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ICE’s Model for Immigration Detention Sits in “Chemical Corridor”

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Earlier this week at a press conference in front of the Hall of Records in Newark, Cynthia Mellon, the Environmental Justice & Community Organizer for the Ironbound Community Corp., talked about the high levels of pollution, the poor air quality and the concerns about the county’s inability to evacuate the occupants of the Essex County Jail and Delaney Hall in the event of a chemical spill  at a press conference denouncing Essex County’s new contract with ICE.  

The Ramapough Reinforce My Decision to Run for Congress

When I first decided to run for the Congressional seat in New Jersey’s Fifth District, I did it because I knew that I wanted to be a voice for the families of North Jersey who have not had a voice in Washington the past five years.

Tuesday night, I met with leaders of the Ramapough Mountain Indians, whose land was used as a dumping ground for industrial waste for nearly two decades, and are now left to deal with the after-effects of an industry which has since pulled its jobs, and the wealth that came with it, out of the community.

Some of the excruciating details of their plight can be found at this invaluable website, http://toxiclegacy.com/ .