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Liberal Bloggers Have Linda Stender’s Back

A bunch of liberal bloggers, including Firedog Lake and Down With Tyranny, have put together a PAC called Blue America to take on the right wing noise machine.

Last week we told you that a astroturf group called “Freedom’s Watch” was using robo-calls blaming Linda Stender for high gas prices because she hasn’t tried to cut the NJ state gas tax.  What they conveniently forgot to say was that our gas tax is the third lowest in the country behind Alaska and Wyoming.

Well, now Blue America has it’s own robo-calls combating the right wing lies, complete with BJ Honeycutt himself, Mike Farrell.

Here’s a You Tube version of their robo-call:

The one thing they’re missing is that our gas taxes are incredibly low.  Since they’re sending it out to a lot of different districts, I guess they couldn’t target the text completely.