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The Draft Michael J. Cino for Congress Committee is Up and Running

The Draft Michael J. Cino for Congress Committee is Up and Running.

Scott Garrett has been completely ineffective – and a worthless elected official.    It is time to replace Garrett who has been nothing but a ghost in Washington and in his home district.

The Draft Michael J. Cino Facebook page is up now at https://www.facebook.com/pages…

Especially for Garrett, who pledged support for term limits in the 1990s, 14 years in Congress doing nothing has been enough.

Michael J. Cino has been a proven advocate for the people, strong economic growth and economic policies which promise American jobs.

Thank you very much.

You can help out right now

NJ Gaming: Moving the dinosaurs up north

North Jersey gambling fever is growing with Bergen, Hudson and Essex Counties eager to get in the game. Both Gov. Christie and Senate President Sweeney are now open to supporting a ballot issue in this year’s or next year’s general election. But does it make sense?

Promises…promises. Feverish adherents are coyly suggesting that it would bring many new jobs, lots of tax revenue, allocate plenty of financial support to Atlantic City, and draw players from across the Hudson. Maybe, but these are just aspirational goals that might never materialize. Assemblyman Ralph Caputo (D-Essex), Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D-Bergen) and Raj Mukherji (D-Hudson), are proposing resolution ACR300 that would allow a constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to add up to three casinos in the north. It is not yet available for reading and may not mention the “devil in the details.”

What we do know is that the gaming market in our area is already saturated and declining. In this zero sum game a huge loser would be the already struggling Atlantic City which depends on northern and central Jersey for clients.

Ton-loads of money would be spent on promoting/lobbying gambling in the north, particularly by wealthy would-be owners of such properties, but there would be much less money to spend to oppose the measure. You might think that AC casinos would fight back, but most are owned by much larger conglomerates that might want a piece of the action up north. Certainly the city of AC has no money to oppose it.

One can hardly wait until developers demand grants, loans, tax incentives, etc. Why should our government invest in this game when tax revenues for casinos, internet gambling and the lottery are so disappointing? How about more worthwhile investments in our roads, environment and education?

Assemblyman Caputo said, “If you don’t adapt, you become extinct and you become a dinosaur.” Of course, with casinos already becoming dinosaurs, moving them up north is no solution.  

He Said What??

Although it’s not a surprise that a Republican said something stupid what is surprising is that no one in the main stream media really wrote about it.

Last October Congressman Scott Garrett was at an event where a supported made the comment that doing business in the American Midwest was easier because of their “straight-forward” attitude.  

Congressman Garrett had this to add to that;

“Other ethnicities are not that way,” Garrett said. “They’ll say yes to you constantly and then you’ll realize they really didn’t mean it.”

Then in typical republican fashion he tried to back track, but that wasn’t very successful either he clarified his statement by saying that “he meant people in other countries”.  

One of the few places it was covered was MotherJones.com you can read the whole article here: http://www.motherjones.com/moj…  

Waiting For A Democrat To Challenge Garrett

Assemblywoman Connie Wagner (D-38) is reportedly taking a week to mull a run at Representative Scott Garrett (R) in Congressional District 5. She has said it was important that NJ have a congresswoman and that “people deserve the opportunity to have someone not driven by ideology.” She further states, “I do feel that it is winnable. I think that Scott Garrett has never had true stiff opposition. I think that people deserve a choice between a moderate and an obstructionist.” Lets now take a closer look at this reconfigured 5th CD. Although geographically challenged, CD5 is now more difficult for Garrett and represents a rare opportunity for a Democrat from Bergen County. At least two other known  potential candidates are also exploring a run.

Think of NJ like a snowman (or woman). CD5 is shaped like a cap with earmuffs that rests atop the face and body of NJ. On the western edge the earmuffs reach deep down through Sussex and Warren’s rural, mountainous  areas to CD 7. It’s cap top includes Sussex, two Passaic towns and Bergen. Its smaller less deep eastern earmuff is also Bergen. The face under the cap and earmuffs includes districts 7,9 and 11. To drive through the CD5 you could start at Washington Borough in the south/western section, drive north to Montague (53 miles), then east to Alpine (76 miles) and south to Teaneck (12 miles) – a very long 141 mile trip which would be multiple miles longer if you crisscrossed the area to encompass more or all of the towns in the district. The roads in Sussex and Warren are country roads, and in fact the quickest way to travel the first two legs is using out-of-state nearby highways (in PA and NY respectively).

Not a geographically friendly area for a congressperson, but such probably has not bothered Rep. Garrett as he spends little time doing retail politics. Following redistricting, however, he now has about 161,000 new constituents from Bergen County, including from Hackensack, Fair Lawn, Lodi, River Edge, Maywood, Bogota, and part of Teaneck. Now pesky Bergen County provides 72% of his constituents, and most of its towns are an hour or more drive from his home in Wantage. He will by force have to spend time particularly in the southern area of Bergen with new voters who are unhappy Democrats and with Republicans who don’t know him and may not like what they see.

Assemblywoman and Deputy Speaker Connie Wagner from Paramus, should she decide to run in the 5th, is conveniently located near the center of Bergen County where 72% of the CD5 voters live. She already represents 82,935 CD5 residents in Paramus, Lodi, and Fair Lawn. She has served on the Bergen County Board of Freeholders and the Paramus Council. She will have to spend some time in the more distant conservative Sussex and Warren counties making the point that she can better represent their interests, and she will have to reach out to the more Republican towns in Bergen CD5. (See my recent diary detailing Garrett’s extreme positions and why a more moderate approach can gain traction in CD5.) She will need to amass over $1million in campaign donations as Garrett, according to the Federal Election Commission, as of 9/30/11 reported he held $1,564,354 in cash.    

For further information on Assw. Wagner and two other potential candidates, Duffy and Carson, see below the fold.

Well, this is interesting.

From the Bergen County Democrats, and challenger John Hogan’s campaign to challenge Republican Bergen Clerk Lisa Randall. Have to say, this inside-baseball version of the Democrats’ complaint that Randall goofs off on the public’s time in her $140,000/year job isn’t likely to be seen by too many voters. But if the Bergen Dems can get this version, below in front of enough voters it might get interesting.

Incidentally, politickernj.com: it’s Democratic Party, not Democrat Party and Democratic challenger, not Democrat challenger.  I’m sure that wasn’t intentional, but it makes you look a little more GOP than you probably want people to think you are. Just saying.  

The Work for 2010 Starts in 2009

Promoted by Jason Springer:  Now is the time to start organizing for 2009 races and that will pay dividends in 2010 all around the state.

Cross Posted on Retire Garrett

A victory for a Democrat in NJ-5 starts by mobilizing organizations on the county and municipal levels for 2009 elections. By registering new Democrats and spreading a strong message in 2009, voters in traditionally Republican areas become exposed to different ideas and policies.

The Democratic nominee in NJ-5 will most definitely have an uphill battle, but strong efforts need to be made in Sussex, Warren, and Passaic Counties. A Democrat can’t win simply by flipping Bergen County. Although it is the largest portion of the district, Garrett cannot be defeated without a better performance in the other 3 counties.

The following elections are taking place in 2009:


Freeholder Vernon Walton (D-inc) and Freeholder Julie O’Brien (D-inc) are up for reelection in 2009. Although, barring any unforeseen circumstances, both should win reelection fairly easily. However, this is an advantage to invest time and money in more Republican parts of NJ-5. A concerted effort needs to be made to register new voters and raise money for municipal organizations in traditionally Republican areas of the County.


Freeholder Jim Gallagher (D-inc), Freeholder Tahesha Way (D-inc), Freeholder Sonia Rosado (D-inc), and County Clerk Karen Brown (D-inc). Just as in Bergen, unless one of these officials faces a primary challenge (as Gallagher and Brown very possibly could) their seats are safe. All of these candidates need to make an effort to engage voters in more suburban parts of Passaic County. Rosado (according to Wally Edge of politickernj.com) is retiring. Whoever the Freeholder and Clerk candidates are they need to help by building the party up in the more rural areas.


Freeholder Susan Zellman (R-inc), Freeholder Glen Vetrano (R-inc), and County Surrogate Nancy Fitzgibbons. Freeholder Vetrano is retiring, which means there is an opportunity for Democrats to make a play at an open seat. This county is as red as it gets in New Jersey, but any effort to register more voters will help the cause in 2010.


Freeholder Everett A. Chamberlain (R-inc) is the only countywide official up for reelection in Warren County. Like Sussex, this is a very Republican county. However, the city of Phillipsburg has a Democratic Majority and is a place Democrats can build around in Warren.

This isn’t even mentioning of the Assembly seats (and countless municipal races) up for grabs in NJ-5, which should be another vehicle for organization and preparation for 2010. Winning in 2010 will be on the heels of a local, grassroots movement that begins with these races in 2009.

Joe, How low can you go?

You outdid yourself today.  TWO, count ’em, TWO items in the Record today.  Anybody else reminded of the limbo?

So, basically, the article today explained in more depth the nature of the relationship at Governmental Grants Consulting – between Joe Ferriero, Dennis Oury, Republican Leonard Kaiser (Executive Director of the BCUA) and Mr. Spatz, who appears to be like the character on Hogan’s heroes.  “I know nuthink!”  He just got his paycheck and in a way that Ferriero finds endearing in his minions – was VERY VERY uncurious about the rest of the company.  He got his paycheck as PRESIDENT of the company and asked no questions.  He was just a lowly employee.  That’s it.   Oury was hired by Ridgefield and Bergenfield who, in an odd coincidence just so happened to hire Govermental Grants Consulting (GGC).  

Which MEANS that this looks bad for Joe and his best bud Dennis.  They were responsible for doing the dirty work then.  

See, Oury actually had the nerve to charge Bergenfield $135 for one phone call to his lowly employee, Mr. Spatz, to hire/instruct his employee to now charge Bergenfield as a client.  That’s what you call getting ’em coming AND going.

Oury never let on to anyone that he had a financial stake in GGC – even when he was involved in HIRING GGC for those towns.  In fact, for two guys so arrogant they do all their unethical deeds in the blinding light of day, it was a huge surprise to me and many others familiar with Dennis Oury’s business dealings and Joe Ferriero’s sphere of influence, that we had NEVER EVER heard of GGC in connection to either of these two guys.  It looks suspiciously like they were definitely trying to keep this stuff secret.

Ferriero’s role came in the form of influencing the State or County officials that created and administered the grants AND influencing the Municipal Officials who applied for and identified projects for the grants AND hired GGC to help them get those grants.


It appears Oury was the matchmaker here, introducing the UNCURIOUS Mr. Spatz to the Bipartisan corruption team of Ferriero and Kaiser.

Spatz would – like a bag man – (or a loyal retriever – take your pick), deliver the checks he got into Joe’s hands to bring to the bank – and then the proceeds would get split 4 ways among Oury, Ferriero, Kaiser, and Spatz.

In making it seem like Oury and Ferriero had no real role in this – Spatz said they would only supply cash and RECOMMEND the towns to approach.

That would be harmless, if OURY had not already inserted his tentacles into every available orifice of said towns, and Ferriero had not already whispered into the ears of the UNCURIOUS elected officials in those towns who he had just helped to elect that GGC would be a great “investment”.  

What is REALLY sad is that the UNCURIOUS elected officials duped by this scam did not check out GGC to find out that they were not even registered in NJ, like a legitimate business would be.

The second item – a Charles Stile column, informs us that companies like Maser consulting – who seems to get hired for engineering services in Ferriero-crat towns, contributed big to the fund that paid for Joe Ferriero’s slick advertising before his “re-election”.  That fund is not regulated because Joe is not an elected government official.  He just ACTS like one.

Also the Waters, McPherson, and McNeill, PC (any relation to Bernadette?) donated to the “Help Little Joey” fund.  That would be just great if they did not make $1.2 million being General Counsel to the BCUA – one of those “Shadow governments” that spend cash like drunken sailors without any oversight that Senator Weinberg brought to our attention last year.  

Although the donors were not required to list how much they spent on the “Help Little Joey” fund, and Joe himself refuses to reveal what companies or individuals gave and the law does not require them to, a few companies (oops!) kept track of what they gave – which is why we know about Maser and the Waters firm.  They made over $50,000 in government contracts and accidentally listed donations to the “Help Little Joey” fund.  That probably will NOT happen again.  

And so I end this diary with questions for Gov. Corzine:

Are you SURE you want to defend the way Joe Ferriero does business –  still? Do the ends – electing Democrats –  justify the means – Pay to Play – if the means enable Joe and his cronies to personally profit?  You took office without taking a paycheck.  Do you realize, your friends may not be as pure of motive?

What if Joe Ferriero Had a Car Dealership?

Much has been made of the Ferriero actions against pay-to-play reform this past week, and it fits in well with his reputation as the 21st Century’s Boss Hague. It would be interesting to see what would happen if Ferriero went into business, lets say the most honest business of all of course…selling cars…

I would guess Boss Joe being a red-blooded American would have a nice Ford-Mercury-Lincoln dealer along a picturesque stretch of Truck  1 and 9. He would probably have his lead salesmen be none other than Bob Gordon and Paul Sarlo, his two most reliable yet semi-respected supporters. Senator Joe Coniglio might have to hide in the back because of his latest scandal but he’d do a great job shining tires on a new Crown Vic. This would help all three earn extra income but subvert the dual-office holding ban. It is hard to find a good finance guy you can trust, but I’m sure these days former New York Comptroller Alan Hevesi would be glad to drive over from Queens to charge people 11% interest on a new Focus.  And if Ferriero ever needed something done, like say get a good sandwich or re-price the trade-ins, his loyalists Keith Kazmark or Dennis McNerney would always be ready to jump and ask “how high?”

Of course there would be some rules. Definitely no hybrids, Ferriero would think they were the tools of Bob Gulack and Bergen Grassroots. And any mistakes, such as too high a trade-in on someone’s ’03 LeSabre, could mean a stay in the dealership freezer or being thrown off the line for a council seat.

My guess is the typical deal could read like this:
“2008 Taurus: $5500 down, $549/month (hey buying from Joe definitely is added value) Rebates Include: $2000 BCDO Donor Discount, (Must have donated $37,500 in past year), $500 Committee Vote Loyalty Discount. Surcharges: $3000 if we find DFA membership card, $5000 if you are a Republican ($7500 rebate if you are a Republican and Change Your Registration.)

As you leave to try to buy a car from a more mainstream dealership, Ferriero might appropriate the old motto from another local politico, “This dealership will not be humped!”

Possible 38th Replacements Would Bring True Blue Cred to Trenton

Apparently Joe Coniglio was a one-trick pony and not a guy with staying power. Now that he has moved onto the possibility of future work in a Ferriero-funded playyard, it is time to reveal possible candidates for his replacement that are far more compelling than Jim Tedesco, who has only removed topsoil after five years as Paramus’ Mayor.

Why should Paramus get this seat? After all Fair Lawn has a lot more people and infinitely more chutzpah than the bland sprawl of Paramus. Here are some Fair Lawn Democrats who would make great Senators:

5. Lloyd Dorfman: A well-known “party activist” in Fair Lawn, he would bring more fierce loyalty and a workingman’s perspective.

4. David Ganz: The ever-lovable ex-Fair Lawn Mayor and avid coin collector might be appropriate as the debate about monetization goes on.

3. Marty Etler: Another ex-mayor was dumped for re-election to the council in favor of soccer mom Lisa Swain, Etler brings decades of party activism and will tell the special interests and the machine to “Stand Down!”

2. Barry Winston: The jovial Democratic municipal chair and constantly moving county employee has been a loyalist to Ferriero and is known by all, liked by some in town.

And the front-runner…
None other than Deputy Mayor and ex-Republican Joe Tedeschi. Tedeschi has done a fine job instilling morals in Fair Lawn’s youth at the community center and is a Sherrod Brown-style protectionist who will stand tall for labor.

The talent pool in Fair Lawn is deeper than Ferriero’s pockets. I hear Gordon would be just as happy run on a Tedeschi slate as a Tedesco slate.