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Murray resembles Gore Vidal character

I’m beginning to think Frank Lautenberg must be subsidizing Republican Murray Sabrin’s campaign as his own personal attack dog, considering all the damage Murray is inflicting on his GOP primary opponents.  By the time Murray gets through with them, if either of them wins the nomination they’ll be so bloodied and battered their own mothers won’t recognize them.  

Regardless, Murray closely resembles Joe Cantwell (played by Cliff Robertson), a main character loosely based on Richard Nixon and Joe McCarthy from Gore Vidal’s play called

“The Best Man” about two rivals for the presidential nomination.  I’ve seen the movie version several times and, though made in 1964, eerily resembles many of the current crop of presidential contenders.  Joe Cantwell, just like Murray Sabrin, comes across as a reactionary Goldwaterite with a mean streak which exemplifies Cantwell’s belief that the ends justify the means.  Like Murray, Cantwell doesn’t hesitate to dish the dirt against his main rival for the nomination, accusing the latter of extra-marital affairs and a history of mental illness.

To me, Murray Sabrin is the reincarnation of Joe Cantwell.  The problem for NJ Republicans is that, unlike the “Best Man”, they lack a credible opponent who can withstand Murray’s personal assaults.  Instead they have to choose between an affable boob calling himself “Jersey Joe” and a professional adolescent who can’t decide where he lives.