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Abate: Vicious and Deceptive

In 281 BC, the Greek city-state of Tarentum consulted the Oracle of Delphi before picking Pyrrhus of Epirus as their general.  It was a move that would turn an otherwise unremarkable rebellion into a truism.  The following year, Pyrrhus landed on the Italian peninsula with some 25,000 troops.  He would win every battle with the Romans – but excessive losses and his decision to battle both Carthage and Roman at the same time would lend his name to a type of victory that leaves the victor so weakened as to be useless.

I believe that the 5th is winnable by a Democrat.  Voting trends have been moving towards this fact for four Congressional elections.  But Democrats are still outnumbered by Republicans and far, far outnumbered by unaffiliated voters.  For a Democrat to win, a candidate would have to mobilize strong Democratic support, pick up at least half of the moderates, and neutralize (at least) some of the moderate Republicans in the district.  Camille Abate is not this type of candidate.  A win for Camille Abate in June will be a Pyrrhic victory as her uber-negative, slash-and-burn campaign style will do nothing but unite Republicans and Independents against her – and against any Democrat in the district.

I was encouraged by her willingness to work between elections.  But apparently, the goal of her work was to make herself an even more polarizing figure.  While campaigning is always about spin and hyperbole, Abate manages to take that into vicious territory that is sure to destroy her broader support. Take, for example, her new mailer:

Abate Mailer 1

Engaging your supporters through technology

I’m a big fan of campaigns embracing new technologies to help perform traditional campaign functions. In today’s campaign world, it’s about more than just putting up a website.   A contest for an ad is nothing new, but getting notified of a blogad contest by email through the Adler campaign’s facebook group is certainly a concept that can be successfully replicated…

Do you ever see ads on websites, and think that you would do a better job at designing them? If so, enter the contest to design the first BlogAd for the Adler for Congress team!

To me, this is a great idea.  As a campaign, you engage your supporters, support the netroots and encourage people to focus on how they can better elect the candidate to office without making the reader suffer through a press release to do it.  It doesn’t just have to be this idea with this platform. Campaigns can capitalize on other social networking platforms to reinforce the general campaign message in front of a different potential audience.  

It’s important to note that while technology will not replace traditional campaign tactics such as door knocking and phone calls, it certainly can assist and enhance those efforts.  Technology can amplify the campaigns message across many mediums before numerous audiences.  It’s another tool at your disposal to help get the job done.

In the recent diaries, you can see a video blog diary by candidate Tom Wyka utilizing the youtube platform so that people who are lazy like me and don’t want to read a complete message all of the time can click play to watch a video of him giving a clear explanation of money in politics.

The Stender for Congress campaign has a facebook group.

The Andrews for senate campaign has capitalized on the skills of Jay Lassiter and a handy dandy youtube account to incorporate videoblogging giving us a behind the scenes look at a campaign for Senate along with having a facebook group.  I’ve gotten emails about their latest videos and last week I got a message through the facebook group inviting supporters to the filming of a TV commercial.  The Lautenberg re-election campaign also utilizes a facebook page allowing people to join and show their support.

The Shulman and Abate campaigns in NJ-5 are utilizing their You Tube accounts to post ads.  Shulman went on the air with his 1st TV ad which is also loaded on their Youtube page and the Abate campaign was able to post an ad from their Youtube page in the same thread.

Many candidates have attempted to engage the netroots through posts here on BlueJersey and other national blogs.  We thank them for that and encourage them to come back frequently to continue the conversation.  BlueJersey is also engaging people with technology, so feel free to follow us on Twittter and join our myspace or facebook groups.

I hope more campaigns will follow the lead of these candidates and Blue Jersey by continuing to engage technology as a tool to help enhance the great work they are already doing.