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“Shore Wars” in Ocean County

A group calling themselves the Traditional Republican Organization of Ocean County (TROOC) has started a rebellion against the Regular Republican Organization, a.k.a. the Evil Empire, led by its imperial boss George “Darth” Gilmore.  The rebels have allied themselves with U.S. Senate candidate Murray Sabrin who unsuccessfully sought the endorsement of the Regular Republicans and vowed to support a slate of candidates to challenge the chosen candidates of the Evil Empire.

Last Friday a group of rebels gathered at the courthouse in Toms River to hear from their spiritual leader “Master Murray” as well as candidates for Congress, Freeholder, and other county offices.  In a scene eerily reminiscent of the beginning in the 1948 political thriller “All The Kings Men”, imperial storm troopers in the guise of county sheriffs approached the rebels and demanded that they disperse.  Wishing to avoid a confrontation, “Master Murray” withdrew his faithful followers to a safer locale nearby where they would not be threatened.

One of the rebel leaders proclaimed, “Ocean County is suffering with its pay-to-play lawyers and tax-spending increases. We need to bring back the Republican values of Reagan, Eisenhower and Lincoln.”  Great idea; Ronald Reagan raised payroll taxes and record deficits, Eisenhower couldn’t decide until the last minute whether he should run for President as a Republican or Democrat, and Lincoln suspended habeas corpus while instituting compulsory military service.  

With leadership like two-time loser “Master Murray” this rebellion should have as much success as a bucket brigade on the Titanic.  “Darth” Gilmore will have his way as usual come election day, and the remnants become the political equivalent of Bantha fodder.  

GOP Senate Primary Cheatsheet

While people may not remember the road traveled come September, the traveling circus known as the GOP U.S. Senate Primary campaign has seen many twists and turns.

In less than one year, the NJ GOP has gone through or proposed 15 candidates, experienced many false starts, had calls for resignation of the State chair and for candidates to drop out all while giving us tons of fun to watch.   Here’s a recap, in case you haven’t been following along…

  • 4/26/07- Assemblyman Mike Doherty became the first candidate to join the show.
  • 5/2/07- A blog aimed at encouraging former baseball player Al Leiter to seek the nomination was started.
  • 7/11/07- Anne Estabrook dipped her toes in the water forming an exploratory committee.
  • 8/9/07- Assemblyman“Jersey Joe” Pennacchio said he was mulling a Senate bid.
  • 8/10/07- Assemblyman Doherty ended his short lived Senate bid leaving only Estabrook and Penachio as candidates expressing interest.
  • 9/10/07- Pennacchio tapped Morris GOP chair to oversee his then exploratory bid.
  • 10/22/07- Anne Estabrook let people know she would run for the Senate seat.
  • 11/13/07- Al Leiter crushed the hopes of conservative bloggers by saying he had his eye on a Senate seat just not Lautenberg’s in ’08.

    This is only the beginning of the ridiculousness.  There is MUCH more below the fold…

  • Quotes of the Day: GOP Welcoming Committee edition

    I know tensions are a little high these days, so lets take a moment and enjoy the circular firing squad that is the NJ GOP Senate primary.

    Today’s quotes stem from the entrance of Former Congressman Dick Zimmer into the GOP primary campaign which lead to the ending of the worst campaign in state history, Unanue for Senate, and a welcoming of sorts from his remaining rivals.  First Murray Sabrin takes a shot at Unanue before turning his attention to Zimmer…

    “Andy Unanue’s ridiculous candidacy had been going downhill ever since he launched it from the ski slopes of Vail, and now that it has officially flopped, Tom Wilson and the failed GOP party bosses have finally reached the letter Z in their rolodex with Dick Zimmer.”

    And then Joe Pennachio gives us the headline of the day with “Pennacchio on the anticipated announcement of the “Candidate du Jour,” followed by this beauty of a release…


    So the next time you are frustrated by the primary, remember it could be sooooo much worse.  

    Did Jackie Mason write this script?

    In the New Jersey GOP Senate primary race we start with Mean Murray Sabrin, Jersey Joke Pinnocchio and Annie “the Nebish” Estabrook.  First, Murray attacks Annie, Annie gets all famished and flubs her lines, then Annie has a stroke and everyone else in the GOP gets agita.  To cure the agita the GOP big shots turn to Andy “The Bean Baron” Unanue who, they later find out, is really a nightclub owner from New York who lives with his parents in New Jersey so he doesn’t have to pay taxes, and then is fired from the bean factory by his own cousins who claim he was drunk on the job.  

    That’s not all.  In desperation the big shots turn to The Miracle Worker, John Crowley, who single-handedly saved his own kids from an incurable disease.  They hope he can perform another trick and miraculously save the NJ GOP from another statewide embarrassment.  The Miracle Worker says he’ll think about it, then after thinking about it says he won’t do it.  Then The Miracle Worker gets a call from the War Hero (John McCain) begging him to reconsider, which he does.  Then The Bean Baron says he’ll get out if The Miracle Worker gets in.  The Miracle Worker says he’ll probably get in, but then at the last minute changes his mind again and says this time he’s definitely not getting in.  Then The Bean Baron says he’s definitely staying in even though he’s on vacation and doesn’t know when he’ll be back.  Now there’s a rumor that another GOP Big Brand Name (Tom Kean Jr.) is thinking about getting into the race if the Bean Baron decides to get out, which the Bean Baron has said he won’t do but might do because he said before he won’t do it but then said he might do it.

    In the meantime, back at the Democratic Ranch, everyone waits for the gunfight at the New Jersey corral between Frank “the Alte Kocker” Lautenberg and Rob “Joe Lieberman Wannabee” Andrews.  It looks like the GOP will give us The Keystone Cops while the Democrats give us their version of the main event from Rocky VI.

    Campaign Roundup for Wednesday, April 2, 2008

    NJ-Pres: Rasmussen poll

  • A Rasmussen poll released Monday found Republican John McCain leading both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama inside the margin of error in New Jersey.  McCain, who leads Obama 46-45 and Clinton 45-42, is boosted by his 61% favorability rating in the state.
  • NJ-Sen: The Republicans

  • An FDU poll finds that three in four Republicans don’t know who they will vote for in the upcoming US Senate primary.
  • NJ-Sen: The Democrats

  • Frank Lautenberg says he will pour $2 million of his own money into defending his seat from a Rob Andrews primary challenge.
  • Two two big New Jersey mayors, Newark’s Cory Booker and Jersey City’s Jerramiah Healy, who is also HCDO chair, are supporting Lautenberg.
  • All six New Jersey House Democrats who are running for re-election to the House this year have pledged to run on a line with Lautenberg in the primary. At least two of the six, Frank Pallone (NJ-06) and Steve Rothman (NJ-09), have senatorial ambitions of their own.
  • NJ-02: Van Drew staying out

  • Jeff Van Drew chickens out again and declines to challenge LoBiondo.
  • NJ-09: Wildes wants in

  • The power-hungry Michael Wildes wants to challenge Steve Rothman in the Democratic primary for his Congressional seat.
  • Atlantic City Mayor: Conflicts of interest?

  • Incumbent Mayor Scott Evans questioned Lorenzo Langford’s ability to serve the city that is trying to recover an $850,000 settlement from him. In return, Langford criticized the mayor for approving a $200,000 settlement for a former fire captain in the fire department where Evans served as battalion chief.
  • Murray resembles Gore Vidal character

    I’m beginning to think Frank Lautenberg must be subsidizing Republican Murray Sabrin’s campaign as his own personal attack dog, considering all the damage Murray is inflicting on his GOP primary opponents.  By the time Murray gets through with them, if either of them wins the nomination they’ll be so bloodied and battered their own mothers won’t recognize them.  

    Regardless, Murray closely resembles Joe Cantwell (played by Cliff Robertson), a main character loosely based on Richard Nixon and Joe McCarthy from Gore Vidal’s play called

    “The Best Man” about two rivals for the presidential nomination.  I’ve seen the movie version several times and, though made in 1964, eerily resembles many of the current crop of presidential contenders.  Joe Cantwell, just like Murray Sabrin, comes across as a reactionary Goldwaterite with a mean streak which exemplifies Cantwell’s belief that the ends justify the means.  Like Murray, Cantwell doesn’t hesitate to dish the dirt against his main rival for the nomination, accusing the latter of extra-marital affairs and a history of mental illness.

    To me, Murray Sabrin is the reincarnation of Joe Cantwell.  The problem for NJ Republicans is that, unlike the “Best Man”, they lack a credible opponent who can withstand Murray’s personal assaults.  Instead they have to choose between an affable boob calling himself “Jersey Joe” and a professional adolescent who can’t decide where he lives.

    Sabrin: investigate Unanue

    In a press release issued this afternoon, Republican Senate candidate Murray Sabrin called on US Attorney Chris Christie and NY and NJ insurance departments to investigate “Andrew Unanue’s possible violations of Federal Voter Laws and State Auto Insurance Laws” after admitting he lives in New York, but votes and pay for auto insurance in New Jersey:

    “Voter fraud is a serious violation and if Andy Unanue committed such violations he should be held accountable. I call upon United States Attorney Chris Christie to investigate these severe revelations of Andy Unanue living in New York City while voting in New Jersey.”

    “New York and New Jersey have the highest auto insurance rates in the nation because of fraud. Andy Unanue’s recent comments about having a New Jersey driver’s license while living in New York City are extremely disturbing. I am calling upon the Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor in New Jersey and the New York State Insurance Department Fraud Bureau to investigate these troubling disclosures by Andy immediately.”

    Does Andy Unanue approve this message?

    New Jersey Republicans have been freaking out for the past few weeks about the prospect of running either Joe Pennacchio or Murray Sabrin against Senator Lautenberg.

    Sabrin is the Ron Paul libertarian type (though not really: he’s for a constitutional ban on abortion, a national language, etc): 1/3 good ideas, 1/3 “interesting” ideas and 1/3 absolutely crazy ideas.

    Pennacchio wrote a manifesto in 1991 (that just got unearthed) that actually had a lot of good ideas in it (which Republicans hate), but he’s since renounced most of those anyway. But it also had controversial stuff about how women are equal (but not really) to men and about putting homeless people onto military bases. And the whole thing overcompensates a bit on the issue of race. My favorite line reminds me of Joe Biden: “Shelby Steele, a black English professor at San Jose’ State has written eloquently on American race relations.”

    Since Anne Estabrook dropped out of the race, Republicans have been throwing out all kinds of names as potential third options. Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, Al Leiter and lately, Andy Unanue – former COO of Goya Foods.

    The last one stuck and he threw his hat in the ring yesterday. And it’s funny how giddy Republicans are about him. NJ GOP chair Tom Wilson:

    “The opportunity to put a different face on the Republican Party and have a candidate who is young, Hispanic and so dynamic excites a lot of the party leaders right now.”

    That is quite a different face. They’re going from running a disgusting, racist campaign against Senator Menendez in 2006 to running a Hispanic of their own less than two years later.

    The GOP still doesn’t get it. You don’t automatically win over Hispanics or blacks or any other group just by running them for office. You start by not being so racist and scapegoating them for all of the country’s problems.

    I don’t know very much yet about Unanue, but I do wonder how it must feel to be drafted by and agree to run with the party that used your ethnicity to scare voters in the prior election.

    Does Andy Unanue approve this message?

    Bergen Neo-Nazi activist gets attention

    Neo-Nazi activist Hal Turner of Bergen County is getting lots of attention these days for his relationship with Sean Hannity.  Jason Linkins, political reporter at the HuffingtonPost.com, has an article on the controversy drawing lots of comments including a strong response from WABC’s program manager, Phil Boyce.

    For me, the real story isn’t Turner’s past relationship with Hannity but his current relationship with GOP Senate candidate Murray Sabrin.  I met Turner ten years ago when he was Sabrin’s campaign manager as the Libertarian Party’s candidate for governor.  I got the impression he was bouncing off the walls so I’m not surprised at the allegations against him.  However, if Sabrin looks like he’s got a real chance to win the nomination, he may have some explaining to do about his relationship with Turner.

    NJ GOP prays this Easter for a savior

    This Easter weekend New Jersey’s Republican leaders are praying desperately in their country club hangouts as they anxiously await a decision next week by a potential messiah who will deliver them from the yoke of having to choose between the lesser of two clowns to run against Frank Lautenberg.  Andy Unanue is young, articulate, moderate and most important, as heir to the largest Hispanic-owned business in the US (Goya Foods), fabulously wealthy and willing to finance his own campaign.  

    The real challenge for the chablis-and-brie country club set will be getting their chosen savior passed the gauntlet of reactionary Pharisees who seem to be coalescing around “Ron Paul wannabee” Murray Sabrin.

    The small but potent group of Pharisee wingnuts in the NJGOP is alreadygearing up to politically crucify Andy Unanue should he have the temerity to defy their aspiration to win the primary for Sabrin.  Expect the mud-slinging (mostly in one direction) to be fast and furious.