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He Said What??

Although it’s not a surprise that a Republican said something stupid what is surprising is that no one in the main stream media really wrote about it.

Last October Congressman Scott Garrett was at an event where a supported made the comment that doing business in the American Midwest was easier because of their “straight-forward” attitude.  

Congressman Garrett had this to add to that;

“Other ethnicities are not that way,” Garrett said. “They’ll say yes to you constantly and then you’ll realize they really didn’t mean it.”

Then in typical republican fashion he tried to back track, but that wasn’t very successful either he clarified his statement by saying that “he meant people in other countries”.  

One of the few places it was covered was MotherJones.com you can read the whole article here: http://www.motherjones.com/moj…  

Why I love Frank Lautenberg (and hate bogus posturing)

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I got a little too worked up in the excitement of Haiku Day, which inspired this tribute to Frank Lautenberg:

Lautenberg Station

looms over the meadowlands.

The man knows transit.

(and how.)

I wrote that before even seeing the news about Lautenberg’s brokering to keep the ARC on track (as highlighted in Blue Jersey’s morning roundup).

I sometimes forget that even elected officials who serve as my personal stand-ins for Mr. Smith still have to meet the baseline requirement of anyone who hopes to succeed in politics: a sense of cunning when the situation calls for it. It’s rare, though, to see flexing of a god-given gift for calculation in pursuit of something meaningful. Usually it’s to win one battle in a long, bitter war.

I’m glad Lautenberg essentially said, “We’re getting this done one way or another, it’s a mistake to throw away billions of dollars for a once-in-a-generation opportunity for something so urgently needed, and if the public funds are obstructed, we’ll see what the private sector can do.”

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Who wants change without hope?

I think Patrick Murray is exactly right here:

Chris Christie put out a new web video in response to President Barack Obama’s campaign stop for Governor Jon Corzine Thursday. Christie has been trying to use Obama’s “Change” mantra to unseat the incumbent, but has been having limited success in getting it to resonate with voters.

As I watched that video, the penny finally dropped on why this message wasn’t working for Christie…

Frankly, I found it depressing. That’s when it hit me. Chris Christie is offering a message of change without hope. And not just in this web video, but throughout his entire campaign.

It’s worth the reading the whole thing — Murray also discusses what the voters on his focus panel say.  

I’d add that I still feel Corzine also needs a bit more “hope” and positive messaging. Corzine’s attacks have helped Christie collapse all the way into the thirties, bu that still leave him tied. Obama put a lot of positives into yesterday’s speech for Corzine and I think a bit more of this would really Corzine turn out his voters.

Thank You! – Statement from the Grewal Family of Hardwick, NJ

The following is a statement to supporters of the Grewal Family, who signed up at the Hardwick Township Unity Rally on November 15th, which was held in response to the cross burning incident on their lawn on November 6th.

The cross was wrapped in a bed sheet that their daughter had made to celebrate Barack Obama’s victory earlier that week.

Arianna, Alina and Gary would like to thank you for participating in the Hardwick ?Unity March,? physically or in spirit.   Thanks for caring!!!  The ?Yes we care chant? still rings in our ears.  Your support by being here goes a long way in restoring our faith and belief in our community and our wonderful country.

The rally was a powerful message, especially to Arianna, that we are not alone as she starts to live her normal life again.

The hundreds of people who were here sent a very strong signal that such bias and racist crimes are not accepted in the world we live in now.  We are all Americans and as Americans we are free to choose our beliefs, our values, our religion, where we live and whom we vote for.  No citizen has the right to dictate to others how they should live. If these cowards thought we were going to roll over and play dead they had another thing coming.  They WILL catch them and bring them to justice.

Again, thank you for your sincere support and have a wonderful holiday season!!

The Grewals

The link below is a moving video of the Hardwick Unity March put together beautifully by Robert Daniel II, LEPOCO Peace Center


“We are choosing hope over fear. We’re choosing unity over division, and sending a powerful message that change is coming to America” OBAMA Jan.2008


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Absit Omen

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“I have a dream that my four little children

will one day live in a nation where they

will not be judged by the color of their skin

but by the content of their character.”

This election marks a potential turning point in American history. The American people will either elect the first black President, following the dictates of logic, self-interest and absolute common sense… or they will elect John McCain and prove that at least a slim majority of the voters in this nation are ignorant fools, religious extremists, blind believers of the partisan propaganda of the right wing, outright racists — or some horrifying combination of those descriptors.

On this important day, a favor to ask

I know everyone here is concentrating on Pennsylvania and the results due to come in starting at 8 pm, but I need a favor.  (Cross Posted at Daily Kos)

A friend of mine is asking for signatures on an important petition designed to support the JDRF’s Promise to Remember Campaign.  Nearly every other congressmen in NJ has agreed to meet with the JDRF, but so far, Congressman Smith (R) 4th district has refused.  This petition is meant to (gently) encourage Congressman Smith to take the meeting.  Obviously we’re hoping this gentle request will be taken seriously.

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