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Here it is. Your Moment of Zen

Bob Menendez is done. The once powerful chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is now a back bencher, under indictment, and may or may not serve out the rest of his term which ends after the 2018 election.

What are the desired characteristics of a successor? He or she should be to the left of center politically to match the sentiment of New Jersey’s blue state voting bloc. Our next U.S. senator should be someone who is well-known and well-connected to donors who can provide the necessary funds to fuel an aggressive election campaign. Ideally, he or she should be disconnected from the political patronage machines that are pervasive in New Jersey politics.

One such person, who appears that he will have some time on his hands, is the recently-departed host of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart. While there’s a lot we don’t know about him beyond his television persona, his intellect, wit, and probing interview style demonstrate he has the capacity to join Al Franken as a comedian-turned-statesman in the U.S. Senate.

If Stewart decides on a political career as his next life experience, how should he run? As a Democrat? Or as an Independent?

News Roundup and Open Thread for Thursday, August 8, 2015

Tonight at 9:00pm is Fox’s debate between the so-called top ten Republican presidential hopefuls, and the winner will be: drum roll … Fox Corporation which will gain huge publicity, viewership and ad revenue. Will the Fox questioners ask Christie about his record in NJ? How will he fare? Do we really care?

Lower amount needed in short-term loans may bode well for NJ economy: “Somewhat brighter fiscal outlook may put pressure on Christie to accelerate payments into pension fund.”

NJ Hospitals lead nation in penalties for high readmission rates: Federal agency penalizes problematic readmission rates by reducing Medicare reimbursements.

Anger in portions of Jersey City’s African American community: results in former Gov. Jim McGreevey being kicked out of a meeting because they were not consulted on the location for a new prisoner re-entry center.

New Jersey won’t increase the weight of state tests (10%) on teacher evaluations in the coming school year: a relief for educators whose reviews are based in part on students’ scores.

NJDEP wants to allow PSEG Nuclear to continue drawing water from the Delaware River: Environmentalists argue that recycling cooling towers are needed to stop the killing of large numbers of marine life.  

News Roundup and Open Thread for Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sen. Ray Lesniak (D-20): who has served in the legislature since 1983 says he will not run again for state senate, but with sufficient support he will campaign to become governor. An articulate, out-spoken senator who has led on many social and economic issues and currently has advocated strongly against the Exxon settlement, serves as chair of the Senate Economic Growth Committee and Vice Chair of the Judiciary Committee.

Christie PAC Revenue: America Leads which recently reported $11 million in contributions got $2 million from Steve Cohen and his wife. Cohen recently pled guilty to security fraud. Christie received $1 million from the person who wants to build a casino in northern New Jersey, $50,000 from the Exxon lobbyist and more from dubious sources, as reported by David Sirota.

Christie PAC expenditures: After reaching $11 million through June 30, the PAC has spent in July: $864,000 in New Hampshire ads and $741,000 in national ads, the latter of which is through Fox media which might help assure him a slot on the Fox August 6 top-ten debate podium.

Republican Presidential nomination polls: Real Clear Politics  average of 6 most recent polls has Christie 10th (3.0%) behind Kasich and ahead of Perry. If Fox were to use these results Christie would make the Fox debate.

General Election Polls: Real Clear Politics shows Clinton beating all Republican challengers. She wins over Christie 50 to 40. Bush fares the best among the Republicans: 49 to 43.

Christie on guns: I’ll pardon legal gun owners arrested in NJ.

A look-back at Jersey guy Jon Stewart: TV’s not-so-fake news anchor ends his run soon on Comedy Central after telling us almost everything we needed to know about current events.

Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli: Analysis of his high-profile losses raises questions.

American Pharaoh races at Monmouth Park at about 5:50PM: TV and Lifestream information.  

Chris Christie on Jon Stewart: He’d probably be decent in politics

Chris Christie is continuing his Anywhere-but-Jersey Tour around the country seeking his next job and yesterday, during a stop in South Carolina,  he was asked about the possibility of Jon Stewart running for office.

“Well Jon Stewart is a good New Jerseyan. Jon is from New Jersey and I’ve been on the show a couple of times,” Christie said. “They don’t like me all that much most of the time, but that’s okay. Jon is a funny guy and we all just have to take it in the context of what he’s doing. He every once in a while tries to act serious, but he’s not,” he said. “Most of what he does is meant to make us laugh and sometimes he hits the mark and sometimes he doesn’t – it means he’d probably be decent in politics.”

Draft Jon Stewart movement starting in 3, 2, 1.

ICYMI from Sheneman: The Gov goes free

Cartoon & commentary from the Ledger’s Drew Sheneman captures – like Jon Stewart did – the absurdity of Chris Christie Govsplaining the Bridgegate indictments of three people he placed in powerful positions to do his bidding. And how much ridicule he deserves for trying to sell the idea that unless he was literally caught working the cones he’s blameless and White House-ready:

He talks about leadership an awful lot, but apparently forgot the definition. This isn’t corporate America where the CEO gets to claim “Not it!” when the feds come calling. Sure, the governor isn’t going to be indicted, but it is going to put the final proverbial nail in the coffin of his flailing presidential campaign no matter how hard he tries to convince us that he’s been vindicated.

Drew Sheneman cartoon 5/8/15

ICYMI: The Daily Show – Jersey Ploys & Pardon the Corruption

I love to watch the questionable political doings of my state’s politics refracted by Montclairian Jon Stewart. Here, the corruption corruption of super-duper negotiator Chris Christie and the Exxon deal, Bob Menendez and Dr. Melgen – and them that went after Bob Menendez.

Worth it just for “Did Satan’s skunk get diarrhea?” and “quid-pro-quoincidence”.

Also on last night’s show, the trouble Staten Island Sandy victims are having getting rebuilt. No, it’s not NJ, but we’ve got our own Sandy troubles here – and not just this lady. But good luck getting the big guy to pay attention. Bonus vid here.

The Daily Show – Porks & Habitation

Oh, so that’s why it’s controversial and partisan. Your choice was either listening to the nearly unanimous voice of the people that elected you, or saying Fu¢k them! and kowtowing to a state a thousand miles away in exchange for – really, let’s be honest – the slimmest chance of political gain in a caucus you’re not going to win. Sir, sir – you’re not winning. You could ride into Sioux City riding a tractor made of corn while fu¢king a Field of Dreams DVD. You’re not going to win. I mean, honestly … let the pigs turn around!

                                         – The Daily Show, last night

ICYMI: The Daily Show – Garden Crate

Last night’s two-segment opener on The Daily Show had Jon Stewart explaining Chris Christie’s politically motivated promises to Iowa Republicans that he’ll veto a bill that would ensure more humane treatment of New Jersey pregnant pigs crated into tiny spaces.

First segment’s up here, second below the fold.

Some highlights: sad “awwwww” from the audience at what pig-in-a-crate looks like (1:06), then later as Humane Society says the crates drive the pigs insane because they can never stretch their legs out or move much (no time mark, I can’t listen to it again). Matt Friedman at the Ledger has a nice 5-second cameo (4:41) on the teevee explaining Christie’s Iowa posturing. Nods to  to the Daily Show audience for the big cheer (4:00) for the 93% of NJ voters who have a problem with pig crates.

Below the fold – Daily Show’s argument that pigs should always face one direction.  

Brief ad before clip. Just deal.