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The News Roundup Thursday March 23

  • Tom Kean Jr. likes to get his drink on early. As in 9:30 AM early. According to Wally Edge, Tom Kean Jr. wants to get the old “would you like to have a beer with me” question settled early in this campaign season.
  • Also from the Edge There is a major Broo Ha Ha over this Sami Merhi guy, who apparently said some bad things about Ariel Sharon and palestinian suicide bombers in the past. In any case, this guy is running for Freeholder and it looks like Bill Pascrell (as in the Congressman) is gonna take a major hit because he supports him. (Wally, I know you have been waiting to be called “The Edge” for a long time).
  • Linda Stender doesn’t mince words, her pro-impeachment stance may not sit well with Republicrats or Demublicans, but isn’t that the point? GO STENDER! (disclaimer – this is my opinion and not necessarily that of bluejersey.net)
  • It turns out the Governor CAN bail out friends from jail without suffering any ethical repercussions. The Ethics panel hath spoken!
  • Controversial Cory gets the Newark Firemen to endorse him. Hopefully for Booker, this works better for Mayoral candidates than it does for Presidential candidates.
  • Also good news for Booker, Don Payne Jr. drops off the Sharpe James’ City Council team. This is significant because he got the most (105,000) votes for his Freeholder race last time around.
  • When things like this happen, you feel less sorry for the municipality aid freeze Corzine proposed.
  • Prediction, based on the things comming out of everyone’s mount, there will be no sales tax hike.
  • Have you voted for us for the Koufax award yet? Get on it!
  • Have you thought about what you would like to ask Rahm Emanuel? If so leave some questions in the comments here.


Cory Booker Blogs

Cory Booker has a post up on the Huffington Post, which apparently has more reach than our little blog here.

Cory, you can always sign up for an account and post something here if you want! Consider this an open invitation. Besides, you are running for mayor of Newark, NJ right? Not Los Angeles!

It’s not just Penguins in those Tuxedos

If you’re watching the Academy Awards right now, you might not know that there’s a movie about New Jersey politics up for an Oscar.

Yep – Street Fight is up for an Oscar for Best Documentary. It’s about the 2002 slugfest between incumbent Newark mayor Sharpe James and his insurgent, meteoric Rhodes Scholar challenger Cory Booker. It’s a matchup we may indeed see again this year, and this time it may be Booker who has the last laugh.

First-time director Marshall Curry is there right now, at his first Oscars, waiting for the docs to be announced. Good luck Marshall!

I should mention Street Fight iis up against March of the Penguins…um…. one of the most successful docs in history.