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Editorial Boards to Lautenberg: Come Out of Hiding

A few months ago, we here at Blue Jersey discussed the imperiled plight of the Red Knot bird, whose numbers are dwindling. The Red Knot is targeted for the endangered species list, and its sightings are getting rarer and rarer in the state.

Red Knot

Like the Red Knot, another native species, the frankus lautenbergus, has also become a rare commodity in the state, so much so that even editorial boards are calling for the organism to return to his state for some face time.

Kidding aside, multiple editorial boards have all but called Lautenberg a coward for not agreeing to multiple debates in multiple formats (the 3 a.m. equivalent on NJN notwithstanding) and for being generally absent from the campaign trail.

Assembly Votes Today, Thursday March 13!

Update! Family Leave Passes! Yay 46,  No 30 w/ 2 abstentions!

On a relatively low-key General Assembly voting day, the big item up for bids is Paid Family Medical Leave Insurance (S-736/A-873.)  Blue Jersey’ans know by now this bill would provide up to 6 weeks of benefits for workers who take time off to care for a relative in need.

Also on the docket:

  • Ethics Panel reform (Passed!!) Joe Roberts and Alex DeCroce want to blow up the current system and start from scratch.  (I sat through a few of the ethics panel shindigs and I must say, it’s enough to drive a blogger to drink.  Heavily.)  If Speaker Roberts and minority chief DeCroce have their way we at least get a tabula rasa and a smaller committee.

    The biggest change says Roberts is “removing all legislative members and giving the committee more power to require financial disclosure by lawmakers.”

    Red Knot
    Red Knot: Jersey Shorebird
  • A-2260 (Passed.  Tweet tweet!) is a measure that would protect one of Jersey’s most unique and endangered shorebirds: the red knot.  This guy makes one pit stop on the way from south Chile to the Arctic down in Jersey’s Delaware bay.  Todays bill’s a moratorium on harvesting horseshoe crabs and their eggs, which is the Red Knot’s staple food source while en route.
  • A-2229 a bill to extend the voter verified paper record on voting machines again. This time  until Jan. 1 2009. (Thanks Ann for the pickup!)
  • NJ Red Knot legislation needs help

    This is new to me. What a fascinating bird. Promoted from the diaries — Juan

    Maybe you have heard of the Red Knot and thought so what, or not thought of it at all.  Why should you care?  Well, it is an amazing species, a migrating wonder.  It is a medium-sized bird, about the same as a Robin, but manages to fly from Brazil to the Delaware Bay each spring.  There are no stops, just open water.  Weak birds just disappear into the ocean.

    They time their arrival at Delaware Bay with the egg-laying of the horseshoe crab.  The Red Knots and several other species of shorebirds load up on these eggs, which wash ashore by the millions.  They double their body weight in just 2 weeks, then it is on to their Canadian tundra breeding grounds, another direct flight.  If they are short on fuel, they die.  There is no place to stop and feed.

    So the crab eggs are a crucial fuel, and Red Knots have relied on them for thousands of years.   Now, they have competition from humans in the form of commercial fishermen, who also like to use horseshoe crabs as eel bait.  The crabs have been severely over-harvested and an egg shortage has left the Red Knots without their primary migration food source.  The number of Red Knots has dropped 57% in just 2 years and the species is in danger of extinction.

    NJ has crab harvesting moratorium legislation pending (A2260). Please take 2 minutes and fill out this form to contact your Assembly person.