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Plenty of time to avoid a primary… as long as you agree with me

Ocean County GOP Chair George Gilmore must be getting madder with each passing moment. I wrote about the pending civil war that is ready to break out over who will challenge John Adler the other day. Burlington County GOP Chair Bill Layton just can’t help himself and when it’s not Jon Runyan talking directly, Layton is making sure no story goes without a quote:

Layton, for his part, acknowledged that he supports Jon Runyan, but said there remains plenty of time to avoid a primary.

“To me it remains the same. Jon Runyan is the best candidate.  So at some point we need to convince others of that, and that process is still taking place,” he said.  “If Jon Runyan was an Ocean County guy, I’d be with Jon Runyan.  Jon Runyan is the best candidate for the race.  It’s about winning back the seat, not whether the guy is from Burlington, Ocean or Camden.”

Gilmore said that he did not read any of Runyan’s interviews and would wait until he has to comment.

Oh to be a fly on the wall when Gilmore finally reads the interviews. This has the real potential to be a fun one to watch. It sounds like Layton is telling Gilmore that there is plenty of time to avoid a primary as long as he agrees Runyan is the man. I don’t think George Gilmore is used to that type of ultimatum.

Runyan’s voting record and recent GOP switch come into question

As Jon Runyan meets with leaders of the Republican party and explores the possibility of challenging John Adler for his congressional seat, some questions are being raised including how frequently he has voted and when he actually became a Republican:

Records from Burlington County, N.J., indicate Runyan missed voting in four of nine general elections between 2000 and 2008. He also hasn’t voted in a Republican primary in the last decade and only registered with the GOP this month.

The Burlington County GOP spokesman is making excuses for his shoddy voting record:

Spokesman Chris Russell emphasized that Runyan has voted in five of the last six general elections. He said Runyan did vote in this month’s general election, which hasn’t been added to county records yet.

“With all the issues the country’s facing, we don’t think three or four missed elections the last 10 years is going to be a deciding factor for voters,” Russell said. “That’s a pretty good record.”

Sure, he’s voted in 5 of 6 generals, but the one he didn’t involved the race that will help determine the direction of New Jersey. And on that non-existent primary voting record:

As for his primary record, Russell said Runyan has always identified as a Republican. He said Runyan didn’t feel the need to make it official until he saw what has happened in the country this year, as he began to consider running for office.

Russell noted that, in New Jersey, voting in a party’s primary requires one to register with that party.

“Most unaffiliated voters don’t vote in primaries,” Russell said. “There really was no need for him to do so, as an unaffiliated voter.”

We’ll have to make note of this for the next time they go after a Democrat for this situation. I can’t wait for them to find out where he stands on the issues next and the justifications for the positions that don’t fall in line with the party. I wonder what George Gilmore thinks as he sees these stories start to come out.

Adler talks about healthcare and a potential Runyan challenge

Congressman Adler was on Fox Philadelphia yesterday and talked about his vote against the health insurance bill, saying for him it’s only about cost and then discussing the potential challenge that could come from Former Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Jon Runyan:

He said he is looking forward to the bill coming back to the House and said he’s hoping they still do more to reign in costs.  After talking about healthcare, they moved on to talking about a potential challenge from Jon Runyan.:

“I know Jon, he’s a good guy,” Adler said.

But Adler was blunt about the prospect of Runyan outspending him in an election.

“It is always worrisome when someone has a lot of money and is willing to write a big check to help buy an election,” Adler said.

When asked by Mike Jerrick if Runyan would buy the election, Adler denied meaning that.

“Not buying. He could spend a lot of money. That would be a factor with elections,” he said.

Adler went as far as to compare Runyan to ousted Democratic governor Jon Corzine.

“We’ve seen that in New Jersey in the past, Jon Corzine did it a couple of times.”

PolitickerNJ says that their sources say Runyan has now talked to the chairs of Burlington, Camden and Ocean Counties about his potential run and is meeting with Ocean County Chair George Gilmore today.

Former Eagle “seriously considering” a challenge to Adler

It seems that former Eagles offensive lineman Jon Runyan is looking to transition from taking on the defense on the football field, to tackling the Democrats in the political arena, specifically Congressman John Adler for his seat:

“I am seriously considering becoming a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District. Our great country is headed in the wrong direction, and it’s clearer every day that career politicians are incapable of solving the problems we face.

I am grateful for the tremendous support and encouragement I have received while talking to people throughout South Jersey about running for Congress and I look forward to having more to say on this subject in the weeks ahead.”

It remains to be seen if he actually runs or just flirts with the seat. The question of how much he would self finance his campaign is an important one as well, because one of the perceived advantages for Adler in what is traditionally a difficult district is the war chest he has been amassing. I wonder how a district that is probably around two to one Giants fans will feel about voting for an Eagle.  

Arrests, Resignations and more Corruption oh my

Today was a bad day for New Jersey.  There is literally so much news coming out regarding the charges and indictments, I wanted to do a recap:

  • Indictments and Charges: Here is the full list of politicians and religious leaders that were charged.  In all there were 44 people charged with everything from public corruption to money laundering:

    Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano, Secaucus Mayor Dennis Elwell, Ridgefield Mayor Anthony Suarez, Jersey City Deputy Mayor Leona Beldini, state Assemblyman President L. Harvey Smith and state Assemblyman Daniel Van Pelt were among those arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

    Ridgefield Mayor Suarez, who is also an attorney, is charged with agreeing to accept an illegal $10,000 cash payment for his legal defense fund.

    Here are the links to many of the criminal complaints.

  • Calls for resignation and suspensions: We have seen calls coming from all over the place for people to resign. The Governor and Chris Christie both called for all involved to resign. Joe Roberts sent out a statement calling on both Assemblymembers Smith and Van Pelt to resign and stripping them of their committee assignments. Minority Leader DeCroce, Christie, Guadagno and others called for the resignation of Van Pelt. Joe Cryan called for Smith’s resignation. The Governor also asked for and accepted the resignation of Joe Doria at the Department of Community Affairs. Mayor Healy said any public officials arrested today are suspended without pay. Dawn Zimmer is urging Peter Cammarano to resign. Ocean County Party Boss and Chair George Gilmore, who was apparently considering Assemblyman Van Pelt as a potential challenger to John Adler next cycle, will call for his resignation.
  • How it all began:

    What began as a federal investigation into money laundering by Syrian Jewish community leaders in New Jersey and New York a decade ago spawned into a broad web of political corruption that enveloped two N.J. assemblymen and three mayors.

    At the press conference, the US Attorneys said that this investigation went back to the days of Operation Bid Rig. It also appears that a main cooperating witness helped to take everyone down.  He has been identified in many places as Solomon Dwek, who himself was arrested in 2006 for trying to pass a bad $25 million check.

  • Selling Body Parts and Money Laundering:  Many of the Rabbi’s were charged with money laundering millions of dollars through charities. Additionally disturbing is the fact that one Rabbi reportedly called himself a matchmaker trying to arrange for the sale of a kidney for $160,000.
  • Speculation of replacements: With talk of resignations, there is the thought of who will fill those openings. Wally at PNJ says Democrats have a Jersey City Detective who could replace smith. I haven’t seen much talk about who will replace Doria at DCA. If Cammarano were to resign, would there be a November special election for new Mayor? Apparently there are three freeholders that would be in the running to replace Van Pelt should he step down.
  • Rosi and Jay get involved: While Rosi was being turned away from the press conference, despite the fact she had confirmed her attendance in writing in advance, Jay took a different look at the situation and asked this question:

    How many Crooks does it take?

    People are still trying to wrap their arms around all of this news.  The scope of the news today is what seems to be catching the attention of people. Some of the stories almost seem to be out of a movie script or novel. What do you think of what happened today and looking forward we can discuss what it means for the state, the Legislature and the Governor’s race.

  • NJ Has Top Two Funded “Open Seat” Candidates

    Well, CQ Politics went through all the financial reporting to determine which campaigns for open seats (no incumbent running) have the best finances.  New Jersey has spots one and two, both Democrats seeking seats currently in Republican hands.

    1. John Adler, Democrat, New Jersey’s 3rd ($1.5 million). Adler, a state senator, is waging an aggressive takeover campaign for the south-central New Jersey district that 12-term Republican Rep. H. James Saxton is leaving open to retire. Adler was unopposed in the June 3 primary election, while Republican Chris Myers, a local councilman, won a three-candidate GOP primary. That helps explain why Adler has nearly ten times as much to spend as Myers ($155,000). CQ Politics Rating: Leans Republican

    2. Linda Stender, Democrat, New Jersey’s 7th ($1.2 million). Stender, a member of the New Jersey Assembly, is running for a north-central New Jersey district she also sought in 2006, when she lost by less than 2 percentage points to Republican Rep. Mike Ferguson , who is not seeking re-election this year. Like Adler, Stender didn’t face opposition in the June 3 Democratic primary, which allowed her to build a large campaign warchest months ahead of the November election. Her Republican opponent is Leonard Lance, a state senator who had $81,000 left in his campaign account on June 30, less than four weeks after he won a crowded Republican primary election. CQ Politics Rating: No Clear Favorite

    Interestingly they still have the NJ3 as leaning Republican, even with the lack of funding Myers has experienced.  

    And both districts are seeing the DCCC book more than $1.5 million in television advertising for the candidates, with the NRCC wholly short of cash to toss in.

    But that’s money.  It’s not votes.  We cannot sit on our hands in either race, and need to work hard over the next 97 days (or so) to be sure that we can take advantage of our funding leads and turn them into leads at the polls in November.

    Contact Adler’s office at 856-222-9707 or info@adlerforcongress.com and Stender’s office at (908) 322-4547 to volunteer or get involved in other ways.

    Unsubstantiated Desperate Accusation of the Day (UDAD)

    Chris Myers, GOP candidate for NJ3:

    At a veterans’ memorial in Medford, Republican congressional candidate Chris Myers yesterday accused his Democratic opponent of attacking his military record.

    But when asked if he could prove that State Sen. John Adler (D., Camden) was behind questions raised on the Internet about Myers’ record, Myers said: “I have no proof of it.”

    You know why Myers has no proof?  Because he imagined it.