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QoTD: Adults in the playground

Correction: This was yesterday, I listed it incorrectly as today. h/t Deciminyan

Shelley AdlerToday’s Quote of the Day belongs to Shelley Adler, widow of the late Rep. John Adler and a candidate with a groundswell of support driving her challenge to a Republican solidly in the he’s-gotta-go category. Adler had an interview yesterday morning with Burlington County Times Editorial Board, and NJ-3 residents were encouraged to send in questions for the board to ask her (this is just a great idea, cheers to Burlington County Times). Adler:

“I’m interested in going to Washington to be an adult in the playground, and I think it’s time to bring some more adults to Washington.”

Not an adult? You don’t have to look far to bring this guy to mind, or the hijinks of the modern-day GOP House of Representatives Jon Runyan cleaves to. I don’t agree with everything Adler’s running on – I’m unclear on her lack of support for the Affordable Care Act, which her husband also did not support – but stacked up against GOP incumbent Jon Runyan, who was and is supremely unprepared for the job the voters gifted to him, there is no question. Shelley Adler is also our best chance at classing up the NJ congressional delegation with a little estrogen. Boom. Burlington County Times put this morning’s whole thing on video (another good idea). Quality’s not great, but if you want a record of this interview, here’s what they talked about. If you emailed topic suggestions, maybe you’ll hear your question asked. Video’s 42 minutes.

LD-7 Legislative Debate

What a difference a venue makes. When I covered the LD-16 legislative debate in Princeton a few weeks ago, they embraced transparency and allowed audio and video recording. At tonight’s LD-7 debate, no such recording was allowed. Both debates were run by the League of Women Voters, but I have a hunch that tonight’s no-recording policy was determined by the candidates of one of the parties. So I’ll have to report the old fashioned way, by using words instead of electrons.

Driving up to the school in Moorestown where the debate was being held, I was amazed to see the lawn littered with the GOP’s Orwellian yard signs on school property. The debate itself was very predictable with few surprises, and the Burlington County Times’ Dave Levinsky’s article summarizes it pretty well.


US Senate newspaper endorsements

So far, at least nine papers have published endorsements in the Democratic US Senate primary, and at least seven have endorsed in the Republican primary.

Paper Democratic Republican
Jersey Journal Andrews
Courier Post (Cherry Hill) Andrews Zimmer
New York Times Lautenberg Zimmer
Star Ledger Andrews Zimmer
Philadelphia Inquirer Andrews Zimmer
Gloucester County Times Andrews
Bergen Record Lautenberg Zimmer
Herald News (Passaic County) Lautenberg Zimmer
Daily Record (Morris County) Andrews Pennacchio

If you know of any endorsements that we’re missing, post them in the comments and we’ll add them to the table.