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Cheers to Sabrin

Republican Senate candidate Murray Sabrin is about to go on a “Legalize Freedom College Tour” to appeal to young voters. At least on the issue of a national drinking age, he gets it right:

It is hypocritical to ask 18 year olds to die for our country and tell them they are not able to enjoy a beer. It is wrong to tell a 19 year old it is his or her responsibility to vote or serve on juries yet they aren’t responsible to have a glass of wine with their families. It is illogical to give a 16 year old the keys to a 2-ton vehicle and yet tell a 20 year old he or she cannot toast champagne at their sister’s wedding. How is it we can hold a 17 year old accountable for adult crimes and yet tell someone they aren’t old to drink alcohol until they are 21?

America is supposed to be the example of freedom around the world. If you listen to some of our elected leaders, our number one export is supposed to be freedom. Yet, our country has the highest drinking age in the world.

This is one of the most arbitrary and insulting laws on the books. I don’t understand why this is even a politically dicey issue. In a debate a few years back, Jon Corzine said he thought the drinking age was already 18. That was reported as a gaffe. Har har! As Sabrin says, that’s almost as funny as the fact that we send 18 year olds to drive tanks through IED-laden roads, but not let them have a beer when they return.

This won’t score Sabrin any political points, but it’s still nice to see someone talking honestly about it. His challenger Joe Pennachio, on the other hand, is too afraid to touch it and deflects with a lame attempt at humor: “Professor Sabrin would have us put Jack Daniels in baby bottles.”

Senator Lautenberg wrote the legislation that raised the national drinking age to 21 and punished states that didn’t enforce that limit.

Sabrin calls “Jersey Joe” fascist

Things are really getting ugly in the NJ Senate race with Murray Sabrin’s latest salvo at “Jersey Joe”.  This time he calls Joe “fascist” for some political ramblings he wrote seventeen years ago, and demands he drop out of the race.  Interesting, and hypocritical, that the 1997 Libertarian Party candidate for Governor would imply “Jersey Joe” is extremist.  I was involved with Sabrin’s 1997 campaign, and some of the people I met were from the far reaches of the outer limits as far as the political mainstream is concerned.  Among them was campaign operative Hal Turner whose expressed views would make David Duke blush with embarrassment.

With Murray and “Jersey Joe” going at it like two wrestlers in a no-holds-barred, no disqualification barbed wire cage match, Frank Lautenberg might just as well take a six month vacation cruise and still coast to reelection.  

“Endorsement?” for Murray Sabrin

It seems Murray Sabrin hasn’t picked up any major endorsements since Anne Estabrook saved herself from further embarrassment by withdrawing from the race.  However, not to be outdone by “Jersey Joe” Pinnocchio in showing off his support, Murray has a link to a newspaper endorsement of his campaign.  The problem is the name of the newspaper isn’t mentioned, and the article refers to his opponent as former State Senator William Gormley.  Apparently this “endorsement” is from Murray’s failed 2002 primary campaign for Senator.  I guess Murray can’t get any support for his 2008 campaign, so he has to dig up an endorsement from six years ago.  Next he’ll probably try endorsements from his Libertarian campaign for Governor, and if that doesn’t work he can always dig up old report cards.

Poll: Lautenberg leads all Republican challengers

Rasumussen polling released today shows Senator Frank Lautenberg defeating any of the three leading Republican contenders: Anne Estabrook, Joe Pennacchio and Murray Sabrin.

Rasmussen, Feb 27, MoE +/-5%

Lautenberg: 44%

Estabrook:  34%

Lautenberg: 46%

Pennacchio: 38%

Lautenberg: 46%

Sabrin:     31%

Lautenberg’s favorability rating is 51%-39%. The three Republicans are still relatively unknown.