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Democrats make good showing in NJ2

This and two dollars will get you a coffee, but it’s nice to see the primary votes in NJ2:

Frank LoBiondo (R): 15,712

David Kurkowski (D): 15,771

It’s the first time the Democrat got more votes than LoBiondo.   (Admittedly, Donna Ward (R) got 1,980, and this is actually more votes for LoBiondo than he’s gotten since 2002.).  

I wouldn’t bet against LoBiondo, since he got 172,779 in the last Presidential election year, but it’s another sign of the long-term trends in this district.

The Primary in NJ2

I’d like to thank the Courier-Post for profiling the primary in New Jersey’s Second Congressional District, because frankly I didn’t even know there was one.  Both candidates denounce oil subsidies, and the incumbent’s additional platform is:

His goals for the next term include increasing the federal government’s Corporate Average Fuel Economy, better know as CAFE standards. He said the country wants the troops home from Iraq, but not at a time when Iran is poised to gain influence through an American void. He also wishes to unmangle the $300 billion Farm Bill, something he characterizes as subsidies for millionaires that passes only crumbs to needy farmers.

You’d almost think Frank LoBiondo was a Democrat, though his plan to occupy Iraq until it no longer borders Iran sort of gives it away. Still, he knows how to run now that his party has been completely discredited. Meanwhile, his challenger sounds interesting:

These are critical times for this country. The economy is in an unprecedented state of turmoil, and the outlook is dismal. People are losing their jobs, their homes and their savings. Businesses are reporting drops in sales and many are going into bankruptcy. Prices are soaring on everyday purchases such as gasoline and wheat. Our best and brightest are being put at risk; injured, maimed and killed in a very unpopular war. Our civil liberties are being taken away at an alarming rate in the interest of an ill-defined “war on terror”.

Sadly, Donna Ward turns out to be a Ron Paul / Murray Sabrin Republican, which means every sensible statement will be balanced by two crazy ones. Still, I congratulate her for recognizing the mess that Bush and his sycophantic Republican Congress made of the country and Constitution.  (I’ll confess that I’m a little worried about Ward’s chances — not because LoBiondo has over a million dollars in the bank — but because her campaign director thinks she is running in district NJ1.)  

LoBiondo and Ward are correct that the country needs change, but the correct solution is to vote for Democrat David Kurkowski.