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Ok, so this isn’t my most substantive diary ever, but…

Wally Edge’s awesomeness made me do it. He posted this anonymous parody of Mary Wells “My Guy” dedicated to the resignation of Guy Talarico. A choice excerpt:

The County once was Red but now the party?s nearly dead, so Bye Guy ?Bye Guy
Once our base was strong, but now it?s all gone wrong, so Bye Guy ?Bye Guy
It?s hard to win a vote when your money?s all spent
But you should have saved enough to at least?pay the rent

This is quite a silly song but you stayed way too long, so Bye Guy

Ha. Ha ha ha ha ha. Awesome job, anonymous.

How Low Can Politics Go?

Cross-Posted from ShapTalk.com:

Recently, the Bergen County Republican Organization (BCRO) developed and funded campaign literature that stated that Deputy Minority Leader/State Assemblyman Kevin O?Toole (R-40) was ?the Republican Al Sharpton.?  The paid mailer claimed that when it came to redistricting, O?Toole?s seat was protected because of his ?Asian/Korean? descent.  The mailer included a grainy, black and white side by side photo of Assemblyman O?Toole and Reverend Al Sharpton.  The photo of Mr. O?Toole is one that showed him a bit unshaven, so that his facial hair was comparable to Mr. Sharpton?s. 

Cheesy Quote of the Day

Alfred Doblin’s cheese-themed column about Republican Assembly candidate John Ginty has the great title Pungent neo-homophobe on a Ritz cracker. To get an idea for how ridiculous Ginty’s views are, Doblin manages to make homophobe Steve Lonegan sound moderate when stacked against neo-homophobe Ginty. What is a neo-homophobe, anyway? Someone who can’t even dress up their hate in libertarian code?

From the same column, this is the quote of the day:

Yes, Karl Rove proved it was possible to win elections by peddling hate. But Guy Talarico is no Karl Rove. This cheese stinks.

Bergen County Republicans: A Thorn in Junior’s Side

Things in Bergen County are much worse for Tom Kean Jr than I originally thought. Bill Albers at Politicsnj has all the details. Guy Talarico will be staying in power as county chairman, the divisions between the BCRO seem to be as wide as ever, and the conservative wing of the Republican party is in control and will make Kean Jr’s job in the county – a county he needs to win to have a chance in November – a living hell.

Alan Marcus, campaign manager for Kathleen Donovan, and challenger to BCRO chairman Guy Talarico, last night announced he’s dropping out of next week’s reorganization election:

And, as Kathleen Donovan’s campaign comes to a close, so does the campaign of Alan Marcus for Bergen County Republican Organization Chairman. “Caliguire should be the person to designate the Chairman of the county party,” said Marcus. “Todd clearly does not share my views, and he’s entitled to a candidate for County Chair who does.”

Upset in Bergen County – Bad News for Junior

Holy shit. This is a big upset that few were expecting:

Bergen County Executive (Republican)
Todd Caliguire  51%
Kathleen Donovan  49%

This is bad news for the Kean Jr campaign. Caliguire and his slate (which also won) is allied with the incompetent Bergen County Republican chair Guy Talarico. Donovan was allied with Alan Marcus, who is challenging Talarico for county chair. Bergen – the most populous county – is also considered a “swing” county. Junior’s campaign was probably hoping that Talarico would get the boot soon, but this victory strengthens his hand and could help keep him in power. The Kean Jr campaign can’t be happy tonight.

Dividing Bergen County

Question: Which is more likely to unite a county, hardcore ideology or hardcore pragmatism?

Answer: Neither, if you’re talking about Bergen County.

Scott Fallon, staff writer for the Bergen Record notes:
The most hotly contested political race this spring in Bergen County has featured charges of cronyism, treason and outright incompetence.

But this contest won’t be coming to a ballot box anytime soon, unless you happen to be a Republican insider.

The battle for the chairmanship of the Bergen County Republican Organization — pitting incumbent Guy Talarico against public relations executive Alan Marcus — has relegated the June 6 primary race for the county executive nomination to almost undercard status among the GOP faithful.

Kean Jr Loses Base; Can’t Stand Up To Weak Party Boss

In late October during the gubernatorial campaign, former governor Thomas Kean did an ad for Doug Forrester, highlighting Forrester’s “moderate, pro-choice” credentials. A Republican pro-choice group endorsed him, conservatives were furious, and some even called for not voting for Forrester.

Now it’s Kean Jr’s turn to walk the same tightrope of appeasing his radical base while playing to the state’s socially moderate/liberal population. He’s already failed. Wally Edge writes that pro-life organizations are about to endorse John Ginty in the primary:

Dan Clark, the President of the New Jersey Republican Pro-Life Coalition, said that Kean might not be able to secure the support of pro-life voters, even in the general election. “The problem Tom Kean has with pro-life, conservative voters right now is bigger than just a possible primary challenge. Tom Kean’s committee vote to support human embryonic experimentation last December seems to have been the catalyst for John Ginty’s candidacy. Before that vote, Tom had cleared the primary field and kept conservative critics at bay. Kean’s vote was perceived as a big poke in the eye to the party’s pro-life base and the chatter among activists began to find a challenger. Believe it or not, there are people who claim to be pro-life activists who want to see Tom Kean lose to pro-abortion Bob Menendez in November. Tom Kean gave these activist mouthpieces a huge club to beat him over the head with from now until Election Day. Whether John Ginty ultimately files and runs, Kean’s problem with pro-life, conservative voters will remain because of this vote.”

This is the worst possible news for Kean Jr. As Wally notes, Junior “is scared to death of John Ginty.” It’s no surprise then that he caved in to BCRO chair Guy Talarico – even after telling the opposing ticket that he would not abandon them.

Kean Jr was hesitant to back the slate of the ineffective Talarico since he needs to have the strongest Bergen County party possible. But Talarico had threatened to run someone else on the line if Junior didn’t take the party column – and soon. Afraid of a challenger, Kean Jr finally caved in to Talarico and took the party line.

Rather than fight for the strongest party organization possible, he took the easier route of bowing to Talarico and avoiding a primary challenge in the county. Which led Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky to raise an important question about his leadership: “If Tom Kean can’t stand up to Guy Talarico, how’s he going to stand up to George Bush and Dick Cheney?”

Kean Jr Accepts BCRO Line

From politicsnj:

U.S. Senate candidate Tom Kean says he expects to run on the Bergen County Republican Organization line in the June primary, choosing to align himself with Todd Caliguire over Kathleen Donovan in the race for County Executive.

“It is with great honor that I received the unanimous endorsement of the Bergen County Republican Organization,” said Kean. “I am looking forward to sitting down with you next week so that we may finalize my acceptance of the BCRO line.”

BCRO chair Guy Talarico gave Junior three days to decide…over three weeks ago, but of course he needed Kean Jr on the line to save his butt. So why did it take Kean Jr so long to decide? Considering that the BCRO has been saying that Kean Jr encouraged Alan Marcus to challenge Talarico, he’s lucky that Junior decided to side with him at all. Talarico has been a disaster, and Kean needs better leadership in this critical county. There have been threats of replacing Kean with a conservative if he didn’t take the party line, and it’s possible that John Ginty’s entry into the race helped Kean Jr make up his mind. It was a lose-lose situation for Junior. Now he’s stuck with a lousy party chair in a county he can’t afford to lose.


What Will Junior Do?

So Tom Kean Jr. has 3 days until Tuesday to make a decision and Bergen County Republican Chair Guy Talarico says the clock is ticking…

According to PoliticsNJ, Bergen County GOP Chairman Guy Talarico has given U.S. Senate candidate Tom Kean Jr three days to decide whether he will run on the organization line. READ the letter

This is made more interesting by the fact that it’s set against the backdrop of the infighting withing the Bergen County Republican Organization

Junior has to choose. Will he run on the line of Party chairman Talarico and Todd Calguire? Or will he run on the line with Alan Marcus who is callenging Talarico for chair along with Kathleen Donovan? Donovan and Calaguire are both vying in the primary to unseat Democratic County Executive Dennis McNerney in November.

I’m gonna sit back, make some popcorn and enjoy the show.  Won’t you join?

Bergen County GOP is Unraveling

And you’ve got a front row seat. Grab yourself some popcorn and enjoy the show…(all of this is cribbed from politicsnj)

“Apparently, the sandbox is not just for three year olds anymore.” – Democratic Mayor of Dumont, Matt McHale