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Have I been targeted by the NJGOP?

For a political machine to operate, it needs to do three things.  First, it must be able to reward key supporters.  Second, it must be able to marginalize or neutralize detractors.  Third, it must mobilize supporters to win elections.  Other things might be added or altered, but I think this is the basic operational basis of a political machine.  If a machine can’t reward followers, it falls apart.  If it can’t maintain power – by keeping the electoral wins coming – it falls apart.  And, important for me right now, if it allows challenges to go unanswered, it falls apart.

Here at Blue Jersey, Huntsu has done an incredible job of detailing the operation of US Attorney Chris Christie.  I think it is fair to say that no one action is damning, but the preponderance of the evidence builds to a damning level.  There is definitely the appearance of someone who has used their office to benefit their friends and associates.  There have been some inklings that Christie may or may not be willing to silence his critics – something I touched on last week in my Star-Ledger column.  What I didn’t know was that I might have to add my own name to the list of people who have been retaliated against when they speak ill of Chris Christie.

Jump with me and I’ll explain.