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Jeff Tittel makes his own bed, whines that it is uncomfortable

During the Gubernatorial campaign, there were few people who were more outspoken (and hyperbolic) against Governor Corzine than the Sierra Club’s Jeff Tittel.  He ignored the fact that then-candidate Chris Christie vowed to “gut” the NJ Department of Environmental Protection.  He pretended that Christie’s views which left no doubt about how low of a priority initiatives such as green energy, clean air and water as well as protecting our natural resources were didn’t exist.  He minimized Corzine’s efforts that made New Jersey consistently in the top 2 or 3 states in the entire nation when it came to the very issues that his Sierra Club held dear.

Whether it was naiveté or a personal grudge or an honest belief that Chris Daggett could win – we won’t know.  What we do know is that his outspoken and shortsighted (not to mention oftentimes flat wrong) criticism was going to come back and hurt the very organization that he is supposed to be looking out for was as obvious as Christie not being able to keep many of his campaign promises.

So predictably, when Christie signed Executive Orders that give authority for governmental official to roll back regulations regarding the air we breathe and water we drink, Tittel complained that this was unfair and that the Orders were an attack against our environmental protections.

While Tittle may very well be precisely on point, this should come as no surprise.  Whether Tittel likes it or not, much of this blame falls squarely on his shoulders.  He was the one who was reckless in his “strategy” during the campaign – trying to settle some political score instead of looking out for the longer term and the bigger picture.  Unfortunately for the rest of New Jerseyans, our air and water very well may be more toxic and less safe due to Tittel’s shortsighted and petty behavior a few months ago.

Chris Christie the Petty, Cowardly Hypocrite

Promoted from diaries by Rosi Efthim

Anyone remember a couple years ago when Chris Christie threw a hissy fit over Nia Gill’s use of Senatorial Courtesy to temporarily block Stu Rabner’s elevation to NJ State Supreme Court Justice?  Here’s a reminder of how Christie used his taxpayer funded office to support his friend Stu:

He called their behavior “petty,” “cowardly” and “appalling.” He described the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Sen. John Adler, as a “third-rate bureaucrat.”

Now, here’s the thing.  The top federal prosecutor for the state of New Jersey, who has no jurisdiction over state laws or their enforcement, decided to use his staff and governmental authority to attack Democrats for perfectly legal actions.

And the action that most incensed Christie?  The use of Senatorial Courtesy by Nia Gill to block Rabner’s appointment until she could get some answers.  Everyone knew that she would lift the hold and that Rabner would be confirmed with little stress, but Christie still threw a hissy fit that Jon Corzine, Dick Codey and other Democrats didn’t attack Gill.

At the time, huntsu noted:

But Senatorial courtesy is a power wielded by any Senator, whether in the majority or not.  Just in the past few months the Republicans have been all over this tradition, and Christie was silent.

Republican Senator Anthony Bucco repeatedly used his Senatorial Courtesy to block the nomination of Robert Bianchi to be Morris County Prosecutor earlier this year.  Christie never complained.  In April Guy Talarico, the chair of the Bergen County Republicans, sent a letter warning his committee members to vote for a Senatorial candidate from his county in the primary or lose the “power of senatorial courtesy.” Christie was silent.

When Republicans block appointments and no one speaks up, Christie doesn’t speak up either.  But when Democrats do it, Christie calls the media to listen to him rant and rave.

Now Christie is no longer US Attorney, but a candidate for Governor.  Now it is perfectly appropriate for him to speak out on issues he feels are vitally important, like ending Senatorial Courtesy.

But when Republican State Senator Kip Bateman uses Senatorial Courtesy to block the appointment of a County Prosecutor, Chris Christie the candidate is silent.

Sen. Christopher “Kip” Bateman, R-Branchburg, said this week he wasn’t properly consulted and will use senatorial courtesy to block the appointment of McDonald as Somerset County prosecutor until he receives an explanation from the governor on why Forrest wasn’t nominated for a judgeship.

Remember, Christie called Jon Corzine petty and cowardly for not standing up to Nia Gill’s use of Senatorial Courtesy to block Stu Rabner.  Maybe now he can explain that he is not a petty coward for not standing up to Kip Bateman.

Sonny McCullough, WATB

Sonny McCullough has a history of blaming Bill Gormley for his own problems.  When development overran Egg Harbor Township, Mayor McCullough pointed the finger at Gormley.  When Atlantic County Republicans defected to the Democratic party, McCullough accused Gormley of forcing them out.  Now, as he tries and fails to find support from the moderate wing of the Atlantic County Republican party, Sonny McCullough tells us once again that it is all Bill Gormley’s fault.

In a recent interview with the Press of Atlantic City, appointed State Senator McCullough complained about the lack of help from retired Senator Gormley and his supporters.  But McCullough has only himself to thank for the rift in the Atlantic County Republican party.  Before he spoke of unifying the party at the special election convention to fill Gormley’s Senate seat in February, McCullough had the Egg Harbor Township Republican club cleansed of Frank Blee’s supporters.  At the convention, he trashed Gormley, accusing the retiring Senator of forcing his political enemies out of the Republican party.

Many of the moderates who backed Assemblyman Blee in the special election convention saw little reason to support the man who had shown no respect for them and their longtime leader, Bill Gormley.  Blee himself endorsed McCullough’s opponent, fellow Assemblyman Jim Whelan, while Gormley has remained neutral, refusing to endorse McCullough.

At the same time Atlantic County Republicans find themselves unable to bridge an intractable divide in their shrinking party, Atlantic County Democrats are energized behind their strongest State Senate candidate in a long time.  In 2005, then-Assembly candidate Jim Whelan won more votes in the second district than Jon Corzine, while outpacing Blee by over 2,000 votes and thrashing incumbent Republican Assemblyman Kirk Conover by 7,000.

I’m usually not one to give political advice to Republicans, but if Sonny McCullough is going to be more than a ten-month Senator, he might want to stop worrying about what Bill Gormley and his friends are up to, and start worrying about himself, his big mouth, and his opponent.

Guess Who

“This guy can’t just change his name like he thinking he is Puff Daddy”

Can you guess who made this statement today and who it is about? First correct answer wins a round of applause and 200 points.

Update: We have a winner – Fran for Dean wins absolutely nothing. Congratulations. The entire press release is below for your entertainment.

More Threats from the Cino Campaign (w/poll!) – feel free to add your own tags

Remember when Michael Cino (NJ-5 Republican primary opponent of Scott Garrett) threatened us with a lawsuit for repeating things that were in the press? If you don’t you can read all about it here. And here. And here. And here.

Short story: Cino tried to blackmail Corzine a few years back: ”We have so much dirt on him we can’t decide which to throw out first.” He got upset that we repeated that fact, and threatened to sue. Repeatedly.

That was almost two months ago and I thought they had gotten over it. I was wrong. Earlier today I received more threats of a lawsuit from Cino’s campaign manager in an instant message exchange we had:

miata7: I’m going to request one more time that you pull all those lies off your website  our case is strong  and you think you may be in a strong position but you are not.

me: I’m going to request that the next time you want to contact me, you do so through an attorney. Please do not email or instant message me any more.

miata7: give me your attorneys name
miata7: I will call him and send him a letter

me: you can send it to me. I’ll forward it if I need to.

miata7: Listen man  do yourself a favor  give me your attorney’s name let me talk to him and forward to him the Court cases

me: Don’t assume it’s a man, and I’ll forward it along if I think it’s worth the time. I’m pretty familiar with the case law.

miata7: ok  let me get some info for you
miata7: give me your name and address so I can send it to my attorney

me: (gave name and address)

miata7: send me email  Im going to find this stuff  we have to sue you man  Im sorry  I wish you would just make it simple

me: The next time you contact me by email or IM about this topic, I will block your screen name and add your email to my junk mail filter. If you want to talk about other things, that’s fine. This is the last time I’m going to say this.

miata7: DREAM ON
miata7: Only one “m” in defamatory  we will have the lawyers correct that.

(He has been blocked and added to my spam filter, so unfortunately I probably won’t be able to report on any more of these fun exchanges unless I actually get a letter from an attorney. Stay tuned…)

Poll Hint: It’s not Ann Coulter

Update: Wow. You guys are creative with those tags.

We Are Still Suing SmearBoy

We Are Still Suing (0.00 / 0) 

What we said originally is clear:  if you repeat slander you can be sued.  This has been confirmed by the United States Supreme Court in a recent opinion.

You can go back all you want and repeat different things if you would like.

Your story is STILL WRONG – We made it clear that we requested that you STOP REPEATING THE SLANDER.  The whole story was made up to deflect attention away from the ethnic slurs of Corzine.  Now it has been reported that the star witness in the case is under federal investigation concerning a dental school slush fund as per Wally Edge and other website postings.  That is going to go well in Court.

It is not a difficult concept to grasp about repeating slander and seeking to smear someone who is innocent. 

It is clear from your posting that you are seeking to smear an innocent person – intent probably malicious, just as Corzine is and was malicious.  Our lawyers are preparing the case and we will argue this in court.  The file-sharing cases have made it clear we can obtain a court order in order to get your name and address and we can proceed from there.  The website will also be named in the lawsuit as per the Supreme Court decision.

Have a nice day.

Our case is really solid.