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Birther arrested after interrupting Pallone reading Constitution on House floor

We posted earlier that Rep. Frank Pallone was interrupted as he read aloud part of the Constitution this morning on the House floor. Capitol Police arrested 48-year-old Theresa Cao of New York; she was charged with unlawful conduct, disruption of Congress, was processed and released.

Via Dave Weigel at Slate, we find out Cao is a pretty well-knows birther activist and supporter of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, an Army doctor who was court-martialed for refusing to deploy to Afghanistan because he doubts President Obama’s legitimacy.

Here’s the lady’s blog, Got Heaven’s Bailout?, which looks like a lot of mosque-destroying, Saul Alinsky-hating, anti-Muslim religious mumbo-jumbo to me. She was yelling about Jesus when she was remove from the Gallery. And, via AP, here’s Cao’s disruption of Pallone’s Constitution section (FYI – Pallone told TPM the section readings were assigned on a first come, first serve basis):


It’s getting very Herbert Hoover up in here.

On the heels of Deciminyan’s very interesting challenge to Minority Leader Asm Alex DeCroce …

Assemblyman Alex DeCroce had a talk with business leaders yesterday and all by himself walked us all back 80 years to the rigid ‘conservatism’ of Herbert Hoover, who refused to provide relief during the Depression when people were living on the knife edge. Pandering to wallet-protective business folk, DeCroce told them New Jerseyans collecting $550 a week in unemployment insurance have little incentive to look for a job.

Bear in mind this is the GOP Minority Leader in New Jersey’s Assembly. Message man for his Party. Colleague of a governor who protected tax breaks for millionaires, with DeCroce’s help. But I guess I shouldn’t say DeCroce walked us all back to Herbert Hoover all by himself, because it seems that crap’s all the rage with America’s fool right.

Stephen Budiansky does a great job of rounding up this year’s de rigueur GOP dismissal of the needs of the unemployed in his Liberal Curmudgeon Blog:

Today’s Republicans have done a remarkable job of trying to sound like the heartless Herbert Hoover. It can’t be because it’s good politics; it must be because they can’t help themselves. A whole line of GOP candidates have been insisting this year, for example, that unemployment is the product of lazy workers. Rep. Steve King of Iowa explained that he was against extending unemployment benefits because “we shouldn’t turn the ‘safety net’ into a hammock.” Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona, the Republican whip, said that “continuing to pay people unemployment compensation is a disincentive for them to seek new work.” And Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota denounced aid to the states to prevent hundreds of thousands of teachers from being laid off as a “bailout,” as did the House minority leader and Speaker apparent John Boehner.

If things get bad for any of you unemployed slackers, and you start remembering your history lessons of Hoovervilles, security around Gov. Christie’s house in Mendham’s pretty tight, but Alex DeCroce lives in Parsippany-Troy Hills, and his front lawn might have room for some tents. End snark.

Okay, then. Let’s talk about the toilet.

It seems to always come down to toilets for some people.

People like Assemblyman Wannabe senator Mike Doherty (R-Knuckledragger) and Asw Alison Litell McHose (R-Crazytown) who today announced their intention to introduce a bill requiring the Legislature to inform parents of school children who visit the State House of the Legislature’s Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy.

Yeah. So the NJ Law Against Discrimination has been amended to prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity or expression – ooooh I’m getting vewy scawd! –  in employment, housing, insurance, and (wait for it ….) public accomodations. And that follows the NJ Superior Court Appellate Division, to wit:

It is incomprehensible to us that our Legislature… would condone discrimination against men or women who seek to change their anatomical sex because they suffer from a gender identity disorder.

I don’t know how even the most throwback of our legislators could argue that people shouldn’t have employment opportunity, or be able to buy a house, or insurance. It’s not defensible. So, they don’t even go there. They go for what they think will light up parents by playing to their worst fear that something will happen to their little kids: Trouble in the bathroom. Bad people near little Ali or Mikey’s pee pee. When all else fails, try to equate people with child-molesters.


I bring this matter to your attention because the Legislature often plays host to busloads of very young school girls who have a need, as children do, to use our toilet facilities.

Boom. There it is! Now, standing aside for the moment – and um, really, really far away from – Doherty’s and McHose’s fascination with the bathroom, let’s take a moment and talk about what our children actually have to fear when they get on that yellow school bus and take a field trip to watch how a bill becomes law.

Jump with me, and I’ll show you what your kids really have to fear when they visit the State House:

Right Wing: Passing Marriage Equality is Like Encouraging Obesity

It wouldn’t be Spring in New Jersey without three things: a struggling Yankees team, a budget crisis, and the local right wing showing just how crazy and irrational they are about gay people.

At a news conference earlier this week, wingers from far and wide gathered to attack same-sex families and disparage the overwhelming evidence that says civil unions hurt these families. Reporters from NJ 101.5 were on hand and reported on the conference.

NJCPPM says it is defending “traditional values” and is pushing for a ballot question in next year’s election asking voters if they would like the constitution to state in law that marriage is only between a man and a woman. Members say they’ll accept whatever the public decides. NJCPPM chief John Tomicki says he’s not asking for the ballot question this year because his group doesn’t want the issue to interfere with the gubernatorial election.”

Jim White with the Knights of Columbus is a NJCPPM associate. He says, “Never until now has anyone thought that marriage should be between the people of the same sex. Frankly, the government does not have the right to meddle with marriage.” He adds, “It’s also a well-know fact that the homosexual lifestyle or homosexual practice is very unhealthy. Government should discourage it and not elevate it to a level by calling it marriage. In an age where we worry about people being overweight and going after them and the government interfering in that, what is the government doing promoting a lifestyle that is inherently unhealthy?”

In other words, giving gay and lesbian families equal rights is like encouraging obesity, say the New Jersey anti-gay activists. One can only wonder if marriage equality would involve as many bags of Cheetos as obesity presumably does.

As laughable as that statement is, it also shows us something. The right wing’s ever-shifting arguments against marriage equality in New Jersey are becoming more and more desperate. The wingers know marriage equality will soon be the law of the land here in Jersey, and they’re afraid.

In the meantime, help yourself to some Cheetos (and take the poll below).

You Know, Had They Done This Two Years Ago …

Promoted by Jason Springer: Well it didn’t take Christie long to break that promise.

… then Christie would never have gotten his ridiculous heroic image in the first place.

The Star Ledger does some real reporting, catching Christie in a lie about campaign donations:

Christopher Christie is attending a campaign fundraiser hosted by a lawyer whose firm got a lucrative no-bid contract when the Republican gubernatorial candidate was U.S. attorney.

Christie was scheduled to be at the $500-per-plate Morristown fundraiser today, a week after saying he’d reject all future donations from lawyers to whom he gave monitoring contracts.

Seriously, where was the critical reporting on Christie before?  Weird.

Radical is Supporting the Law

ALERT ALERT ALERT: This is not an April Fools post. Michael Doherty is an actual representative to the New Jersey Assembly. – promoted by Rosi

This is a keeper from uber-right winger Michael Doherty:

Calling a donor group that supports pro-choice Republican women a “radical pro-abortion group,” Assemblyman Michael Doherty (R-Washington Twp.) called on his primary opponent, state Sen. Marcia Karrow (R-Hunterdon), to return donations from the fund.

Batspit right wing Republicans have a weird concept of what “radical” is.  Supporting the right of women to have a legal medical procedure is radical.  The American Civil Liberties Union, which exists to defend people’s Constitutional rights, is radical.  Main stream environmental scientists who warn that humans could suffer if we don’t stop spewing C02 in the air are radical.  

Apparently right wingers like Doherty think that “radical” is supporting the laws of the United States of America and trying to keep people from suffering environmental catastrophe.

Whiny GOP Candidate For Assembly Quits in Letter To The Editor

Well, it looks like the easy race expected for 17th District Democratic Assemblymen Chivukula and Egan just got easier.  GOP opponent Skip House just announced in the Home News Tribune Letters section that he isn’t going to campaign anymore.  Why?  Because of an unscientific poll on the web site of a local daily newspaper.

Assembly candidate disappointed in voters

Benjamin Franklin’s comment questioning if the people would be able to keep a republic was on my mind when I became a Republican candidate for the Assembly in the 17th District.

The Community Voices “Speak Up!” question on initiative and referendum raised my hopes that there would be an outpouring of interest in voters making their own laws. There hasn’t been, and it is the issue I’m running on.

Subsequently, I’ll not campaign actively anymore. Most people seem to prefer the status quo of high taxes, offset by politicians’ irrational promises of greater benefits at no cost. Good luck with that pipe dream!

Matthew “Skip” House

Waaaaaahhhhhhhhh.  Some random people who went to a web page and clicked a button don’t support my issues, so instead of working to convince them I’m going to put my tail between my legs and go home.

The saddest thing is the only way he could get his race resignation in the paper was in the Letters section.  Seriously, no one cared.

The Jersey GOP is collapsing right in front of our eyes. 

Dumbass Letter Of The Day

From the editorial page of the Home News Tribune, here is one of the Republican dead-enders who still thinks Cheney is a good man, Saddam attacked the Twin Towers and that the Trilateral Commission is hiding the WMD in Syria:

Democrats, Osama on the same page

After listening to Osama bin Laden’s latest taped message, I recall hearing that same message some time before today. It finally dawned on me that, except for the call to convert to Islam, the liberal Democrats have been saying the exact same things as bin Laden regarding the war in Iraq and our war against terror.

The similarity is chilling!

Frank J. Wodzinski

That’s the whole letter.

Senate Republicans and, unfortunately, a number of Senate Democrats were freaked out when MoveOn ran an ad asking if General Petreus “Betray(ed) Us” but there will be no comment about this kind of letter to the editor, or the scores of times certain Republican members of Congress called anyone who opposed the Iraq war “traitors.”


Failure at a Higher Level is STILL FAILURE

The State Education Commissioner has announced that Jersey City schools are doing just fine – sort of.  After almost twenty years of being run by state appointed leadership, the Jersey City school system is passing in two out of five areas.  Only here could a sixty percent failure rate be seen as praise-worthy.  Incredibly, “instruction and programming” – translated as “actually educating your kids” – not only received a failing mark, but the lowest mark of all areas

How do Jersey City’s public officials react to this?  Prince Charlie Epps says he is “ecstatic” about this “historic moment”.  Court Jester Jerry Healy practically broke his arm patting Prince Charlie on the back.  What the hell am I missing out on?  Since when does a 40% success rate call for such celebration?  The schools exist to educate kids, not to provide jobs for Prince Charlie and his Court.

I Hate New Jersey Nazis

Donald Cresitello doesn’t deserve to be a Democrat.  This isn’t about the idiotic speech he gave at the pro-racist rally in Morristown:

When he took the stage, the mayor, who is seeking to deputize local police officers as federal immigration agents, condemned his opponents for stalling his efforts.

“How dare they, how dare they question my right as mayor of this community to move this program forward?” he asked.

Then, as counter-protesters began chanting loudly, “Shame, shame, shame on you!” in an effort to drown the mayor out, Cresitello retaliated with a warning.

“To the Communists across the street, and the Marxists, we know your motives, and we will not continue to let you go forward with your intent to take over our country,” he said.

That’s pretty stupid.  I won’t even go into the obvious lack of academic skills the Mayor displays there, but the real shame – the real reason why Donald Cresitello doesn’t deserve to be a Democrat – lies with who he is willing to share the stage with.  It lies with the groups he lends credibility to when he opens his ill-informed, uneducated, moronic pie-hole.