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Weekend Poll: Sen. Buono’s L.G. Selection

Shortly after next week’s primaries, Sen. Barbara Buono will announce her Lieutenant Governor running mate.

So far there has been a lot of speculation, but no one even near being a front runner. This year all 120 State  legislative seats are up for grabs, and no one running for the Legislature can simultaneously run for L. G. In today’s Star-Ledger, Jarrett Renshaw speculates on the kind of choices available.

Whom would you like Sen. Buono to select?

Below the fold are some possible candidates, but feel free to add another candidate and let us know why you like the person for the job.

The Burlington County Democrats are Alive and Well

This evening, about 100 people attended an event for Burlington County Freeholder candidates Aimee Belgard and Joanne Schwartz. Among the dignitaries present were Assemblymen Herb Conaway and Troy Singleton as well as our next congresswoman, Shelley Adler. We’re fortunate to have such a great slate of candidates.

Tomorrow, there will be a repeat performance with the opening of Shelley Adler’s campaign headquarters. Stop by starting at 6:30 PM (Monday) at 3003 Lincoln Drive West in Marlton.

Left to Right: Assemblyman Troy Singleton, Freeholder candidates Aimee Belgard and Joanne Schwartz, Congressional candidate Shelley Adler, Assemblyman Herb Conaway

Former Blue Jersey writer Jason Springer, Assemblyman Singleton, and his Chief of Staff Tyla Housman

Justin Braz to run New Leaders Council-NJ

Justin Braz has been named as director of the New Jersey chapter of New Leaders Council. He succeeds Jackie Cornell-Bechelli, the new NJ State Director for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign. Until recently, Justin Braz was chief of staff for Assemblywoman Annette Quijano (LD-20). Congratulations to Justin.

What is New Leaders Council? NLC’s tagline is Training the Next Generation of Progressive Political Entrepreneurs. NLC fellows are young professionals most of whom have already shown leadership. They make a 5-month commitment to their training, one weekend per month, and take training in a curriculum of personal leadership development, entrepreneurship, communications and marketing, fund raising and finance, political strategy and management, traditional and new media, and Internet and technology. Emphasis is on teamwork, and there is an opportunity to meet with local and national leaders, and be paired with a career mentor.

A few weeks ago, Blue Jersey alums Scott Shields and Jason Springer and Blue Jerseyan Deciminyan taught netroots, and online organizing skills at the NLC-NJ Institute weekend training in New Brunswick.

Troy Singleton Sworn Into the General Assembly

It was as if the General Assembly chamber in Trenton had a mechitza down the middle. But instead of separating the genders, it separated the festive atmosphere on the Democratic side from the mostly empty Republican side.

The occasion was the opening of the lame duck session, highlighted by the swearing in of the newest member of the body, Troy Singleton.

Video below. More text after the fold.

Wisniewski Rallies BurlCo Dems

Is it possible to deliver a rousing political speech without a lot of bombast? It is if you are Assemblyman and State Democratic Chair John Wisnewski.

Wisniewski addressed the faithful at the annual Burlington County Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Cinnaminson this evening. He started out by calmly telling the crowd of several hundred that to understand what it means to be a Democrat, one has to look at what the other side stands for. The Republicans believe that government is the problem and markets will self-regulate. They believe the private sector will look out for peoples’ needs. Wisnewski asked how well did that turn out?

On the other hand, he continued, Democrats believe that there needs to be an outlet for people who have no voice in their fate. Democrats believe citizens should have access to quality health care and education. (more below the fold…)


Thanks to the Washington Post, and Chris Cillizza’s readers at The Fix

It’s a kick to read in the Washington Post today that Blue Jersey’s made their list of best state-based political tweeters in the country, via Chris Cillizza’s political column The Fix. We have our readers and Cillizza’s readers at The Fix to thank for that, because he compiled the list after asking for nominations from his own Fixistas and sifted through them all for every state in the country.

The Fix’s Best State-Based Political Tweeters for New Jersey:









Cillizza apparently was thinking (here’s his call for tweeter nominations) most of people he chose would be reporters. In his NJ list, only 2 are; Ginger Gibson of the statehouse bureau shared by Star-Ledger & Bergen Record and New Jersey reporter for the Wall Street Journal Lisa Fleisher both made Cillizza’s list.

The rest of us are all progressive or Democratic partisans. more below

Blue Jersey Radio – 2010 Year in Review

Each week, Blue Jersey Radio streams live with New Jersey’s latest political buzz, interviews with newsmakers, and your stimulating calls. And each year, we get to take a week off, and just listen back to some of our favorite shows.

So, like we did back in 2007 and 2008, and 2009, we invite you again to sit back, relax, and “click on the pix” to have a listen back to some of this year’s Blue Jersey Radio Year in Review:


In such a tumultuous year, we were privileged to hear directly from a number of our representatives in Congress, including first-time guest Rep. Donald Payne, and returning guests, our dear friends, Rep. Frank Pallone and Rep. Rush Holt, all three of whom will be returning to Congress in January. (By contrast, Rep. John Adler didn’t manage to squeeze us in this election year, and he won’t be going back. Coincidence?)

Rep. Frank Pallone
Rep. Frank Pallone, NJ-6

Congressman Donald M. Payne
Rep. Donald M. Payne, NJ-10

Rush Holt
Rep. Rush Holt, NJ-12

NJ Legislators and Mayors

We also had the pleasure of being joined by state and local elected officials from around the state.

Sen. Linda Greenstein
Sen. Linda Greenstein, LD-14 (well, almost)

Asm. Peter J. Barnes III, LD-18
Asm. Peter J. Barnes III, LD-18

Asm. John Wisniewski
Asm. John Wisniewski, LD-19

Haledon Mayor Domenick Stampone
Haledon Mayor Domenick Stampone

Some of New Jersey’s Most Inspiring Activists and Leaders

We spoke with leaders of a variety of influential, interesting and inspiring organizations working to make a positive impact around the state.

Courage to Connect NJ’s Gina Genovese

Unseat Sean Kean
Unseat Sean Kean

Michele Jaker
Women’s Health Matters NJ’s Michele Jaker

NJ Policy Perspective's Deborah Howlett
NJ Policy Perspective’s Deborah Howlett

Annabel Park, Coffee Party USA
Annabel Park, Coffee Party USA Founder

Progressive Challengers

And we heard from the brave souls who stood up to challenge incumbents even in New Jersey’s toughest races, earning them an “A” on the political participation scoreboard.

Barry Bendar, Candidate for Congress in NJ-3
Barry Bendar, Candidate for Congress, NJ-3

Tod Thiese, NJ-5 Congressional Candidate
Tod Thiese, Candidate for Congress, NJ-5

Ed Potosnak, Candidate for Congress in NJ-7
Ed Potosnak, Candidate for Congress, NJ-7

Doug Herbert
Doug Herbert, Candidate for Congress, NJ-11

Camille Abate
Camille Abate, Bergen County Freeholder Candidate

The Role of Jason Springer will be played by…

New BJR logo

Each week, Blue Jersey Radio streams LIVE with New Jersey’s latest political buzz, interviews with newsmakers, and your stimulating calls.

This Week: after more than two years of interviews, commentary, research, banter, predictions, and laughter, my amazing co-host, Jason Springer, has left the building. Seems like only yesterday when he debuted on the show, and I miss him already.

So, while we retool and reboot for our big splashy Blue Jersey Radio return next Tuesday August 10th at 8:00 p.m., I thought I’d invite you to listen back to some of Jason’s greatest hits. Like:

Talking Healthcare with Congressman Pallone; or

Dissecting the Patriot Act with Congressman Holt; or

Welcoming our almost Lt. Governor, Loretta Weinberg; or

Interviewing Governor Corzine: remember that?

Good times. These and all of Jason’s shows are available anytime to listen on Blogtalkradio, or to download on iTunes.

So, enjoy some blasts from the past, and tune in next week for an exciting future – hint: we’re going back to our roots!  🙂

Blue Jersey Radio: Jason’s last stand with guest Ed Potosnak

Ed Potosnak, Candidate for Congress in NJ-7
Ed Potosnak, Candidate for Congress, NJ-7

Each week, Blue Jersey Radio streams LIVE with New Jersey’s latest political buzz, interviews with newsmakers, and your stimulating calls.

This Week: It’s my last stand on Blue Jersey radio as I let everyone know earlier today that I’ll be moving on to the State Committee. But before I go, we’ll have one last excellent adventure with our sometimes co-host Adam Lambert and Jeff will also try to call in from his meeting to say hello.

Our guest will be Ed Potosnak, who is challenging Congressman Leonard Lance in the 7th District. We’ll get the low down on his campaign and his thoughts on the issues of the day. Adam and I will also recap the last week in NJ politics and I’m sure he will have something to say about my next step.

So, join us for New Jersey’s fastest half-hour of political talk. We’ll see if we can keep up with the change-by-the-minute pace of news coming from just about everywhere these days.

Join us tonight!

Something special on your mind? Leave your thoughts in the comments, and maybe we can have some fun with them on air. Or, feel free to give us a call tonight, and share what’s on your mind. Remember, it’s all LIVE, so don’t be afraid – join us!

That number again is: 646-652-2773.

Talk to you then!

New BJR logoListen to Blue Jersey Radio on internet talk radio

Time for my next step

Before I talk about my next step, I wanted to take a quick look back in time. Over 7 years ago, I was a field organizer in Northeast Iowa on the Howard Dean for President campaign. I would read the Dean for America Blog at night and write to people from New Jersey who would post. One of those people at the time was Juan Melli, a student then at Princeton University. We started talking Jersey politics and as I stayed in Iowa following the Dean campaign to manage a Congressional race in 2004, we kept in touch.

When I returned to NJ following the 2004 elections, I would eventually meet Juan at Princeton when he was involved in the filibuster against Frist in 2005. He told me about this idea for a blog and the next thing I knew in September 2005, I was a founding member of the then BlueJersey.net

Through the years, my jobs have changed and my involvement in Blue Jersey increased as I began to write more regularly, became the Technical Director of the blog and started co-hosting Blue Jersey Radio with Jeff Gardner.

As much as I have enjoyed my ride here on the blog, it’s time for my next step. I have been offered the position to become the Communications Director of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee. I recognize that the position probably wouldn’t even be available to me if I had not been involved in this blog, but I also recognize that this blog has never been and cannot simply be an extension of the state party itself.

I’ll be following in the footsteps of the many front pagers that have come before me and moved on to make an impact within the Democratic Party and in the media itself. Before JRB was writing for Salon and Huffington Post, he was posting here at Blue Jersey. Prior to Juan Melli working for Dawn Zimmer and Jon Corzine, he founded our little site. Jay Lassiter worked on the campaigns of Rob Andrews and John Adler after he was Blue Jersey’s statehouse correspondent. Before Thurman Hart was writing an online column at NJ.com, he was taking people to task on this blog. Brian McGinnis handled Blue Jersey’s morning roundup before moving on to Garden State Equality, followed by Pam Lampitt and Lou Greenwald’s Legislative office. Before Jeff Gardner was a Party Chairman, he was and still is a front page blogger. While Rosi is busy actually running the blog, she also has her hands in more going on across this state than I can even name. And the list goes on and on with involvement from the people here at Blue Jersey in the party, in government and on campaigns in New Jersey.

So much has gone on in my time at Blue Jersey which has not only been fun to be a part of, but a source of great pride. We had huntsu on the trail of Chris Christie before anyone else wanted to pay attention to what was going on. We caught a staffer on Tom Kean Jr.’s campaign astroturfing the blog from their own headquarters, which is still cited in her wikipedia page. We’ve covered live events with everyone from Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, to Bon Jovi and Jon Corzine. Hosting the radio show with Jeff Gardner, Adam Lambert, JRB and whoever else wanted to join us has been an absolute blast. Having my name even associated with the Think Equal campaign and the ads that were created for the Marriage Equality push was an honor. Seeing first hand photos from Rome of the Coliseum lit up when NJ abolished the death penalty literally sent chills down my spine. And recently we even helped lead the fight to save the SCI from the power grab of a Governor.

Someone once told me that Blue Jersey helped serve as the conscience of the Democratic Party, which I often took great pride in. They said we served as a farm team giving progressive Democrats a platform to hone their message and communications skill. Just as I have followed others in moving on to influence the party in a different capacity, I hope other readers here will take advantage of the opportunities Blue Jersey presents and the potential it holds. Thank you all for an amazing ride and I look forward to continuing the fight, just in a different capacity and forum. It has been an absolute honor for me to be associated with Blue Jersey and the people who contribute to make it what it is.

Thank you all for an amazing ride.