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The Andy Unanue/Rob Andrews Bill

With the recent news from PolitickerNJ that Congressman Rob Andrews will seek re-nomination to the NJ-1 Congressional seat, I feel I have no choice but to oppose his decision. As a supporter of Andrews during the primary, I am disappointed he didn’t win the Senate primary. but even more disappointed he appears ready to go back on his promises and return to the U.S. House.

I’m left wondering, “How on Earth can he be allowed to do this?” Well, election law permits him to do this. So, in the long-term, what we need to do is clear: Change our election law.

Murray wants Christie to get Zimmer

The wild and wacky NJ-GOP senate race got even wilder and wackier when Murray Sabrin, who now calls himself “Maverick Murray”, issued a press release demanding that US Attorney Chris Christie immediately investigate his opponent, former congressman Richard Zimmer, for alleged corruption related to the filing of candidacy papers to replace Andy “The Bean” Unanue (who is still vacationing in Colorado) on the ballot.  

According to “Maverick Murray”,

There have been serious allegations of corruption, intimidation and lawlessness surrounding the campaign of Dick Zimmer and Andy Unanue.  The Republican voters need to be sure the process of selecting candidates to run for office has not been tainted and I call upon United States Attorney Chris Christie to investigate the charges leveled by State Senator Joe Pennacchio’s campaign against Dick Zimmer and his campaign.

Apparently “Maverick Murray” thinks the US Attorney should have nothing better to do than investigate paper shuffling at the Division of Elections.  If he accomplishes nothing else this election cycle, at least “Maverick Murray” provides the best definition for being a “Putz”!

Another Deep Thought

The fact that Andy Unanue dropped out of the Senate race negates his need to move back to New Jersey, but still leaves the problem of his being registered to vote at a fraudulent address, one that is different from the state where he files his income taxes.  And it doesn’t change the fact that Anunae knowingly voted in the February 5 presidential primary from the fraudulent address.

And it doesn’t change the fact that the people tasked with enforcing these rules at the state or federal level really don’t care.

GOP Senate Primary Cheatsheet

While people may not remember the road traveled come September, the traveling circus known as the GOP U.S. Senate Primary campaign has seen many twists and turns.

In less than one year, the NJ GOP has gone through or proposed 15 candidates, experienced many false starts, had calls for resignation of the State chair and for candidates to drop out all while giving us tons of fun to watch.   Here’s a recap, in case you haven’t been following along…

  • 4/26/07- Assemblyman Mike Doherty became the first candidate to join the show.
  • 5/2/07- A blog aimed at encouraging former baseball player Al Leiter to seek the nomination was started.
  • 7/11/07- Anne Estabrook dipped her toes in the water forming an exploratory committee.
  • 8/9/07- Assemblyman“Jersey Joe” Pennacchio said he was mulling a Senate bid.
  • 8/10/07- Assemblyman Doherty ended his short lived Senate bid leaving only Estabrook and Penachio as candidates expressing interest.
  • 9/10/07- Pennacchio tapped Morris GOP chair to oversee his then exploratory bid.
  • 10/22/07- Anne Estabrook let people know she would run for the Senate seat.
  • 11/13/07- Al Leiter crushed the hopes of conservative bloggers by saying he had his eye on a Senate seat just not Lautenberg’s in ’08.

    This is only the beginning of the ridiculousness.  There is MUCH more below the fold…

  • Quotes of the Day: GOP Welcoming Committee edition

    I know tensions are a little high these days, so lets take a moment and enjoy the circular firing squad that is the NJ GOP Senate primary.

    Today’s quotes stem from the entrance of Former Congressman Dick Zimmer into the GOP primary campaign which lead to the ending of the worst campaign in state history, Unanue for Senate, and a welcoming of sorts from his remaining rivals.  First Murray Sabrin takes a shot at Unanue before turning his attention to Zimmer…

    “Andy Unanue’s ridiculous candidacy had been going downhill ever since he launched it from the ski slopes of Vail, and now that it has officially flopped, Tom Wilson and the failed GOP party bosses have finally reached the letter Z in their rolodex with Dick Zimmer.”

    And then Joe Pennachio gives us the headline of the day with “Pennacchio on the anticipated announcement of the “Candidate du Jour,” followed by this beauty of a release…


    So the next time you are frustrated by the primary, remember it could be sooooo much worse.  

    In it until he’s out

    Last night, Andy Unanue had “no intention of stepping down”.  

    Some Republicans say that Unanue is upset at the national Republicans’ all out effort to push biotech millionaire John Crowley into the race, which went so far as to have John McCain and Rudy Giuliani call him and urge him to run.  What’s unclear is whether that anger will make Unanue more or less likely to forego his run.

    According to Ortiz, however, Unanue isn’t mad.

    “The thing about Andy is that he doesn’t have a big ego,” he said.

    Now, he’s out, Zimmer is in.

    Multiple Republican sources say Andy Unanue is preparing to drop out of the Republican U.S. Senate race and will be replaced by former Congressman Dick Zimmer.

    The arrangement is not final, but Unanue has reportedly agreed to drop his candidacy, while Zimmer has agreed to replace him.

    Good thing Andy doesn’t have a big ego.  

    But what is it with the NJGOP?  First they get a millionaire playboy (ok, he wasn’t first) who wasn’t sure if he lived out of state or with his mom and dad.  Now they have a former Congressman and current lobbyist who isn’t sure where he lives:

    Zimmer, who served three terms in the 12th district from 1991-1997, lives and works as a lawyer/lobbyist in Washington but maintains a farm in Delaware Township.  He decided to forego reelection in 1996 to run a Senate campaign against Robert Toricelli, losing by 10 points.  

    It appears legit – it’s a real farm:

    Next, she complimented Mr. Zimmer’s wife about her starring role in one of his advertisements, in which she appears holding a sheep on the couple’s farm in Delaware Township.

    I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for more commercials of candidate’s wives holding sheep.  Yep.  Got the Tivo going already.

    Good thing sheep aren’t evil or anything.

    Did Jackie Mason write this script?

    In the New Jersey GOP Senate primary race we start with Mean Murray Sabrin, Jersey Joke Pinnocchio and Annie “the Nebish” Estabrook.  First, Murray attacks Annie, Annie gets all famished and flubs her lines, then Annie has a stroke and everyone else in the GOP gets agita.  To cure the agita the GOP big shots turn to Andy “The Bean Baron” Unanue who, they later find out, is really a nightclub owner from New York who lives with his parents in New Jersey so he doesn’t have to pay taxes, and then is fired from the bean factory by his own cousins who claim he was drunk on the job.  

    That’s not all.  In desperation the big shots turn to The Miracle Worker, John Crowley, who single-handedly saved his own kids from an incurable disease.  They hope he can perform another trick and miraculously save the NJ GOP from another statewide embarrassment.  The Miracle Worker says he’ll think about it, then after thinking about it says he won’t do it.  Then The Miracle Worker gets a call from the War Hero (John McCain) begging him to reconsider, which he does.  Then The Bean Baron says he’ll get out if The Miracle Worker gets in.  The Miracle Worker says he’ll probably get in, but then at the last minute changes his mind again and says this time he’s definitely not getting in.  Then The Bean Baron says he’s definitely staying in even though he’s on vacation and doesn’t know when he’ll be back.  Now there’s a rumor that another GOP Big Brand Name (Tom Kean Jr.) is thinking about getting into the race if the Bean Baron decides to get out, which the Bean Baron has said he won’t do but might do because he said before he won’t do it but then said he might do it.

    In the meantime, back at the Democratic Ranch, everyone waits for the gunfight at the New Jersey corral between Frank “the Alte Kocker” Lautenberg and Rob “Joe Lieberman Wannabee” Andrews.  It looks like the GOP will give us The Keystone Cops while the Democrats give us their version of the main event from Rocky VI.

    Unanue is out


    Andy Unanue will drop out of the U.S. Senate race before the filing deadline on Monday, according to sources familiar with the GOP campaign.  The millionaire Goya Foods heir entered the race on Easter Sunday and has captured organization lines in Atlantic, Camden, Cape May, Hudson, Mercer, Monmouth, and Ocean counties.  He returned from an extended trip to Colorado today.

    Yes…a vote for Unanue

    Yes….we need more New Yorkers representing NJ in the Senate, we need more substance-challenged club owners in the Senate, we need more Repug millionaires in the Senate who can't even “announce” they are running to represent NJ in the Senate from a NJ location. Yes, let's all vote Unanue!

    Murray resembles Gore Vidal character

    I’m beginning to think Frank Lautenberg must be subsidizing Republican Murray Sabrin’s campaign as his own personal attack dog, considering all the damage Murray is inflicting on his GOP primary opponents.  By the time Murray gets through with them, if either of them wins the nomination they’ll be so bloodied and battered their own mothers won’t recognize them.  

    Regardless, Murray closely resembles Joe Cantwell (played by Cliff Robertson), a main character loosely based on Richard Nixon and Joe McCarthy from Gore Vidal’s play called

    “The Best Man” about two rivals for the presidential nomination.  I’ve seen the movie version several times and, though made in 1964, eerily resembles many of the current crop of presidential contenders.  Joe Cantwell, just like Murray Sabrin, comes across as a reactionary Goldwaterite with a mean streak which exemplifies Cantwell’s belief that the ends justify the means.  Like Murray, Cantwell doesn’t hesitate to dish the dirt against his main rival for the nomination, accusing the latter of extra-marital affairs and a history of mental illness.

    To me, Murray Sabrin is the reincarnation of Joe Cantwell.  The problem for NJ Republicans is that, unlike the “Best Man”, they lack a credible opponent who can withstand Murray’s personal assaults.  Instead they have to choose between an affable boob calling himself “Jersey Joe” and a professional adolescent who can’t decide where he lives.