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UPSET ALERT: Roy Cho “within striking distance” of smug Tea Party favorite Scott Garrett

Scott Garrett: He’s been the worst in the New Jersey House delegation for years, a small-government ‘conservative’ ideologue who doesn’t even serve as a sensible counter-balance to the most angry, stingy and poorly informed vectors in the Republican Party; rather he has become their darling. A Tea Party crazy with a vote in the House of Representatives.

That district – the 5th – has waited for years for the right candidate. It may have found him. Roy Cho, young, organized, articulate and well-funded, is just 5 points behind Garrett, according to the Monmouth University Poll. Among likely voters, Garrett is at 48%, with Cho coming up with momentum at 43%, with 6% still undecided, and just 3% for 3rd party candidate Mark D. Quick. Pollster Patrick Murray says “[t]his race was not even a blip on most political prognosticators’ radar screens. And it should be now.”

What’s interesting is that Team Cho did this on their own, with a strong campaign structure and considerable grassroots support – but very little notice from the almighty DCCC. In New Jersey, only NJ3’s Aimee Belgard made their resource-bonanza  Red-to-Blue program, and only NJ2’s Bill Hughes is on the Emerging Races List.

“Nobody was looking at this race. I think the Democrats should take a close look at this right now. It may be one of their one or two last pick-up opportunities.”

                                 – Pollster Patrick Murray in the Ledger

Garrett, a terrible politician, has provided Cho with plenty of opportunity. That includes his sloppy efforts to paste over his disgraceful track record on Hurricane Sandy relief with campaign ads trying to rewrite him as some kind of on-the-ground local hero. Among others, the Ledger called him out on that beautifully.

The Millennial Vs. The Dinosaur in CD5

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A Race for the Ages

NJ’s 5th District Congressional race is catching national attention. I think of it as the Millennial vs. the Dinosaur race.  The youth vote may be pivotal here.  32 year old Democrat Roy Cho is challenging Tea Party elder Scott Garrett for what had been a safely Republican seat for many years. The differences in the candidates and their positions could not be more stark.

At Roy Cho’s HQ opening on August 4th, even I was surprised by the turnout. I had attended fundraisers for Congressional candidates in the 5th district for a few years now.  I even hosted a few. I know the district and I know the candidates, but Roy Cho has been by far the most promising according to many of the experienced campaign hands I have talked to recently. Especially the ones I met opening night.

Scott Garrett – The Invisible Man

This time I went as a blogger trying to get a sense of exactly what the chances might be of a challenger finally defeating Congressman Scott Garrett in NJ’s 5th District.  Scott Garrett, the current Congressman in NJ’s 5th was “Tea Party, before there even was a Tea Party” according to Cho. In previous blogs I have dubbed Congressman Scott Garret “The Social Darwinist Against Evolution”, and “Punxatawny Garrett”, because while voting against aid for Katrina victims as well as against aid for Sandy victims (an easy vote for him, because the only town in his district affected by Sandy was Alpine and Sandy struck an Interstate Park, not voters), constituents like me only hear from Garrett once every two years. In fact, we see the famous Groundhog from Pennsylvania more often than the agoraphobic NJ Congressman who emerges from his bunker once every two years.  According to Cho, Garrett’s public office actually has locked doors keeping the public from accessing him.  

I thought it telling that I have been receiving  more Garrett Robocalls than usual. I received an email from Garrett trying to defend his colleagues in what has been dubbed the “Do Nothing Congress” the day after Cho’s successful campaign roll-out where hundreds of Cho’s supporters were packed in the large room and even spilling out the door.

The reason this seemed extremely unusual for a 5th District rollout was the enthusiasm. Many formerly jaded politicos, the kind I could never ever get to a campaign event for a Democrat in the 5th District when I was a committeewoman here think Cho has a real chance. This is definitely new.

Bergen County Dems Bent on Destroying Palisades Risk Losing Environmental and Women’s Votes

This is a pretty angry piece, but the LG tower is worth discussing. Thoughts? Promoted by Rosi.


The Palisades looking southward from the Hudson River in Alpine at the NY/NJ state line.

Thanks to ethically compromised Democrats in Englewood Cliffs who allowed a 143 ft height variance in a 35 foot zone on top of the Palisades, and State Senator Paul Sarlo, who literally rallied defending it, the private sector labor unions have been dragged into  a fight that was completely unnecessary.

For those unfamiliar with the LG Electronics/ Palisades issue here is the New York Times editorial by four former NJ Governors. For over 114 years there has been an active, bi-state, as well as national, patriotic effort to protect the vista that is the Palisades. The Palisades were formed 200 million years ago when the supercontinent of Pangea split apart and what is now the West Coast of Africa separated from what is now the East Coast of North America.  Think of the Palisades  North of the George Washington Bridge as an early baby picture of North America, a view that appears unchanged since Henry Hudson sailed up it, the British scaled it chasing Washington and Thomas Paine into retreat, and as Native Americans viewed it for millennia before that.  

FBI investigating Bergen Party

Even the Bergen County Record has finally been forced to report that Bergen County has issue


With so much polticking going on, this is an earthquake in political earthquake-prone Bergen.

Its well known the pay-to-play that is alive & well with the Republican adminstartion of Donovan- (who also is battling her own criminal issues regarding drugged out under age girls/illegal drugs found at her home) and


Look for Progressive Sen. Majority Leader Weinberg to correctly call for investigaitons into the states role

In Dist #38, Sen. Gordon successfully in 2011 fought against the American Dream funding that was proposed and its clear Bergen voters are opposed to funding a shopping mall. Also look the Tea Party Republicans to jump on board and oppose the funding, putting Donovan in a terrilbe spot.

Remembering a friend and progressive

promoted by Rosi – I also admired Paul Eisenman

Just a short diary as anyone who has been involved in Bergen County (or probably north Jersey) politics has come across Paul Eisenman at one time or another.  I found out late Sunday night that Paul passed away earlier that day, and although I probably hadn’t seen him in a year or so, I considered him a friend and someone to look up to.

Paul is probably best known for either Bergen Grassroots, which I believe was the chapter up here for Democracy for America – or his tireless work to bring pay-to-play reform to Bergen County.  The stain on the County from the pay-to-play politics had Paul seek out those in either party who would end this practice in Bergen.  His passion – even when I first met him when he was close to 80 years old – was something to admire.  His charisma drew me in as we worked on a few District wide issues over a 3-4 year period and I will always remember him fondly.

There is a lot more that can be said about Paul, but I’ll leave it at that – he was a man that I knew for a few short years, but he taught me a lot during that time and was a pleasure to talk to, learn from and be around.

He will most certainly be missed.

Is Chris Christie tone deaf? Or so arrogant he doesn’t even give a crap?

Epic public relations FAIL.

And botched Jersey exceptionalism, from the Jersey governor. He’s in Indiana today, whooping it up there and in Wisconsin for GOP candidates in both states. Today’s schedule includes an Indiana distribution center for Express Scripts, a pharmaceutical benefits company whose merger with Medco Health earlier this year cost New Jersey 258 jobs.

igcv9udhZkjACost New Jersey 258 jobs. In a state with 9.9% unemployment, way above the nation’s average, a state with jobless rates among the highest in the U.S..

10%? Higher? Tomorrow we find out September numbers for NJ’s jobless rate, with a forecast from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia that the rate will climb to 10%.

Somebody on Christie’s staff is not serving him well. Or else, his arrogance and self-pumpery has grown to the point that he just doesn’t give a fig. Or a crap.

Bergen County, heads-up: 244 of those jobs were yours. Layoffs of 216 people were at Medco Health Solutions in Franklin Lakes, the workplace for those New Jerseyans before Medco merged with the company Christie visits today. Another 28 used to work at 2 Medco facilities, in Montvale and Fair Lawn. That wraps up as one of Bergen County’s biggest single layoff announcements this year.

Red-flags (mostly) from Dems: That was July. In March, the NJ Assembly voted 53-16-2 for a resolution urging Christie to oppose the Express Scripts-Medco merger.

Today, Christie is with Mike Pence, syndicated radio host now GOP congressman who is running for governor. This guy.  

They Almost Got Away With It

Bergen Freeholders voted 4 to 2 to GUT the Pay to Play reform enacted just months ago.  Dems David Ganz and Joan Voss and Republicans John Mitchell and John Felice apparently don’t like running campaigns on IDEAS rather than ill gotten gains.

Fortunately, Current County Executive Kathleen Donovan, who was County Clerk during the infamous reign of Boss Joe, knows all too well why and exactly how Pay to Play money is bad for democracy.  She is STILL sweeping out the corruption from that era.

Using her pen – she vetoed the desperately conceived plan to resuscitate the Bosses of North Jersey within just one month of the election. This time, the would-be Boss is Republican Yudin who got an assist from Ferriero-crat and shameless coin huckster Freeholder David Ganz who penned the atrocious revised law like some modern political version of Renfield praying for the return of Boss Joe.

Bergen Pay to Play Reform Under Attack TONITE

Thanks for the heads-up – – promoted by Rosi

I got this email from Bergen Grassroots.  I found it disturbing to say the least.

Fellow Grassrooter,

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Oct. 3, the Freeholders will meet in the Administrative Building in Hackensack, to consider repealing the pay-to-play reform we succeeded in getting enacted just nine months ago in December. This ordinance will be the subject of a public hearing and then considered for enactment by the Freeholders.

We must assume that the four Freeholders that voted to introduce this replacement legislation will now proceed to vote to enact it.This is a dreadful consequence for Bergen’s voters and taxpayers; the reform ordinance has been so successful that both parties can’t wait to repeal it. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 7:30pm and there is an immediate period when the public may speak on any topic. The ordinance’s public hearing will take place much later, at the end of the agenda. At that time, public input is limited to the subject of the ordinance.

We urge you to turn out for this Freeholder meeting to express your opposition to this action, which would restore “business as usual” for the Freeholders and their contractors.


Dear NJ Democratic Volunteers

OFA fans particularly should consider this. Not only are New Jersey supporters being directed out-of-state, I see little evidence that work for – or contribution to – downballot local candidates are advocated. Promoted by Rosi

Dear New Jersey Democratic Volunteers,

Every four years we are told that NJ isn’t in play and that we should spend our time elsewhere in neighboring states like Pennsylvania, or even trek out to Ohio.  We do this so we can feel that we matter, this is because to so many of us the Presidential race is what matters and we ignore everything else.

I am writing to remind you, the hard working volunteers, that if you believe in this President, and in his grass roots message then the you need to start in New Jersey first.   In order for President Obama to have the support he needs we need elected leaders in every level of government willing to push his policies and working to protect democratic values like choice, equality, and fairness.  Elected officials like Senator Robert Menendez who although polls show him ahead, he and his campaign should not be forgotten!  After all without a democratic Senate, what is the point of a democratic White House?  

Senator Menendez grew up in a tenement building in Union City, the son of immigrants, and worked hard to rise to be one of 100 United States Senators.  His story is the story of the American dream that you can grow up poor, work hard, play by the rules and you will succeed.  Lets ensure his story doesn’t end on November 6th.

Candidate Suppression in Bergen (Again)

The other night I was watching MSNBC and I was struck watching Civil Rights icon and Georgia Congressman John Lewis use all his considerable credibility and emotional weight to shame a fellow Republican into withdrawing an amendment from the floor that would have suppressed voting rights.

I felt that old familiar anger rise up in me.  I feel it whenever I see yet another blatant attack on voting rights.  It reminds me of when someone tried to do it to me.  When I was a duly elected County Committee member and I was almost prevented from casting a vote for NJ Asssembly candidate Valerie Vaineiri Huttle by a Bergen County Committee Staffer who dared challenge me.  I was angry because that Republican Senator tried to once again steal another election from thousands upon thousands of US citizens.

Thankfully, John Lewis reminded that Senator that he knew friends who had DIED trying to vote. He had  his own blood spilled himself.  That shamed the would-be Republican election thief into withdrawing his abomination of an amendment.  I remember how angry I was that someone had tried to steal my vote away from me.  I remembered how I felt knowing that Elizabeth Cady Stanton had lived in my town of Tenafly and had tried to vote right there in the center of my town.  I remembered how much that very anger drove me to become a blogger right here on Blue Jersey.  I fought that day in Hackensack, I got there first in line and stayed to be a witness, and even shouted to get not only my vote counted, but the votes counted of all the African American County Committee members in Teaneck  – who I watched being challenged the minute they walked in the door.  Our uproar prevented another stolen election.  That is how the BCDO used to operate – which is why they changed the name to BCDC in the hopes folks would forget that although they changed the Captain – the same crew is still running the ship.

I am extremely unhappy to report that the reason I feel that old familiar anger boiling up inside me today is that the BCDC apparently actively prevented candidate Jason Castle from participating in the Bergen County Committee Convention.  I received a letter today that was sent to the Chairman Lou Stellato and the entire CD5 membership of the County Committee that describes the underhanded way in which the nomination was just handed to FOJ (Friend of Joe) Adam Gussen of Teaneck.  

I will include the text of it here: