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Primary Election Prediction Thread (Free Shirt)

Use the comments below to predict the results in tomorrow’s primary (and your justification for it, if any). The person with the most accurate guess for the NJ-5 (D) results will get a free Blue Jersey t-shirt. In case of a tie, the earlier prediction wins.

US Senate (R): Tom Kean Jr / John Ginty
NJ-5 (D): Camille Abate / Paul Aronsohn
NJ-5 (R): Michael Cino / Scott Garrett
NJ-13 (D): Joe Vas / Albio Sires
Bergen County Executive (R): Kathleen Donovan / Todd Calaguire
Harrison mayor (D): Raymond J. McDonough / Michael Hinchcliffe


What Will Junior Do?

So Tom Kean Jr. has 3 days until Tuesday to make a decision and Bergen County Republican Chair Guy Talarico says the clock is ticking…

According to PoliticsNJ, Bergen County GOP Chairman Guy Talarico has given U.S. Senate candidate Tom Kean Jr three days to decide whether he will run on the organization line. READ the letter

This is made more interesting by the fact that it’s set against the backdrop of the infighting withing the Bergen County Republican Organization

Junior has to choose. Will he run on the line of Party chairman Talarico and Todd Calguire? Or will he run on the line with Alan Marcus who is callenging Talarico for chair along with Kathleen Donovan? Donovan and Calaguire are both vying in the primary to unseat Democratic County Executive Dennis McNerney in November.

I’m gonna sit back, make some popcorn and enjoy the show.  Won’t you join?