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Bergen Politician Adminstration prosecuted for No-Show job… This election is over..

From the County that is home to the fabled Bada Bing Go-Go- club, brings a genuine Tony Soprano like  “no-show” government job.


GOP Reformer Donovans election has now officially collapsed and her band of merrymakers in Hackensack have really become an embarrassment.

Now a deeper dive, shows the “Progressives reformers” that took over Hackensack government in 2013, were not really as progressive as we thought. Here’s the rub



Alleged Progressive Reformer Bergen Republican County Executive Kathleen Donovan’s administration has just been prosecuted for having an actual no-show county job, where an actual employee was given $80,000.00 per year and never had to show up for work. Never had to clock in. Never had any responsibilities and reported directly to the Donovan’s Chief of Staff.

You can’t make this up! While Donovan had been back in the day been fondly remembered as “one of us” and has always been very popular in certain communities, there is no way now, even 3 weeks before her big election  that anyone can support this sinking ship from law breaking by sending out illegal mailers, to the largest muni bond scam in the country.

Getting prosecuted 3 weeks before the election for no-show jobs its clear this campaign has hit the bottom, especially coming off the Donovan’s recent admission of breaking the law and paying a large fine.


and then this


Now while Donovan had a really bad week, it’s only going to get worse.  Reports are that the BCIA is up next for a big shake out as the Executive Director, Union County resident Rob Garrison is next up with a political bulls eye on his back, for his law breaking  regarding his refusal to move to Bergen County. Getting paid $180,000 and refusing to move to  Bergen County as promised is really a slap in the face to every taxpayer, especially since he swore he would.

The Democratic Freeholders are set to expose his crime regarding this, which will only lead to a deeper dive regarding Garrisons approval of the infamous David Samson’s legal fees.


It’s All About Cereal: Tedesco vs. Donovan (Cont’d)

Yesterday’s Blue Jersey “cereal” article pointed out that in the Bergen County race for County Executive Democrat James Tedesco brings change and strengths to the job with broad-based experience and support from key elected officials and unions. The incumbent Republican Kathleen Donovan, however, is no pushover. She is a fixture in Bergen politics and has heavy-hitter supporters. She has also created enemies and controversies which hound her. There are good reasons to vote for Tedesco as well as the two Democratic Freeholders running for re-election.  

NPR drops bombshell. This will bring him down


1) Its a criminal conspiracy and when Christie was US AG he dropped indictments for less then this. Fishman MUST indict now.

2) It is now out in the open, Wolff Samson was engaged in conflicts of interest and NJ Local Finance Board approved this, as well as Community Affairs and NJSEA, PA and NJTA. Christie cant play dumb on this one, he was in on the entire deal with American Dream.

3) The American Dream mall is now dead. There is already talk of putting the new casino and huge hotel, with several restaurants in its spot.

4) developing,,,, look for Sen. Weinberg or County Exe. Tedesco to demand full throttle investigation.

PA Commissioner is SINGING like a Canary!!- Indictments Near

It has been confirmed that it was Port Authority Commissioner Ray “Little Ray” Pacino was seen walking in a parking lot in Newark right near where the US Attorney Office.

This is big, it means he is singing all about the Christie scandal and Christie is done….

This is what many have expected and “Little Ray” is singing like a yellow canary about the conspiracy he was involved in at the Port Authority, Macquarie Bank, Bayonne Bridge and American Dream Meadowlands Mall, and also his second role as a NJ Turnpike Authority Commissioner.

The latest dirt is that 6 people are going to be indicted by Fishman regarding the GW Bridge issue….

Pacino should resign soon from the Port Authority and it’s unreal that he is still on the PA, especially with his position as a union leader AND a NJ Turnpike Commissioner.

With David Samson gone from the PA, (and word out there that the keystone to the fraud Lori Griffa  will also be quitting Wolff Samson) the next highest PA Commissioner who has been involved in all the GWB mess etc., is Labor Union honcho Ray Pacino.

And Pacino apparently is singing a lot about Triple Five,

Pacino is fighting for his life as the US Attorney has him dead to rights on approving the Bayonne Bridge transactions, which included Macquarie Bank give way in millions, which Pacino also as NJ Turnpike Authority Commissioner approved terms that were favorable to Triple Five, which has investments with Macquarie Bank.

Pacino is in trouble now, no matter what he does. But since it’s been confirmed that he would be a rat, this changes everything.


But to Christie’s amazing credit, he saw this coming and has now changed tactics and as it has been visible, Christie is changing the conversation and is showing FINALLY a willingness to have a Casino in the Meadowlands. You see this with the recent news dump of agreements to have a Meadowlands casino.


Christie has now telegraphed to the Triple 5 investors that their government backed pipe dream of a mall in the Giants Stadium parking lot, with an urban water park and kosher food court is going to be replaced by a monopolistic casino which will be any corporation’s cash cow.  Also think of the millions Christie’s henchman can make off a casino, from construction, to taxes, to a hotel, to a huge P3 style parking garage etc..

This will help Christie in two ways 1) it ends the American Dream scandal and BCIA Wolff Samson illegal conflict of interest and 2) starts more and more money to come into the unreal Christie for President Campaign, as he pits one crew of pay-to-player against other pay-to-players.

The pressure is going to even grow bigger now that Ray Pacino MUST step down from the Port Authority, Heck, he should also be gone from the Turnpike Authority as well for the North Bergen Park and Ride scam and the role he played in getting the NJPA to approve the American Dream Scam deal, which he voted on.  Even the next Bergen County Exe Democrat James Tedesco has demanded Little Ray Pacino to be thrown out of the Port Authority, while beleaguered County Exe. Donovan is getting pressure to demand the Rat Ray Pacino resign…Now there are going to be several Bergen County towns passing resolutions on this as well. This guys are so arrogant….

Add in State Sen. Weinbergs recent intitative to have ALL NJ EDA related giveaways be also under the umbrella of Pay to play laws, this mandate will call for a full blown review of all NJEDA and . even Bergen Grassroots supports this.

Bergen County Adminstrator Suddenly Quits

The pressure and pending indictments are suddenly getting to much. Under intense investigation for his illegal never approved $180,000 salary, the Republican County Administrator, failed U.S. Congressional Candidate Ed Trawinski just quit his position, but he will stay on the payroll and still collect money.

Heres the link


Aside from the current investigation into how the GOP pulled down a salary of $180,000.00 while the past County Administrator made only 140,000.00 a brand new scandal has now developed.

Trawinski also quits one week after the State Ledger reports Trawinski was funneling money from his second job as a Fair Lawn Politican from GOP PAC. This stuff is against the Bergen County Pay to play laws and is facing serious charges on this matter


The newly appointed Acting Administrator is NOT even qualified to take the position and the Bergen County based State Legislators are going to step in soon apparently.

This is a mess. He is being paid now by the County to attend college during working hours and his tuition is even being paid for by the County, which is going to be exposed. Also he doesn’t have the two years Public Admin experience and doesn’t have a Masters.

Donovan decision is really a slap in the face of policy and its clear she is running a sinking ship.

Word is that Bergen Republicans are furious Donovan didn’t pick any of the well qualified local Admins or even any of the state picks.

His past experience of IT subterfuge is well known among Republican circles and will now be exposed.

Add in the well known Bergen GOP Party scandal  and the drugs and illegal pill partiesand its clear the Bergen Republicans are in some serious trouble.

Bergen County Adminstrator in big, big trouble

Bergen County Administrator Exposed for illegal Salary – Earns more than Christie.


This story is going to take off. The Christie Republican claims to be making $134,000, but its found out now that he gave himself a nice illegal pension boost and was taking actually $180,000 and it was never approved by the Freeholder Board. (you cant make this stuff up- the arrogance is so bad)

Its clear its illegal and most certainly Christie will be all over it, since he is committed to ending corruption. Look for any minute to see a press hit from Christie on this (Not!)

This story is going to be a classic. The reform, Progressive Bergen County Republicans, just got caught in a major jam. It turns out the County Administrator and former US Congressional Candidate and double dipper Ed Trewinski really broke the law.

 The County Administrator has to be approved by the Freeholders. Its called checks and balances. It seems that the County Administrator was taking money for himself.

This is bad. This is real bad.  If this was a Democrat, Christie would take a bat to him (proverbial).

With GWB scandal in Bergen and her failure to file charges there, Donovan who is already under investigation for various pay to play issues and now to make it worse is the American Dream Mall and David Samson conflict of interest.  Bergen County Executive James Tedesco is the future.

Bergen County Republicans: A Thorn in Junior’s Side

Things in Bergen County are much worse for Tom Kean Jr than I originally thought. Bill Albers at Politicsnj has all the details. Guy Talarico will be staying in power as county chairman, the divisions between the BCRO seem to be as wide as ever, and the conservative wing of the Republican party is in control and will make Kean Jr’s job in the county – a county he needs to win to have a chance in November – a living hell.

Alan Marcus, campaign manager for Kathleen Donovan, and challenger to BCRO chairman Guy Talarico, last night announced he’s dropping out of next week’s reorganization election:

And, as Kathleen Donovan’s campaign comes to a close, so does the campaign of Alan Marcus for Bergen County Republican Organization Chairman. “Caliguire should be the person to designate the Chairman of the county party,” said Marcus. “Todd clearly does not share my views, and he’s entitled to a candidate for County Chair who does.”

Dividing Bergen County

Question: Which is more likely to unite a county, hardcore ideology or hardcore pragmatism?

Answer: Neither, if you’re talking about Bergen County.

Scott Fallon, staff writer for the Bergen Record notes:
The most hotly contested political race this spring in Bergen County has featured charges of cronyism, treason and outright incompetence.

But this contest won’t be coming to a ballot box anytime soon, unless you happen to be a Republican insider.

The battle for the chairmanship of the Bergen County Republican Organization — pitting incumbent Guy Talarico against public relations executive Alan Marcus — has relegated the June 6 primary race for the county executive nomination to almost undercard status among the GOP faithful.


What Will Junior Do?

So Tom Kean Jr. has 3 days until Tuesday to make a decision and Bergen County Republican Chair Guy Talarico says the clock is ticking…

According to PoliticsNJ, Bergen County GOP Chairman Guy Talarico has given U.S. Senate candidate Tom Kean Jr three days to decide whether he will run on the organization line. READ the letter

This is made more interesting by the fact that it’s set against the backdrop of the infighting withing the Bergen County Republican Organization

Junior has to choose. Will he run on the line of Party chairman Talarico and Todd Calguire? Or will he run on the line with Alan Marcus who is callenging Talarico for chair along with Kathleen Donovan? Donovan and Calaguire are both vying in the primary to unseat Democratic County Executive Dennis McNerney in November.

I’m gonna sit back, make some popcorn and enjoy the show.  Won’t you join?

Bergen County GOP is Unraveling

And you’ve got a front row seat. Grab yourself some popcorn and enjoy the show…(all of this is cribbed from politicsnj)

“Apparently, the sandbox is not just for three year olds anymore.” – Democratic Mayor of Dumont, Matt McHale