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March NJ jobless numbers – NJ lagging behind

You remember this guy, right? The headstrong governor here in the land of make-believe who propagandized the happy-talk of Jersey Comeback with banners, theme music and videos and jacked-up Republican campaign rallies passed off to the taxpayers public town halls in their best interest. How’s that working for ya? Christie quietly retired the banners a couple years ago, and knew better than to utter that phrase in his Republican National Convention speech that same year. Christie’s trying to make a case for himself as viable on the national scene beyond the RGA, tougher now because of the scandals. But we’re still left with the impact of some piss-poor state economic decisions over recent years, many of them his.

Unemployment is up here, though the state is using terms like “flat” and “small dips” to describe it. New Jersey lost about 1,300 jobs in March, bringing NJ’s unemployment to 7.2%. That’s up from 7.1% this time last year, and lagging half a point behind the national rate of 6.7%.

Courier Post Needs a Lesson in Geography

Yes, he clearly says ‘Morristown’ – twice. More than a mispronunciation. Dateline banner at the start of the video is correct, though. Promoted by Rosi

You would think the Courier Post knows their readership. But twice in the video below, the narrator moves the Lockheed Martin facility to North Jersey’s Morristown, not South Jersey’s Moorestown, where it is really located.

And their highlighting of Chris Christie as the savior of the contract is gratuitous. Christie had nothing to do with it. The contract was won based on the excellent work by Lockheed Martin employees and by the taxpayer’s funding of a $40 million tax break to make Lockheed’s proposal cost-competitive.

What to do when your employees max out to your opponent?

Lockheed may just be covering all of their bases, but this still can’t be a good sign for the Myers campaign:

The Adler campaign also released a copy of an Oct. 1 check for $5,000 made out to its own campaign committee from the Employee’s Political Action Committee at Lockheed Martin, where Myers is a vice president.

Is this a message to the boss from his employees?   If so, we’d like to thank the employees of Chris Myers for attempting to spare us from his representation.

Myers walls himself in on immigration

So Chris Myers says he opposes building a wall as his solution to the immigration situation.  Just one problem, he took $5000 from Duncan Hunter’s Peace through strength PAC and lets take a peak at their 3rd issue plank…

Enforceable U.S. borders, including a 700-mile double fence across the smugglers routes in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas

It looks like the secret is out and the nativists are a little restless…

Mr. Myers, you took Peace through Strength PAC support.  You need to listen to what Mr. Hunter says about your support of a VIRTUAL FENCE.  Or, you took the support under FALSE pretense!

Well that lays it out pretty clear, Myers either supports the double fence or they feel he took the groups funding under false pretenses.  We’ll let that point go however because the more interesting story is what Myers actually supports and why he might feel that way.

Chris Myers works for Lockheed Martin.  He says he supports a virtual fence to help “secure the borders”.  A 2006 NY Times article titled “Bush Turns to Big Military Contractors for Border Control” may explain that position a little more…

Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Northrop Grumman, three of the largest, are among the companies that said they would submit bids within two weeks for a multibillion-dollar federal contract to build what the administration calls a “virtual fence” along the nation’s land borders.

You see, the Peace through Strength PAC was just outbid for a Congressman.  It’s actually a pretty good strategy for Lockheed if you think about it. Rather than making contributions which would be illegal, they just had one of their own become the candidate.  Don’t feel bad for Myers though, he still gets support from employees of Lockheed Martin which has also gotten people’s attention…

Furthermore, as reported in the May 13 article, Lockheed Martin executives make up 18 percent of Myers’ contributions [$58,950] as reported at the last filing deadline and that raised serious questions among public advocacy groups. According to Mary Boyle, spokeswoman for the citizens? lobbying group Common Cause, “This is the danger with any special-interest contribution to a campaign. It raises the specter of who is this person loyal to? We want elected officials to be responsive to their constituents. When there is a single entity paying for 20 percent of a campaign, that?s a question we are going to ask.?

At least Peace through strength knows he won’t be working for them.  They may want a refund on the contribution.