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Job Listing: Let the wild speculation begin

Picked up in today’s digest of employment listings at JobsThatAreLeft, a google group job bank for Democratic professionals looking for campaign cycle and other political work (h/t JackHarris):

Campaign Manager New Jersey Gubernatorial Campaign

(I’ve removed email address and poster’s name)

Dec 01 07:07PM -0800  

A progressive Democratic gubernatorial candidate is seeking an experienced campaign manager **for an aggressive campaign plan.

The campaign manager will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the campaign, to include oversight of: budgeting, staffing, candidate scheduling and finance operations. They must possess a proven ability to work well with staff and consultants.

The successful candidate will have multiple cycles of

progressively responsible camp**aign experience on statewide or top-tier congressional races. The successful candidate also must possess prior experience managing staff and a budget, and exhibit strong leadership and organizational skills.

Please send cover letter, resume, and at least 3 professional references to (email address has been removed).

Note: The candidate isn’t specified, but I removed the name of the person who listed the call for applicants and some other repetitive phrases. But otherwise, this is pretty much how the listing looks. Let the speculation begin …


What’s next for North Jersey?

What we will see unfold in North Jersey will be akin to the last 10 minutes of a Godfather movie, although it will probably take place over the next five years or so.

With the broken state of the post-Ferriero Bergen County political machine on display for the entire state to see, Steve Adubato, George Norcross, and Brian Stack are going to invest heavily in a long-term process whereby Bill Pascrell Jr. becomes the de facto boss of Bergen County in the same way that he is currently the de facto boss of Passaic County.

Bernadette McPherson will replace Lou Stellato as DCBC Chair and her first act will be to restore the BCDO acronym.  Paul Sarlo will probably survive long enough to win re-election one more time, primarily because he will cut a deal with McPherson and Pascrell to replace Gary Schaer in the Assembly with Ritzy Moralez, but I don’t expect to see him on the ballot come November 2017.  He might consider a gubernatorial bid that year if only to avoid the image of being ousted.  Depending on how much McPherson likes being County Chair and how well she does in the job, she will replace Sarlo in the State Senate with herself or Moralez.  Pascrell will use South Bergen as his launching pad and will continue to make inroads in Bergen, attempting to co-opt or replace local leaders.

Because neither Schaer nor Sarlo have been well-liked by Bergen County progressives, it is unlikely that they will respond negatively at first to the inroads that the Pascrell machine makes into South Bergen and may even go so far as to align themselves with him to further cleanse the county party of its last remnants of the Ferriero regime.  It will be interesting to see how they respond when Pascrell and his acolytes try to replace the county conventions, which Bergen has historically used to award its party line, with a Passaic-style Executive Committee, which has historically been a rubber stamp for John Currie, who has historically been a puppet of Pascrell.

Pascrell, Albio Sires, and Brian Stack will join Donald Payne Jr. in endorsing Steven Fulop for Mayor of Jersey City, who will win in a landslide, and return the favor by supporting Stack or a Stack acolyte for the position of HCDO Chairman.  Pascrell will join the Adubato-Norcross-Stack effort to re-elect Chris Christie, nominating Elizabeth Mayor Chris Bollwage to be his sacrificial lamb as both Barbara Buono and Dick Codey see the writing on the wall and choose to run for re-election to the State Senate rather than get slaughtered in a rigged election.

What if…

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President Obama and Vice-President Biden both went on vacation at the same time and asked Speaker of the House John Boehner to fill in for them?

New Jersey Senate: Who’s responsible for high oil prices?

Every so often an issue gets into the senate candidates’ press releases.  Here’s one.

Rob Andrews argues that high oil prices are in part due to speculation in commodities markets and points to his work in Congress to introduce new regulations. I’ve been skeptical, but I was struck by this post by Jonathan Taplin:

I have maintained for a while that oil prices (and perhaps other commodities as well) are being driven higher not by the laws of supply and demand, but by the moves of speculators. This morning the Dow Jones news-wire reported the following.

OPEC member Iran is storing about 25 million barrels of heavy crude oil in tankers in the Persian Gulf. The country expects to move the stored crude by the end of the second quarter or early in the third quarter, an official from the National Iranian Oil Co. said Wednesday.

In other words, there is so little demand that they have completely used up their on shore storage capacity and don’t expect to clear this inventory until October…