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Charles Stile on Jeff Gardner: “Bona Fide Giant Slayer”

If you didn’t know about the Democratic senatorial primary fight in the 35th legislative district, a column by Bergen Record columnist Charlie Stile at northjersey.com is a clear snapshot and of what divides the two combatants, Sen. John Girgenti and Jeff Gardner. – Rosi Efthim

Round 2 of Hawthorne political fight coming up

by Charles Stile:

Jeffrey Gardner’s shoebox-size law office in Hawthorne’s downtown suits his budget. After all, he opened his practice only a month ago.

The Lafayette Avenue office is also a fitting symbol of his new place in Passaic County politics.

The 42-year-old liberal activist seized a small Democratic Party beachhead last June, taking control of the Hawthorne Democratic Municipal Committee. The precinct-level victory yielded a modicum of power but a bounty of statewide buzz – he defeated John Girgenti, the 35th District state senator who joined the Legislature four years before Hosni Mubarak took control of Egypt.

Hackensack – We have a problem……

I got my absentee ballot in the mail this week.  LATE this week and I noticed something VERY wierd.

The absentee ballot has everybody on a DIFFERENT column than we will be on in the VOTING booth.  In the sample ballot for actual Election Day voting, we should all be bracketed in COLUMN 3.  HOWEVER, on the Absentee Ballot – they stuck us in the same column as Cresitello in COLUMN 2.  

Not only that, but the County Committee folks aren’t even on the same ballot as the rest of the Real Bergen Dems even though we should be bracketed together.  We aren’t even on the same piece of PAPER.  It isn’t even the same KIND of paper.  

So, we can’t even tell folks what column we will be in, because it is different depending on whether you vote absentee or not.



Not only that, but if you want to vote for me as freeholder – you fill in the little oval with a #2 pencil, but if you want to vote for me for County Committee, you’ve got to make an X or a + or checkmark.

Is this messed up, or what?

This happened in Edgewater as well as Tenafly and Bergenfield. Wonder if it happened in Ferriero-crat towns as well………..