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“Maverick Murray’s” Preakness picks

Check out the latest nonsense from  “New Jersey conservative Republican leader Dr. “Maverick Murray” Sabrin, the Garden State’s strongest advocate of limited government and individual freedom and the front-runner for United States Senate”:

Dr. Sabrin announced his prediction that Big Brown will probably win the 133rd running of the Preakness on Saturday since Cowboy Cal won’t be participating.  He also announced that every dollar that is donated between 3:00-4:00 p.m. (EST) on Friday, May 16th, will be wagered on the Preakness.  However, to hedge against an upset (and to get better odds than 1-2), he will take the funds and box an exacta with Big Brown, Icabad Crane and Gayego.  He will make the wager on behalf of the campaign on Saturday when he visits Monmouth Park Racetrack.

Maverick Murray predicted, “Since Behindatthebar has been scratched, Big Brown is an even greater favorite to win.  However, even front-runners like myself don’t win until we cross the finish line.  If we can raise $25,000 for this wager we can fund a week’s worth of T.V. commercials for my campaign to Legalize Freedom!”  Sabrin continued, “If you want something more risky try boxing the Trifecta with Big Brown, Icabad Crane and Gayego.  If you win, I hope you will consider a very generous donation to my campaign; if you lose, remember I told you it was risky.”

At least we know one horse’s ass that will lose in the New Jersey primary on June 3.

Sabrin scolds Lieberman

Over the weekend Joe Lieberman (Swiftboater-CT), who is campaigning for John McCain, went on CNN and tried to tie Barack Obama to Hamas:

“But the fact that the spokesperson for Hamas would say they would welcome the election of Senator Obama really does raise the question, “Why?”

And it suggests the difference between these two candidates.

Republican Senate candidate Murray Sabrin scolded Lieberman for the remarks:

“With over 150,000 brave Americans in Iraq and millions of their family members back home watching our Presidential campaign evolve, I expect more civility and honesty from Senator Joe Lieberman and so should Senator John McCain. Senator McCain should denounce these comments or Senator Lieberman should apologize directly to Senator Barack Obama.”

But why would McCain denounce those words? Lieberman is just repeating the same comments McCain has made. Sabrin, whose parents survived the Holocaust, continued:

I have a fundamental difference of opinion about our foreign policy with Senators McCain and Lieberman, but that doesn’t mean we cannot discuss those differences without disingenuous attacks. You can disagree with Joe Lieberman on foreign policy and still be a friend of the Jews! Perhaps Senators McCain and Lieberman are needing their vitamin boost of Straight Talk!”

GOP Senate Primary – Disclosure Doesn’t Pay

The Bergen Record has an op-ed today scripted by George Ajjan – who is described as:

George Ajjan is a Republican activist, writer and pundit who was the GOP nominee for Congress in the 8th District in 2004.

There’s only one thing wrong with that description (that I’ll focus on here) – it’s incomplete to the point of being misleading and dishonest.  George Ajjan is working for Murray Sabrin, as is evidenced by his name on Sabrin’s press releases.

I give the Record credit for being evenhanded – they have an op-ed for each of the candidates for the GOP.  It’s almost as if they looked for the worst possible people to do it, though.  For example – Mike Ferguson writing for Dick Zimmer.  

Sabrin: No Citizenship by Ceremony for Babies

Murray Sabrin has a bug up his butt – and it’s about all those people who perform citizenship ceremonies on babies before the kid is old enough to give consent.

From Sabrin’s press release, Sabrin’s five-point plan to end the immigration crisis includes:

3. End birth-rite citizenship

A rite is defined as:

a formal or ceremonial act or procedure prescribed or customary in religious or other solemn use

I must agree.  Babies should not be subjected to a citizenship rite.  As has been the case for over two hundred years, they should be granted citizenship because they were born in this country.  That is their – and our – birthRIGHT.

How funny is it to put out a press release castigating immigrants for not using English that refers to your candidate as foreign-born and misuses the language?  The only thing that would make it funnier would be if it were released on some kind of holiday in Mexico or something…

Really, folks, we couldn’t make this up.

Deep Thoughts: Kentucky Derby Omen Edition

Yet another omen for Hillary Clinton Sabrin – and America – – Promoted by Thurman Hart

Which is a worse omen…

Murray Sabrin wagered his fundraising dollars on a 20-1 shot, Cowboy Cal,which was in contention early in the race, but faded toward the end finishing in 9th.

Hillary Clinton voiced her support for the filly, Eight Belles…

I hope that everybody will go to the derby on Saturday and place just a little money on the filly for me,” Sen. Clinton told supporters in Jeffersonville, Ind., ABC News reports. “I won’t be able to be there this year – my daughter is going to be there and so she has strict instructions to bet on Eight Belles.

Eight Belles ran a great race, ultimately finishing in 2nd behind the juggernaut of the field, Big Brown. As if that wasn’t bad enough, unfortunately the horse broke both ankles and had to be euthanized on the track following the race.

I’m just askin…

Murray bets campaign funds on a horse

“Maverick Murray” Sabrin announced his prediction that Cowboy Cal would win the 134th Running of The Kentucky Derby on Saturday. He also announced that every dollar that is donated to his campaign online between 2:00-3:00 p.m. (EST) on Friday, May 2nd, will be wagered on Cowboy Cal to Win the Kentucky Derby. He will make the wager on Saturday when he visits Monmouth Park Racetrack and the winnings will help fund his campaign.

I’d bet 20-to-1 that a horse’s ass who refers to himself as “Maverick Murray” becomes a three-time loser on June 3.

Murray wants our tax rebate checks

“Maverick Murray” Sabrin issued a press release asking taxpayers to send him their rebate checks so he can “stimulate” the economy by spending their money on his campaign ads for the June 3 primary election.

Murray doesn’t explain, however, how his campaign reports raising $350,000 as of March 31 and has only $66,000 on hand without spending one penny on advertising.  Evidently Murray’s plan to stimulate the economy is to hand out tens of thousands of dollars to consultants, managers, spokesmen and other political drones whose meal ticket he has become.

High Stakes Politics

OK, I know that he’s not gonna win, but is this the kind of image a libertarian fiscal conservative like Murray Sabrin wants to project:

Sabrin, who is running in the Republican primary for the seat held by incumbent Democratic Sen. Frank Lautenberg, is using the proceeds from an hour-long online fund-raiser this afternoon to bet it all on Cowboy Cal in tomorrow’s Kentucky Derby.

Yes, that’s right — he’s using federal campaign funds to bet on the horses. “At 20-1, if we can raise just $25,000 online during this money bomb and Cowboy Cal wins the Kentucky Derby, we will have enough money to win the primary,” Sabrin reasoned in a campaign statement.

Ron Paul’s money bomb for Murray

. . . is apparently a bust.  Less than a hundred supporters showed up and according to the totals posted on Murray’s website they raised less than $30,000.  After staff and overhead expenses, they might have just enough left over to advertise on “Uncle Floyd”.

Murray wants Christie to get Zimmer

The wild and wacky NJ-GOP senate race got even wilder and wackier when Murray Sabrin, who now calls himself “Maverick Murray”, issued a press release demanding that US Attorney Chris Christie immediately investigate his opponent, former congressman Richard Zimmer, for alleged corruption related to the filing of candidacy papers to replace Andy “The Bean” Unanue (who is still vacationing in Colorado) on the ballot.  

According to “Maverick Murray”,

There have been serious allegations of corruption, intimidation and lawlessness surrounding the campaign of Dick Zimmer and Andy Unanue.  The Republican voters need to be sure the process of selecting candidates to run for office has not been tainted and I call upon United States Attorney Chris Christie to investigate the charges leveled by State Senator Joe Pennacchio’s campaign against Dick Zimmer and his campaign.

Apparently “Maverick Murray” thinks the US Attorney should have nothing better to do than investigate paper shuffling at the Division of Elections.  If he accomplishes nothing else this election cycle, at least “Maverick Murray” provides the best definition for being a “Putz”!