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Not NJ: I Guess She’s Not A Goldwater Girl Anymore

Goldwater Girl Daisy Ad

Back in 1964 Lyndon Johnson/ Barry Goldwater presidential campaign the Democrats ran the famously quiet but brutal Daisy ad against Barry Goldwater, questioning his sanity and his fitness to have his finger on the button that could launch a nuclear…
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Meet the Sandy victim Chris Christie told to ‘sit down and shut up’

Courtesy of All in with Chris Hayes and MSNBC.

The “heckler” that got Gov. Christie so angry in Belmar that he yelled and insulted the guy is James Keady. Turns out Keady is a longtime volunteer in Monmouth County and exactly the kind of person who “rolls up his sleeves” like Christie credited himself as doing, which Keady actually does do. The former Asbury Park councilman says he took a month off from work after Sandy to help people. Keady, with an advocacy group called Finish the Job, says Christie is “sitting on” 80% of a $1.1 Billion federal relief package – Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, Elevation and Mitigation (RREM) – failing to distribute it to the displaced residents it was intended to help:

Brief ad – 15 seconds

Bonus below the fold – – David Axelrod’s comments today on Morning Joe are perfect:  

The Denver Debate Dissected

It wasn’t any “one thing”.

This is more a case of multiple issues.

1) Obama has NEVER been a good platform debater. He usually comes off dry and “professorial”, so that was nothing new. And the right’s base has always viewed advanced education as being “elitist” when it comes to Obama. It almost feels like a left-handed racial rebuke. Like a black-man with an education is trying too hard or pretending to be something he’s not. This is not to imply that all on the right feel this but there are enough that it gave the “Elitist” taint traction.

2) Obama has a full time job as PRESIDENT that keeps him pretty occupied. The morning briefings he gets 7 days a week aren’t exactly “brief”. They typically come in a binder of 30 to 50 pages, in synopsis. That’s like having school every day and having to answer the quiz that afternoon.

3) The Romney we’ve seen for the last 3 or 4 months wasn’t the Romney that showed up. This “Denver Romney” was more akin to the Liar character (Jon Lovitz) from Saturday Night Live so Obama had one set of debate points and Romney invented a whole list of fantasy points with no basis in reality. Even going so far as denying months of printed, spoken and web-present positions HE took during the primaries and up to the day before Denver (His people spent the next day rolling back half a dozen statements like “I won’t kill the pre-existing conditions rule in Obamacare”). This was designed specifically for the purpose of throwing Obama’s responses out the window.

4) Maybe altitude adjustment had him off a bit it wasn’t just that and definitely not “mostly” that.

The truth is Romney’s people KNOW he’s got a “flip-flopper” veneer and they’re used to having to roll his crap back. It’s gotten so expected it has become background noise. This was a calculated plan to make President Obama look weak, unprepared, off his game, whatever. In the end, almost everything Romney said was shown as lies, inaccuracies and bullet-points with no possible basis in real economics but to the red-meat-right, it doesn’t matter. They will back him regardless because he is all they have. Between the rabid Tea-Party and the death of the moderate Republican, they could put up an animatronic puppet from Disney and they’d back it.

Obama suffers from one major flaw for many of us on the liberal left; he’s too polite. When Romney lied, he should have said “That, Sir, is a bald-faced lie and you know it”. Instead President Obama stood back for fear or apprehension in being labeled the “Angry Black Man” or that “Uppity N-word” because we all know that there is a huge breath being held on the extreme right in the hope that he does get angry they CAN use that label. We are not a post-racial society, as incidents daily show.

Obama has a bigger mountain to climb for a hundred reasons and he has to climb it carrying the weight of a struggling economy the Republican party had an eight year hand in creating and has spent the last 46 months trying to keep under water so they would have a platform for this election. Mitch McConnell made that much clear and John Boehner has strived to enforce the plan of forced stagnation through congressional malfeasance.

Did Obama take it on the chin in the debate? Yes. Was it fatal? Hardly. Does it make his campaign a little harder? Sure. But in the end, Romney gave the Obama reelection campaign enough advertising material to last a lifetime.



As discussed on the my.barackobama.com listserve, I have created this diary for people from the “Central NJ for Obama” listserv to chat with each other about gossip and editorial comments.  Have fun!!

New Jersey’s Own Presidential Caucus – Tonight

njdemcaucusUpdate #3 – And, we’re complete: the Clinton campaign confirms Assembly Majority Leader Bonnie Watson-Coleman as surrogate. Got plans Friday? – noweeman

Update #2 – Obama’s campaign ups the ante, and will now be represented by Congressman Rothman. Still waiting on final confirmation of the Clinton surrogate. Tick tock. – noweeman

Update: State Democratic Party Chairman Asm Joe Cryan will attend, and introduce Linda Stender – Rosi Efthim

A coalition of progressive and Democratic activist groups are organizing New Jersey’s very own Democratic caucus this Friday, Dec. 7th from 5-10pm at Costa’s Restaurant in Roselle Park, NJ with representatives from the presidential campaigns. The Presidential Caucus is a chance to talk over the candidates and issues in a collegial, fun environment, and participate in an Iowa-style “caucus.”

The following campaigns have confirmed that they will be sending representatives:

  • Barack Obama – Rep. Steve Rothman, NJ-9
  • John Edwards – Senate President Dick Codey
  • Hillary Clinton – Assembly Majority Leader Bonnie Watson-Coleman
  • Dennis Kucinich – Bradley Beach Councilwoman Julie Schreck
  • Joe Biden – NJ state coordinator Larry Stempler
  • Bill Richardson – NYC director Allison Tupper

    Assemblywoman and 7th district Congressional candidate Linda Stender will welcome attendees.

    The event includes:

  • 2-hour open-house-style (5-7pm) with info tables for each candidate
  • 7pm program start, with short presentations by candidate reps
  • 8 pm-close: Iowa-style caucus, with groups retreating to corners to caucus, winnowing down as the evening progresses

    $10 covers Appetizers and Cash Bar to make this the can’t-miss event of the season! RSVP here.

    Sponsors include BALLOT, Blue Jersey, BlueWave NJ, Garden State Equality, NJ Arab-American Democratic Caucus, NJ for Democracy (DFA), NJ’s Democratic Future, NJ Jewish Democratic Caucus, NJ Stonewall Democrats, Progressive Caucus of the NJ Democratic State Committee, Progressive Democrats of New Jersey (PDA)