true in a court of law, his paper will be sued for millions of dollars in damages. This reporter will be called to testify during the Federal proceedings regarding this lawsuit because of things he allegedly wrote about in his article.  The Sand Hills will want certain information.  He will refuse, and will go to jail.  That is a guarantee. The Attorney General will not be able to protect this reporter.

You should understand one of the reasons for the reporter?s presence was because the State allegedly wants to be able to say that it?s allowing coverage, while at the same time controlling what gets printed so that the public doesn’t know what?s really happening.  If the public knew, this case never would have gone this far and would have been negotiated quietly behind closed doors. However, if the State allowed more than one paper, or other people who would report on what happened to be present, the State wouldn’t be able to control what?s written and/or what?s uncovered. Nor would it be guaranteed that the coverage would be in a positive light for the State.

However, this lawsuit is a far more serious case then what some of you may have been lead to believe and you are beginning to comprehend that fact as a result of what occurred on Tuesday.  

You must be made aware of the fact that the State thought that the Star ledger?s headlines on Wednesday would be a continuation of the alleged distorted and libelous piece it did weeks ago and would have read ?The case of the Sand Hills vs. the State has been exposed as nothing more than a frivolous case as Tribal representative cannot justify his stance and/or his tribe?s.?

You, as lawyers, are aware the headline now reads more like ?Sand Hill representative, who is not a lawyer stands tall against the Attorney General and approximately 30+ lawyers. Knowledge of statutes, laws, and having evidence allegedly implicating the Attorney General and Richard Codey of complicity entered in federal record.  Mr. Stacy did state that he had evidence proving that the Attorney General and Richard Codey were complicit in this case, along with the Governor and Secretary of State, and is ready right now to go to discovery?story continues on page 2?

This is a case which now involves 13 counts, alleged complicity, alleged violation of  constitutional rights, and the fact that none of you have any idea as to what to do has already cost the taxpayers approximately 1 million dollars to 21 million dollars. This is according to one lawyer who had announced that fact at the hearing.  (I hope he meant that combined all the counties have spent one million and not that each county has spent approximately 1 million). By the end of next month the tab may be doubled.

So here are some helpful insights and hints to help you protect your counties, should you decide to do so.

You are all cross suing one another and pointing the finger at each other.  You are pointing in the wrong direction.

1) Why was there a reporter present (allegedly who is favorable to the State) when the Sand Hills had been told that only those involved in the case were permitted in the Courtroom? Why weren’t the Sand Hills notified that press would be permitted, therefore the hearings were opened to the public?  I just can’t let that go- that is a real violation of freedom of speech and the press!  That?s more serious than this lawsuit.

2) The Governor and Secretary of State etc are being sued as de facto and as individuals.  We all UNDERSTAND that the STATE cannot be sued.  Only counties, towns, and cities.  So why would the State want all of you under one umbrella, all joined together in a common cause?  Why would the State want this when the end result is that you are ALL going to be hung out to dry? It has SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY FROM PROSECUTION for goodness sake! The really frightening thing about this was that maybe 6 Lawyers who were present realized that something wasn’t kosher.  That means that the lawyers who were representing 6 counties heard something being said about joining together under the State that put up red flags for them that the other 15 COUNTIES lawyers missed. To the lawyers of the 6 counties- did the lawyers from the other 15 counties ever call any of you to find out what caused the six of you to react the way you did? Even though all of you decided to defend yourselves separately for the time being.  

3)  The Attorney General asked for an extension on Discovery even though Mr. Stacey was prepared to present his evidence right then and there.  Remember AG?s words were that she didn?t even know what she was going to ask for, only that she wanted that extension?  Why would someone say that unless, (hypothetically and allegedly speaking of course) they already had an idea of what was in those documents and needed stalling time at the expense of the taxpayers, and realized that things weren?t going quite as the State had expected as a result of what was occurring in that courtroom last Tuesday?  As attorneys who have been asked to join under the State?s umbrella, you might want to DEMAND discovery of what the State has in its possession and/or what knowledge does the State have that you are not privy to that just might substantiate the Sand Hills claims before you go for discovery against the Sand Hills.    Does the AG have DNA evidence going back over 1500 years?  Oh, you didn?t know about that, did you? (It must have slipped the AG office?s mind). Does her evidence match drop by drop, statement by statement, document by document?  Does she have over 1500 pages of proof to contradict what Mr. Stacy and the Sand Hills are claiming, that is not based on ?borrowed? (that?s tongue in cheek) history that contradicts what the Federal Government and undisputed experts have stated? Will the State be able to prove that its Indian Experts who are Indian are Indian- blood drop by blood drop?  Will these Native Americans have 1500 pages of documentation proving their claims? Will the state have experts backing up their Native experts who are natives? Yes? No? If it?s Yes, then we (lawyers) demand those documents?  No! Then what the heck are you doing and what are you involving us (lawyers) and the tax payers in?  Lawyers- You might want to think this one out- Doesn?t that sound familiar- sort of what the Judge was saying, isn?t it?

However, all of you might want to hear the videos on Blue Jersey of Mr. Stacey?s presentation in front of the Indian Commission and hear for yourself that he has 1500 pages of documentation backing up his claims. It?s an interesting video. If any of you have any inkling of factual Native American history pertaining to NJ, the makeup of traditional tribes, and the way they are really established and set up, you would definitely know that something really isn?t kosher after listening to these videos- I?m not telling you what, ladies and gentlemen, only that you better do some heavy research into what the State?s up to.

What you?re unable to see in the video, are the five to seven lawyers from the AG?s office who were present when all of the documentation was presented.  Her office has been somewhat compromised because her lawyers are witnesses to the claims and counter claims being made. Oops, the AG?s office didn?t tell you that!  

So let?s see what we?ve got!  We have 13 Counts, STATE IMMUNITY;  alleged complicity on the parts of the Attorney General and Richard Codey with documentation showing proof, and that statement of having proof has been entered into the hearing transcript by Sand Hill representative, as well as judge?s response; extensive documentation; alleged violations of constitutional rights, compromising of the AG attorneys, and alleged manipulation of the press?  That?s a lot of stuff for a nonsense lawsuit.  

The question needs to be raised that since the AG’s office is allegedly complicit with the case and is aware of the case, how can she represent the Governor or anyone when she, herself is subpoenable? The second question is how can she, being the AG, a representative of the State defend Gov. Jon Corzine and Secretary of State Nina Wells in a private matter since they are being named as individuals in this suit as well as de facto.  Are all of the lawyers for the counties agreeing that the taxpayers should pay for the individual defense of the Governor and Secretary of State?  Isn’t that against the law and shouldn’t the US Attorney General investigate the NJ State Attorney General’s actions of privately defending the Governor and Secretary of State with Taxpayer monies?  What do you think, guys?  I’m not a lawyer, just a taxpayer asking a question.

Why didn?t the AGs office share all the information she had before the first preliminary hearing so that all of you were better prepared?  I have to ask this again- If this is so frivolous, why not invite all the press?   Why only the one paper that?s allegedly printed a distorted misrepresentation of the case which has exacerbated the situation even more for all of you to a hearing that the Sand Hills had been told was closed to anyone not affiliated with the case.  What?s that about?

I am hoping that you?re beginning to see the picture. Please read the documents that have been posted on blue jersey regarding the bifurcation. The Sand Hills are not playing and have had years of preparation for this lawsuit.

So far the cost for the Sand Hills has been only hundreds of dollars because of all the filings they have had to do, gas, and lunches.  Cost for the Taxpayers approximately 1 million dollars and climbing (or 21 million if each county has spent 1 million dollars on lawyers).

One more little note: Don?t you wonder why the Sand Hill representative is prepared for everything you throw at him?  Were you all thinking and/or had been told that he?s just one of those Indians- and that he wasn?t what he was claiming to be?  Hmm!

Understand this and understand it well.  All the racial epithets that were being thrown around prior to walking into the courtroom by some lawyers directed towards Mr. Stacey doesn?t help any of you!  Those remarks weren?t funny and illustrated the racism that the Sand Hills have been and are confronting.  

Those actions have only harmed your ability to negotiate on behalf of the county you?re representing because none of you stepped up to stop it!  

One more thought- The Judge asked if any of the lawyers wanted to speak (negotiate) with Mr. Stacey to resolve this issue.  You were all adamant about not doing so.  Let me say that “egotism is the anesthesia that deadens the pain of stupidity!”  You have already spent probably “21 million dollars?” collectively, how much more are you going to spend of the taxpayers money before the Federal Government turns its eyes to NJ and removes your right to negotiate? Oneida vs Oneida- 1985-  I think the Judge was trying to tell you something.

Also you do realize that if the tribe is separated from its representative it will appeal, in which case the state defendants will have to fight in two federal courts- one in Philly on appeal and one in district.  You know that whoever loses in Philly will appeal to the Supreme Court- therefore, you will be needing multiple lawyers to cover the multiple cases being held in the multiple courts- district, appeals and supreme courts.  Are the defendants ready to incur that expense ?And all of this because none of you want to talk with Mr. Stacey? MMMMM

You know what to do from here.   Have a good day!

Historical Genocide Part II: Divide and Conquer

Well, here we go again!  In what appears to be a stab in the dark in an attempt to quiet down all the hubbub over the Sand Hill Band of Indians and The Ani Tsalagi Onaselagi N.Eastern Band VS. The State of New Jersey; the Governor and the Secretary of State appear to have boldly gone where no sane man or woman would go- to the Indian Commission in hopes that they can clean up the mess they have created by overstepping their mandated authority.

One could question the actions of the Governor and Secretary of State and ask, ?What were the two of you drinking when you decided on this brilliant move??  Also, “what devious game did you think up?”  mmmmm

Oy! We now have an Indian Commission being lead by one of the people who created the very problem confronting NJ and the Native Americans.  What happened to Chief Pierce, who was the Chairman at the beginning of this fiasco?  Why replace him with the person who was part of the force behind the illegal removal of 30,000 human beings from existence? One would think with the recent Federal Court decision of granting a group of Native American tribes 445 million dollars in compensation for broken treaties, that the Governor and Secretary of State would have shown some sort of intelligence in trying to put out the fires rather than stoking them!

Chief Ross has made it very plain that he would never again appear before the Commission because of the behavior of some of the commission people and the farce that his representatives had been subjected to when appearing before the commission back in February 2008.  He informed both the Governor and Secretary of State of that fact.  

Obviously they remembered.  Obviously they forgot that when two chiefs write a joint letter demanding that their tribes be recognized, not inviting both Chiefs is an insult and sheer stupidity.  Even if Chief Ross refused, he would have had to send a delegation, if for no other reason than to support the Sand Hills in their appearance.

The Indian Commissioners know this and again chose to be insulting and violated their traditions and protocol.

So yes, Chief Ross will send a delegation to stand beside the Sand Hill, and Yes, his people want a right to speak.  His delegation will watch as the Commissioners attempt to do ?divide and conquer? with the Sand Hills by listening to them having to ask for recognition from a group that has absolutely no authority to do so.  His delegation will watch the Indian Commission attempt to have the Sand Hills jump through the same hoops that his people were made to go through.  It?s just  their “recycling at its best” gesture.

Once again, both the Secretary of State and the Commission have forgotten that neither one has the right to decide who is an Indian, Who is recognizable, who is Black, who is a Jew, Christian, Muslim, or anything in that vain.  They are there to IDENTIFY (meaning- look who we found?!) and welcome ALL tribes and/or bands of NATIVE AMERICANS to the table.  Not to pick and choose who can join their clique.  They do not have the mandated authority to ask for documentation or proof.

I can?t help but to wonder if the Governor and Secretary of State now understand the legal ramifications confronting this State due to the stupidity of their actions and the Commission?s actions and are throwing a ?bone? to Chief Ross and Chief Holloway by sacrificing the very people who have tried to deny them existence.

There is no nice way to save face anymore.  In case the Governor and The Secretary of State haven?t heard, there have been break-ins and people?s garages have been ransacked while looking for papers.  The Chiefs have been accosted on the street and vehicles have been broken into (by people who were very professional) and torn apart looking for papers.  Nothing of any real value was ever stolen. Threatening phone calls have been made telling them they ?couldn?t leave well enough alone, could you?!?

This is no longer Indian vs. Indian- there have been real crimes committed and the proper authorities notified.

This can only be stopped by the Governor, or by the State Legislature overstepping the Governor in hopes of off setting the huge financial expense in legal battles between the Native Americans and the State of NJ by extending recognition to the two tribes whose civil rights have been violated.

Just correct the report that was written to include the 30,000 plus Native Americans it forgot, correct the distortion of history as it is being portrayed in the report, give back the history of the Sand Hill Band Of Indians and the Ani Tsalagi Onaselagi N. Eastern Band that the Nanticokes and Powhatans borrowed and seat the two chiefs on the commission after the present commission has had its mandate broadened to service all NJ Native American communities and its membership reflect all Tribal Chiefs and one designee from each said council.  Thereby allowing input from all New Jersey Tribes.

On September 17th, the Sand Hill Band of Indians will be appearing, along with the Ani Tsalagi Onaselagi N. Eastern Band, before the Commission on Native Indian Affairs at 225 West State Street, Trenton, NJ at 10:00 AM.  Come One! Come All! It?s open to the public.

Also if you are new to this story and want back ground information go to the diaries called:  Chief Ross addresses some aspects of Historical Genocide  ,  Yonaguskas thoughts

Why is NJ Commission on Indian Affairs Committing Historical Genocide,

NJ Historic Genocide Background Docs – Updated , Historical Genocide Continued

Yonaguskas thoughts

As a member of the Sand Hill Band of Indians, and an individual who can trace his family tree to before the european invasion I am alarmed that there are forces at work in the state of New Jersey that are attempting to convince the population at large that my son, myself, and my family do not exist. Those that would attempt to engage in historical genocide to erase the existance of a race of people are no better than those that would say that in WWII nothing happened to the jewish people, or that the colored were never enslaved, or that women are second class citizens. When ever a group of people are victimized, targeted for elimination, and denied their basic human rights then it is the resposibility of the entire community to resist such actions for inaction is the same as saying it is O.K.. The United States has fought many wars to protect these basic freedoms, and yet it was not until the second half of the 20th century that an indian was allowed to practice his native religion under the law. Why in this country are things like this allowed to go on?  In a state like New Jersey with such a wonderful blend of ethnicities is there not room for those that were here first, and have contributed so much to the enrichment of all?

To the tribes that my cousin Sam Beeler invited into our land I ask where is the gratitude? How can you come to my house, eat my food, live in my yard, and then say we don’t know you?  

To the politians I ask don’t we vote, pay taxes, live and die in this state, not to mention serve in the military?

To the population at large I ask what if it was you? What if it was your family your sons and daughters?

What if it was the Itilians, Greek, Spanish,or the Irish?

To those that have already gone through this the Jewish, the colored, the women, can you stand by and see it happen to yet another race?

Sen. Obama has a fantastic position paper on his ideas on relations with the Native Americans, perhaps because he has a unique understanding of what minorities go through, his family roots, or just plain compassion. What ever the case we all should do some soul searching and ask ourselves ” Can I condone yet another miscarriage of justice, another act of discrimation?”

If the answer is NO! then call you legislator, write a letter to your congressman, and tell them that Discrimination, and historical Genocide are not for you or for the State of New Jersey as a whole. Urge them to support the legislation mentioned in Carols article fix the Indian Comission, and restore the original residents of this state to their rightful place as an acknowledged peoples, with a say in their own future.

Investigate those that would consign the Sand Hill Indians, Ani Tsalagi Onaselagi N. Eastern Bandto vast nothingness of being erased from the pages of history. We must stop all such persons for if history tells us nothing else that if these people are left unchecked they Will grow stronger, and more bold if it is the Sand Hill Indians and the Ani Tsalagi Onaselagi  N. Eastern Band today, who will it be tomorrow? HMMMMMMMM


Councilman Sand Hill Band of Indians    

Chief Ross addresses some aspects of Historical Genocide

Promoted because we need to fill in the historical details and let this story be told. – – Thurman Hart (Note: Edited to move some text below the fold)

Osiyo! (Hello), Greetings and Salutations from the Ani-Tsalagi Onaselagi N.Eastern Band. I would like to take this oppurtunity to say “Wadoh/Wanishi” (Thank you) to CarolH and the other bloggers for assisting us via their blogs on getting our story and plight to the forefront. We thank you for your humanity in helping us right the wrongs against us in the blatant attempt to eradicate us from our birth right in the annuals of NJ History!

We, the Sand Hill Band and Ani-Tsalagi Onaselagi N.Eastern Band, have been misled, misdirected, lied to, coddled, cajoled, flamboozled, and manipulated by the NJ Commission of Indian Affairs and the Sec of State to which the commission falls under her purview. The commission’s mandate is quite simple and is as follows:  “To establish and develop programs and projects relating to the cultural, educational and social development of the states (AMERICAN INDIAN COMMUNITIES!).

Nowhere does it say that they have been empowered to do anything further.

It is important to understand that neither the Indian Commission nor the Secretary of State has any legal authority to prevent Native American tribes from being recognized.  The mandate of the Commission was to seek out and locate all Native American Indians who belong to Tribes and/or come from other states and have no band (Tribal group) in NJ.  All Tribes were to be given a seat on the Commission.


NJ Historic Genocide Background Docs – Updated

Long before there even was a United States – there was the Brotherton Indian Reservation in what is now Monmouth County.  Just a little history before we get into the backup documents.

Brotherton - the ONLY Indian Reservation in the State of NJ created in 1758 for the Lenape-Cherokee

Fast Forward a few centuries……

October 20, 1989 Proclamation signed by Governor Kean and related documents proving the existence of Cherokee in NJ.




August 2004 Proclamation honoring the Sand Hill Indians of Monmouth County and related documents.




December 28, 2006 Letter from Chief Sam Beeler of the Sand Hill Band of Indians (Lenape-Cherokee) one the oldest indigenous tribes still in NJ to the NJ Commission on American Indian Affairs requesting representation on the Commission.

Sand Hill12-28-06

Sand Hill12-28-06pg2

December 10, 2007 Letter from NJ Indian Office (in existence since 1950) to the NJ Commission on American Indian Affairs telling them that they committed a grave injustice by excluding most of the Native Americans in NJ of Cherokee and Inter-tribal descent.



January 10, 2008 letter from Chief Ross to Governor Corzine detailing their complaints regarding The NJ Commission on American Indian Affairs and the report that left out the existence of the two oldest tribes in NJ.





February 13, 2008 letter from Governor Corzine to Chief Ross saying he will stand by the NJ Commission’s (fatally flawed) report.


February 19, 2008 Letter from Chief Ross to the Commission explaining that Representatives will read a statement into the record at the February 20, 2008 meeting of the Commission.

The statement was read at the meeting, but the minutes DO NOT reflect that such a statement was ever read.





The most telling letter of the bunch.  This letter proves that Laura Zucker was able to read the statement into the record – even though no statement was recorded in the Official record.  This letter was sent by the CHAIR of the NJ Commission on Indian Affairs – Lewis Pierce (who does not acknowledge that he is also the Chief of the Nanticokes) yet it was sent on Tribal NANTICOKE letterhead.  A clue if ever there was one that one of the newer tribes is anxious to commandeer the commission and make it synonymous with his own tribe.  


Must-Read response of Chief Ross to Chairman Pierce of the NJ Indian Commission (who just so happens to be Chief of the Nanticokes) regarding his feeble attempt to shift the blame for the historical genocide onto the special committee established by the Governor.




Left no other choice, the tribes ask an attorney to contact the State in this email correspondence:



April Press Release


P.O. BOX 1012, Montague, New Jersey 07827

Est. 1950

The Sand Hill Band of Lenape-Delaware- Cherokee Indians are the oldest documented Band Of Delaware Indians indigenous to Lenapehoking, a.k.a. New Jersey.

Our former Chief, James Revey, wrote and submitted a formal proclamation to New Jersey Governor Kean for official New Jersey State acknowledgment and recognition of the oldest historically documented Tribe of New Jersey, the Lenape-Delaware of the Sand Hill Band of Indians.

Governor Kean subsequently signed the proclamation authored by our Chief, James Revey, a.k.a. Lone Bear, at our recreated traditional Lenape-Delaware village in Stanhope, New Jersey. He was not the first to bestow such recognition upon our peoples.

We, the Sand Hill Band of Lenape-Delaware-Cherokee Indians remain the only Tribe in New Jersey officially recognized by Gubernatorial Proclamation.  We boast a tribal citizenry in excess of two thousand and are governed by a pre-U.S. Constitution, sovereign traditional government of Band Council Members, Band Clan Mothers and an elected Chief. Our Cousins, The Ani Tsalagi Onaselagi Northeastern Band (Those Who Separated-Cherokee), a Sovereign Tribe, is also governed by a pre-U.S. Constitution, and have maintained their own culture and sovereign traditional government of Tribal Council Members, Tribal Clan Mothers, Red and White Chiefs, and a hereditary Chief (elected by Tribal Council) and boast a Tribal membership of 2000 Cherokee and Cherokee/Lenape, making our combined numbers at least 4000 strong.  Our members are scattered throughout the area and a majority of us reside in Bergen, Burlington, Monmouth, Passaic, Sussex and Union Counties. Passaic County is the only county in New Jersey with a Lenape name even though all of the State of New Jersey is officially designated ‘Indian Country’ under U. S. Federal Law.

The town of Montague in Sussex County is the tribal headquarters for the Sand Hills and the City of Elizabeth is the tribal headquarters for the Ani Tsalagi Onaselagi Northeastern Band (Those Who Separated-Cherokee). Our tribes are sovereign tribal governments, which receive absolutely NO STATE or FEDERAL funds.

We, the Sand Hill Band of Lenape-Delaware-Cherokee Indians and the Ani Tsalagi Onaselagi Northeastern Band (Those Who Separated-Cherokee) are the oldest continuous uninterrupted Delaware/Cherokee tribal governments who are indigenous to New Jersey and have never been contacted by any office of the State of New Jersey for any type of assistance.

Therefore, WE ARE NOW DEMANDING an investigation into all matters addressed in our letter to Sen. Codey and (emailed) cc-d to all Senators, Assemblymen/women; some New Jersey US Congressmen and Senators, to do an immediate investigation to find out what Federal and State Native American Monies were received by the State of New Jersey and why was it only allocated to the Ramapough Lenape Indian Nation, the Nanticoke of Maryland-Delaware, and the Powhatan Rappahannock of Virginia- What happened to and where did the monies for the Sand Hill Band of Lenape-Delaware-Cherokee Indians and the Ani Tsalagi Onaselagi Northeastern Band (Those Who Separated-Cherokee) go? Why was a Commission permitted to remove a Tribal designation that only the State Legislature can grant and/or take away? What has been the role of the Secretary of State?  What will their actions cost the State of New Jersey.

Understand that WE have retained legal counsel.

Be advised that Chief Holloway will be speaking for the Chiefs and Tribes involved.  If you have any questions and/or wish to speak with Chief Holloway of the Sand Hill Band of Indians, please contact Laura I. Zucker and she will arrange a discussion between reporters and Chief Holloway

Thank you- Laura I. Zucker (for Chief Dr. Carroll Medicine Crow, the Sand Hill Band of Lenape-Delaware-Cherokee Indians and Chief Darius J. Two Bears Ross, the Ani Tsalagi Onaselagi Northeastern Band (Those Who Separated-Cherokee)

May 6, 2008 Letter from the NJ Indian Office to Codey giving the state yet another chance to correct this awful mistake. This letter also comes up with a possible motive for this whole story – $$$





Letter from Chief Holloway to a group representing themselves as the Sand Hill Historical Society without permission of the Sand Hill Band of Indians.  



I have more info on Flickr – such as Sand Hill Tribal Census data from 2007.  The Tribal Councils and Chiefs know who belongs to the tribes.  It is a pity that the Governor is letting a few bad actors with hidden agendas control the NJ Commission on American Indian Affairs to the point that over HALF of the people the Commission should serve are being not only ignored, but treated as if they never existed.  With that, I will leave you with something written last Thanksgiving by the Tribes who are facing historical genocide, condoned by our own Secretary of State.


Historical Genocide Continued

As one of the people involved in this fiasco between the State vs. The Sand Hill Band of Indians and the Ani Tsalagi Onaselagi Northeastern Band, I need to make a correction.  On August 8, 2007, a War Chief of the Ani Tsalagi Onaselagi Northeastern Band and I went to the South Orange PAC to meet with Governor Corzine, who knows Chief Ross. He has met the chief at functions and, believe it or not, shares mutual acquaintances.  Which makes what is happening even more disturbing and despicable.

However, I deviate from the point.  Due to delays and a series of unfortunate occurrences, we were unable to meet with the Governor prior to his addressing the audience that evening.  At the time, we thought nothing of the delay and our companion who was accompanying us, went to speak briefly to Corzine about our failed meeting at that time, and was told by the Governor, himself, to call to make an appointment as quickly as possible to speak with him regarding the urgent matter Chief Ross wished to address with him.

What happened next was like Alice falling down the rabbit hole.  We never were able to make an appointment.  As a matter of fact, at one point (must have been our fourth call to the Governor’s office), the person who answered the phone literally left the phone on her desk and forgot to put it on hold.  I never heard her walk away and it appeared that she was just sitting at her desk for a few minutes (I could hear everything) and then after a few moments picked up the phone and had the audacity to say that “such and such was in a meeting and would call me back”.  That never happened and we didn’t call back.

On Feb.20, 2008, not on Aug. 8, 2007, I read Chief Ross’s complaints into the public record at the Commission meeting.  Their March minutes do not reflect that the report was read into public record, though a commissioner did comment (in those minutes) as to whether there was any further communication to a letter that the Chair had written to Chief Ross in response.  The Chair said no, even though a letter dated March 6, 2008 had been sent to him by Chief Ross in response to the Chair’s letter approximately two weeks earlier, cc’ d to the Governor, Secretary of State, Sen. Codey, Senators Weinberg and Rice, and Commissioners on Native American Affairs.  

One can ask a thousand times why is this happening and no one seems to be able to give an answer.  One reason may be that when Chief Ross and I met with the Secretary of State she realized that she had a ?fraudulent? report. Chief Ross had given to her a packet of historical information pertaining to the two tribes and he and I brought to her attention the misplacing of over 30,000 Native Americans within the report.  Rather than going to the Governor and saying that there was a problem with the report and they needed to look into matters, she decided to do, what can only be considered to be a “cover-up”, and hoped that we would go away.  She seemed to have forgotten that her major job is to protect the State of NJ and the Governor at all times from potential problems.  Instead she has subjected NJ to untold lawsuits that will affect our taxes by acting as if nothing unforetold is wrong.

OR we can say, as Carolh has implied in her diary, is that the one third does not want the two thirds recognized because of the power they would have, which is crazy.  You are only allowed two seats on the commission- so these two tribes would still be outnumbered.  We know that the Commission’s minutes are incomplete and inaccurate because they left out correspondence from Senator Weinberg and us into certain matters.  We know because we OPRA’d the minutes-

OR- we can say that there is something horrific going on when you are trying to remove 2/3 of a population from the annuals of history.  In the report that another blogger referred to and questioned, it has left out the Sand Hill Band of Indians and the Cherokee (Ani Tsalagi Onaselagi NE Band) because the Nanticokes and the Powhatans have borrowed that history and are trying to claim it as their own.  That is why there is no mention of these two tribes.

When a group of people are trying to remove the historical existence of another group, with the blessing of the Government in charge of that state and/or country, it is not difficult to remove that group when writing a report so that if the group (that has been removed) tried to claim their existence, they can’t.  There is no record of them.  Then when people read it, they say, “but if they existed these people would be in the report.”  Remember they are trying to remove them from history.  Therefore, they wont be in the report to begin with and that’s the problem!  The 30,000 plus Native Americans exist in this state.  If they correct the number, then they have to acknowledge the existence of the two other tribes.  So everyone who is in power has turned a blind eye and agrees with the figure of 19,000+.

To me, the actions of the Secretary of State and the Governor over the last 12 months are very questionable.  The Secretary of State knows that the report is fraudulent or she would have had she been intelligent enough to temporarily pull the report, investigate all facts entered and left out, and then re-established the report in an amended version.  Instead she failed to investigate the request of citizens to look into the matter of the report being inaccurate. In my opinion, she has committed an act of malfeasance.  The Governor and the Secretary of State’s actions by going along with this adaptation of history borders on moral turpitude and has opened NJ to countless lawsuits that will only cause our taxes to go up because the Native Americans will seek justice through the courts.  Their Lawyers’ fees will be nothing like the cost that the State will be paying its lawyers in suits that should never have been forced into court.

All these two tribes are asking is to be included, just like the Secretary of State said she would do, but seems to be suffering from selective amnesia because that’s the only logical explanation I can come up with at this time.

OR– someone somewhere has done something so illegal and has someway and/or somehow directly or indirectly involved the Governor and the Secretary of State, that they need to cover it up and can only do so if these two tribes are non-existent or lack creditability.  It has been said that if the Sand Hill Band of Indians ever came to any of these tribes, that those tribes would be in trouble, because the Sand Hill Band of Indians know where the skeletons are buried.

It looks like those skeletons are about to be dug up.  However, why is the Governor and the Secretary of State doing it at the expense of all (Native and Non-Native) NJ citizens?  How do they profit from the destruction of Native American populations and what will they be receiving for it?

Why else would they agree to remove 30,000 plus people from the State’s history, when they are clearly in the Census of the United States?

NOTE: In September 2007, after 25 years, the United Nations passed a resolution recognizing the rights of Indigenous peoples throughout the world.  Out of all the member Countries, eleven countries abstained and 4 countries voted No.  They were the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.   In January 2008, Australia officially apologized to their Indigenous people.  In April/May of 2008, Canada also made a promise to work more closely with their indigenous people.  The U.S., which claims to be the melting pot of the world, is more concerned with the problems between China and the Tibetan people, then they are in upholding the rights of their own indigenous people.  

MMM- Maybe Corzine and Wells are taking lessons!