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As if progressives needed another reason to be dismayed about politics today (see Rodriguez loss), the Patriot Act was renewed in the House last night.

The vote was 280-138, just two more than needed under special rules that required a two-thirds majority.

In the New Jersey delegation, all Republicans voted with the majority. They were joined by Democrats Robert E. Andrews, William J. Pascrell Jr. and Steven R. Rothman. Voting no were Rush Holt and Frank Pallone Jr. Donald Payne did not vote.

You see that? Rothman, whom we thought was turning over a new leaf, voted yes. Andrews and Pascrell Jr. also voted yeah.

Democrats, by voting with Republicans, the already grey line you draw for voters becomes even hazier and more difficult to distinguish.  It is this lack of contrast between both parties that generates losses on election day. How hard would it be to explain to your constituents that this act is a craptacular intrusion on OUR right to privacy?

Please don’t forget to call your Republicrats and thank them for making your next visit to the local library closer to Orwellian experience we all should be looking forward to:

Robert Andrews:

Steve Rothman:

Bill Pascrell (be sure to mention the Sopranos):

And don’t forget your Senator’s who also voted Yeay.

Frank Lautenberg:

Bob Menendez: