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Bush Hits a New Low in NJ

An FDU/Public Mind poll released today finds that just 24% of New Jerseyans think the country is moving in the right direction, while 65% think it’s on the wrong track, an all-time low. Only 29% rate Bush as doing an “Excellent” or “Good” job while 71% say he’s doing “Only Fair” or “Poor” – also a new record. Only 33% still cling to the absurd fantasy that going to war with Iraq was the right course, while 59% disagree. Bush’s dive into oblivion shows no signs of reversing:

Bush Plays Approval Numbers Limbo – How Low Can He Go?

An FDU poll has lots of bad news for Bush and anyone that wants to associate themselves with him. Only 26% of registered voters in New Jersey (and just 49% of Republicans) think the country is going in the right direction while 62% think we’re on the wrong track. Bush’s approval numbers continue to plummet. Only 29% rate him “Excellent” (8%) or “Good” (21%) while 70% rate him as “Only fair” (27%) or “Poor” (43%). Compared to his approval numbers last month of 34%-65%, where he had a 31 point deficit, this month that deficit in his approval rating has grown to 41 points.

By 47%-16%, voters approve of the job Corzine is doing as governor. 50% would rate him as “Favorable” or “Somewhat Favorable” while 22% rate him “Somewhat Unfavorable” or “Unfavorable.”