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Dear Netroots Nation

Karen Gaffney, who led a training at Netroots Nation this week in St. Louis – an #NN16 Voter’s Pick – has been teaching and training about race, including whiteness, for years. She’s been an English professor at Raritan Valley Community…
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Faces and Places from #NN15 Day 2

In addition to the rousing reception for Elizabeth Warren, there were dozens of other activities happening at the Phoenix Convention Center in Netroots Nation. Here are some snippets…

“Demonstration without legislation ends up with frustration.”

Congressman Keith Ellison talking about his “Voters First” initiative to take back the state legislatures and Congress.

Too often, DC groups come in and think they know all the answers.”

Nich Rathod – Executive Director, State Innovation Exchange

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Netroots Nation – Day 1

Attending a Netroots Nation conference is akin to drinking from a fire hose. There’s so much going on that it’s difficult to absorb a lot of it.

The last Netroots that I attended was in 2013 – a year that only New Jersey and Virginia had races that had some sort of national attention. Both winners were national figures – Chris Christie for his mouth and Terry McAuliffe for his close ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton. Barbara Buono was there as the progressive challenger to Christie, so there was a good amount of New Jersey interest. This year, Christie is just another gnat in the clown car, and there’s not much New Jersey interest or presence here. But that doesn’t mean that progressive issues are not important to Blue Jersey readers or New Jersey residents.

This year’s conference is in Phoenix. That was not a non-controversial choice and some long-time supporters are not here, protesting the actions of the repressive state government. But Phoenix was chosen to emphasize this year’s theme – comprehensive immigration reform.

Phoenix Convention Center

Barbara Buono – #NN13 Rock Star

Barbara Buono came to Netroots Nation in San Jose to extend her campaign to a national audience, and she did not disappoint anyone. Each year at this conference, there are a few candidates who become rock stars at the event. Last year that included Elizabeth Warren and Tammy Baldwin.  This year, it was Barbara Buono’s turn. After each appearance, the friendly audience of liberal bloggers and activists lined up to speak with her and have their picture taken.

She mingled with a crowd at a reception sponsored by Emily’s List, and gave a rousing speech (the best I’ve seen from her) at a candidate’s forum which included other progressive icons like Senator Jeff Merkley and Congressman Keith Ellison.

Earlier in the day, I met Buono at a café down the street from the Convention Center. Below is that interview. She talks about her mission at the conference, the special election, the budget, women’s issues, and the choosing of a candidate for Lieutenant Governor. Below the fold: some photos of her interactions with the Netroots crowd.

DFA’s Jim Dean Interview at #NN13

Democracy for America was formed by Governor Howard Dean and is now being run by his brother, Jim. They endorse and support candidates nationwide, including four in New Jersey this year.

Today, at Netroots Nation, I spoke with Jim Dean about DFA and those New Jersey races.

NN13 – Netroots Nation 2013 Schedule

Netroots Nation 2013 – NN13 – is June 20-23 in San Jose, California.

Every summer for the last 8 years bloggers and a lot of the people they write about – activists, politicians, educators, Labor folks, LGBT leaders and the big names that want to be in the room with them – gather for 3 solid days (and long nights of partying, I’m just saying) to challenge each other, catch up on best practices, argue or find common ground in the hallways and meet, sometimes years after reading each other. The universe of people who go are exactly like the writers and readers of Blue Jersey. Several of us have gone for the last few years, and I wanted to make sure you saw what June in San Jose’s going to look like:

Check out NN13 – Netroots Nation 2013 Schedule, San Jose June 20-23

What you’ll see and hear at NN13 was proposed by attendees and chosen by attendees – 80 panels and 40 trainings winnowed down from 397 panels suggestions and 115 training session ideas. Some of it’s focused on the mechanics of blogging, like what we do here. But if you’re an activist already at work on a local or statewide level, it’s a great chance to go and talk to people doing similar work everywhere else. Plus, it’s fun.

Last year’s keynotes included Elizabeth Warren, Princeton’s Paul Krugman, Darcy Burner, NAACP’s Ben Jealous and a closing Netroots Nation keynote from Barack Obama (by video from the White House, though he attended in person at NN07). One of NN13’s keynotes is already announced, Nancy Pelosi will take questions from the 2,000-3,000 bloggers attending, moderated by journalist Zerlina Maxwell, of Milburn, NJ.


  • Videos from NN12.

  • Apply for a NN13 scholarship here.

  • FireOps 101 an opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a a first responder at this one-day fire fighting and rescue operation, the day before NN13 kicks off.

    And if you’re going, let us know, right?

  • Woulda Coulda Shoulda Been at Netroots Nation

    netroots-nation-logoAs Netroots Nation 2012 was coming to a close a couple of weeks ago and Deciminyan & I were getting ready to leave Providence, Rhode Island, this Tweet dropped, in response to our Twitter coverage of the 4-day event:

    .@BlueJersey Sounds like you had a blast at ‪#NN12‬. Maybe I can join you next year.

                                                – @SenatorBuono

    I didn’t answer the Senator on Twitter, because I’ve been mulling that over. And I decided to answer here, to Senator Buono, and a few other people – mostly women – I know. Yeah, you should go. It’s an idea factory, a lively place of discussion, strategy and tactics – only one you will avail yourself of.  Maybe you’ll be there next time around. See who I’m inviting to Netroots Nation next year – below the fold. And who do you think should go, Blue Jersey?

    Education Reform

    There’s a lot written here about what we don’t like about the right wing education “reform” agenda – the attack on unions, privatization, etc.

    I’m at an education panel at Netroots Nation, and a Rhode Island blogger asked the question what is the progressive reform agenda. Not what we don’t like, but what actions we should be proactively promoting?

    Blue Jersey teachers and readers in general weigh in…

    What is the positive progressive education reform agenda?