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2013 Ain’t that far Away (thank God)

The Courier-Post‘s opinion editor Mike Daniels ran a recent Sunday feature citing folks, “who closely follow state politics to give us their take — who they think might vie for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, and what advice they would give the candidates.”

I am excited to hear how’d you’d answer. Meantime, here was my take:

“My short list includes Sweeney, Buono and Booker at this point. If the election were tomorrow I think a Sweeney/Buono ticket seems most plausable, given the state’s machine-driven dynamics which don’t favor Booker at the moment. A Rob Andrews/Loretta Weinberg ticket is my fantasy pick.”

My recommendations for the Democrats who throw their hat in against Christie: (below)

Re-Writing History – Thomas Paine & Fort Lee

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I was thrilled to watch friends Jay Lassiter and Jeff Gardner on Reporters Roundtable but dismayed to yet again see a conservative blogger lying about our American History and trying to appropriate the trappings of one of our most progressive forefathers.  Especially one I think about nearly every time I sit down to my keyboard to spout off about the way things are.

Thomas Paine.  As a NJ citizen who has been associated with the Fort Lee Historic Park since I was sixteen years old and helped build the stone oven there as part of the Youth Conservation Corps in 1981, and as an employee of the park off and on over the many years since, I intimately know the Revolutionary history of Bergen County, and Fort Lee in particular in detail, as well as many of the Re-enactors who stage demonstrations there and the historians who have written books on Revolutionary history of Bergen County. Imagine my surprise at Murray Sabrin bragging on living “near the Thomas Paine statue”.  Because there ISN’T one yet.  

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Surprise! Surprise! We have Paultards right here in River City!

Actually no surprise really as two-time GOP US Senate candidate and Libertarian candidate for Governor Murray Sabrin sticks up for Rand Paul.  In fact “Maverick Murray”, our very own homegrown version of Rand Paul, was endorsed by Paul’s father, Congressman Ron Paul, who attended a fundraiser in New Brunswick for Murray’s 2008 campaign for US Senate (evidently few people showed up given the amount of money Murray had to spend on his campaign).  Murray and Ron Paul have had a close working relationship the last few years with their involvement in GOP and Libertarian politics, and have been bouncing back and forth between the two parties as if they were in a political rubber room.

The real issue though is how many closet Paultards we have in this state.  We haven’t heard yet from Steve Lonegan, who Ron Paul endorsed for Governor last year (along with Joe The Plumber and Phyllis Schlafly).  Also GOP State Senator Mike Doherty supported Ron Paul for President in 2008 and was attacked for it by Marcia Karrow in their primary fight last year.  I’m sure there are others in the GOP closet who secretly support Rand Paul.  So who else will come out besides Murray Sabrin?

If you think Christie is bad, check out Murray Sabrin

Positive evidence the rightwing lunatic fringe is unhinged and unglued.  Former Libertarian candidate for Governor, two-time GOP candidate for US Senate, Murray Sabrin is posting an essay on various websites advocating disfranchisement of public employees from municipal and school elections.  He doesn’t stop there though.  He also wants to disfranchise those who depend on government assistance for most of their income.

The irony is that not only is Murray a state employee as a public university teacher, he has also benefited from taxpayer funding his whole life from public schools to public colleges to public universities and fiinally a public teaching job.  And on top of that the half-million dollars in taxpayer funds he took for his 1997 campaign for governor.

It’s good to have someone like Murray around to constantly remind us of where GOP politicians like Chris Christie would like to lead us but are afraid to say so publicly.

Murray Sabrin: Time Traveler!

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I am so excited!  Apparently there has been a huge advance in technology lately that allows people — or at least radical right wing Republicans — to travel in time and rearrange the events of the past!

Murray Sabrin, in another PolitickerNJ posting untouched by editorial pen, has the evidence:

After the raucous town hall meetings members of Congress faced during their recent vacation, the Democrats realize that the country will not now embrace a single payer insurance system; therefore they will go for the incremental approach. A public option now and then later the big enchilada, universal health care.

Get that?  Apparently before the August recess the health care proposals in front of Congress were all single payer insurance programs that would have put the United States government in total charge of health care!  And after the brave gun-toting screamers armed with fictional outrages attacked Democratic legislators they changed the bill to only include a public option!

This is amazing!  Because in the time-stream I live in, single payer has never been before Congress in an any bill supported by more than a handful of members.  It has not been seriously discussed in committee, and has never been given a vote at any level.  

But in Sabrin-land — color of sky yet to be determined — the Democrats in Congress were dedicated to forcing a Medicare-style program down the American gullet against the will of the People.  It was only through the brave efforts of the tea bag dippers that protected America from this outrage and delivered us back to some semblance of sanity.

Obviously Sabrin is either factually challenged (i.e. deluded or lying) or he has developed that time-travel machine mentioned above.  Since PolitickerNJ is so dedicated to ensuring its columnists provide factual support for their claims, obviously the former is untrue and the latter scientific breakthrough is upon us.

Hal Turner’s deadly stash

Hal Turner, arrested this week for threatening to kill three federal judges because he didn’t like rulings upholding gun bans, turns out to have enough firepower at his house to carry out that threat and a whole frickin’ spree if the moon’s full for North Bergen’s local frothing looneytunes.

Two hundred rounds of ammunition. And 150 illegal hollow-point bullets, were found at chez Turner in a post-arrest FBI raid.

Lat year, I remember Jay Lassiter asking, and Ken Bank answering – who this guy was, because he never heard of him. Struck me, because neither had I. Ah, but I had.

I listen to right-wing radio in the car. Sue me. I like knowing what they think. Mostly it boils down to extreme distaste for the rest of us. Hal Turner is Hal from North Bergen, the now-banned regular put-him-through-immediately caller to the Sean Hannity Show. I had to read Steve Hart to get that. An before then, Turner buddied up to the shouty Bob Grant; same time slot. I heard Turner spew a hundred times.

I’m not a native New Jerseyan. Sometimes I forget who people are. Hal Turner:  White supremacist. Habitual assasination-threatener. Anti-semite. Possible FBI informant. Veteran-threatener.

No, we’re not linking you to his blog posts, or his short-wave radio site. Screw that.

Wingnuts v. wingnuts v. RINOs: NJGOP wars heating up

Wingnuts are forming their own circular firing squad within the NJGOP as libertarian wingnuts are squaring off against paleocon wingnuts over Steve Lonegan’s Bourbonesque plan to increase taxes on the poor and cut taxes on the rich.  In a column posted on PolitickerNJ.com libertarian wingnut and professional loser Murray Sabrin threw down the gauntlet when he denounced Lonegan’s tax plan for raising taxes on low income earners.  Sabrin and Lonegan, who shared the same campaign manager Rick Shaftan, were once political allies but split last year after Lonegan refused to support Sabrin in the NJGOP primary for US Senate and instead endorsed Sabrin’s rival State Senator “Jersey Joe” Pennacchio.  Ironically “Jersey Joe” betrayed Lonegan this year by endorsing Chris Christie.  

On a similar note tomorrow night may well be the grand climax (no pun intended) of the Lonegan campaign when “Joe the Deadbeat Plumber” comes to New Jersey to sell his book and campaign for Steve, and hopefully raise enough money to buy him a hairpiece that fits before the televised debates with Chris Christie.  Joe’s appearance is no freebie, however, as PolitickerNJ.com reports he will be amply compensated by the Lonegan campaign.  Our tax dollars at work.

He really, really screwed us

I agree with Murray Sabrin.  Yup, you read that right.  And it doesn’t happen often. Here’s his conclusion:

George W. Bush’s presidential epithet can now be written:  He really, really screwed us.

Now personally, I could have called that one years ago.  We will be referring to the legacy of George Bush, and most often not fondly, for many years to come. And these are just the problems we already know about.   What else is just waiting to be discovered?

Sabrin: Chris Christie “turning a blind eye” to corruption

Republican Senate candidate Murray Sabrin has some harsh words for US Attorney Chris Christie:

“Chris Christie is turning a blind eye to the rampant corruption throughout New Jersey by Republican public officials and political bosses. There is no way Chris Christie can be elected Governor of New Jersey if he continues with this partisan prosecution. New Jersey voters are not looking for a Republican Prosecutor who only investigates Democrats and allows his Republican buddies to get away with ‘stealing elections’ as their next Governor. Chris Christie had no problem inserting himself into the United States Senate campaign in 2006 by going after the Democratic nominee. We cannot allow the United States Attorney’s office to be politicized, whether by Democrats or Republicans. Unfortunately, Chris Christie’s actions, or lack thereof, feeds into the electorate’s skepticism of politics. It is a shame to tarnish the history of such a remarkable office.”

Sabrin even says he will challenge Christie in a gubernatorial run:

“I will not stand by idly while the U.S. Attorney lets the Republican Primary for the United States Senate be stolen from me. If Chris Christie does not act immediately and this race is stolen from our supporters, I will do everything I can to prevent Chris Christie from being elected Governor of New Jersey next year. If that means I must run myself and remind the voters of the partisan form of justice he performed, then so be it. How can a few reporters without the staff and budget of the U.S. Attorney’s office outline the Republican corruption in their book ‘Soprano State’, yet Chris Christie doesn’t seem willing to put these party bosses under oath?”

Sabrin’s press release includes a “partial list” with examples of alleged corruption he believes Christie has ignored:

1. The serious allegations of intimidation, corruption, lawlessness, campaign finance violations and other irregularities surrounding Dick Zimmer’s campaign for the United States Senate

2. The rampant corruption by Ocean County Republican Boss George Gilmore and the rest of his cronies as has been widely reported in the media (for more info please visit www.trooc.com)

3. Somerset County Republican Boss Dale Florio and the Republican Freeholder Board’s involvement with the Somerset County Park Commission scandal (you can visit www.parkscandal.com for more information)

4. New Jersey Republican State Chairman Tom Wilson’s involvement with his lobbying partner Robert Stears who plead guilty to stealing over $1 million from the Burlington County Bridge Commission with no one else being charged with any wrongdoing (Chris Christie’s office never even interviewed Tom Wilson)