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Jon Runyan on the Issues

As of Monday night, Congressman Jon Runyan’s official web site is pretty clear on his positions on key issues:

On Defense and National Security:

The issues of Defense and National Security are important to our district and to my work in Congress.

On Economy and Jobs:

The issues of Economy and Jobs are important to our district and to my work in Congress.

On Education:

The issue of Education is important to our district and to my work in Congress.

And it goes on and on with similar words for other key issues.

I understand Congressman Runyan has been busy. He’s attended several fundraisers during the first week of the congressional session. And he did cast a vote to advance the bill that denies health insurance to millions of Americans.  But as a constituent of this neophyte congressman, I’d like to see his official positions on all of the issues. With the web being the primary public view into his positions, is it too much to expect that this part of his web site would be populated from Day One?

Of course, what’s happening here is that his staff loaded a standard congressional template with the intent to fill these in at some later time. Maybe someone from his staff monitors Blue Jersey. So if you’re out there, how about posting that information? I suspect we will disagree on most issues. But there are probably some that we will agree on. And I’d like to let you know that, too.

Christie launches transition webpage, facebook page and @govchristie twitter feed

The Chris Christie transition team yesterday flipped the switch and unveiled their new transition website, launched a new facebook page and went live with the @govchristie twitter account for the Governor-elect yesterday. Here’s a screenshot:

They have bios about the new Governor/Lieutenant Governor, news from the new administration, the ability for people to give feedback and comments, a chance to apply for employment and the chance to send a greeting to the new Governor. The website also has a blog and rss feed. I like seeing the new administration continue to embrace social media. You can see the Transition 2010 page here.

John Alder on Network Neutrality + open thread

(Mt Laurel, NJ)–

The Adler campaign just sent a Net Neutrality position paper to the IT guy to put on the campaign website.  In the meantime, it seems apropos to give the Blogosphere the first peek.

John Adler wants to ensure the free exchange of information and ideas via the Open Internet.

Currently, most residents in New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional district have access to only one or two Internet Broadband Providers.  This relative lack of choice raises the possibility that Broadband Providers can slap a toll on content (what gets sent on the Net) and service (how fast.)  This would lead to a multi-tiered Network where some Websites enjoy premium access speeds to their customers.  Websites that are unwilling or unable to pay the toll would be relegated to the proverbial “slow lane.”

John Adler believes that this inequitable arrangement would threaten the dynamism on the Internet.  John strongly supports Network Neutrality and the innovation and openness that stem from it.  In fact, a primary reason the Internet and the World Wide Web have proven so dynamic is the inherent openness and egalitarianism of the Network.

John Adler believes that  only by preserving Network Neutrality; ensuring a diversity of media ownership; and bridging the Digital Divide will the Internet thrive as a hub of innovation and free speech in NJ-3 and beyond.

Consider this a Net Neutrality Open Tread.

Blog Fun in Flemington

Something interesting is going on at the Courier News’ blog section.

Joan Greiner, the wife of defeated Flemington Borough Councilman Phil Greiner, has got herself a blog.  And, boy is she using it to paint an interesting picture of Flemington.

Her husband lost the election to me.  Close-I won by about 4 votes.  And now the Council has a Democratic majority.  Mrs. Greiner feels that, somehow, I have ruined the whole temperament of Council, since 2007 was a productive and fairly cooperative year.  She labors under the delusion that the three Republicans who were up for re-election were somehow entitled to their seats, and that I got in the way of that lovely peace by seeking to disturb the beauty of a 3-3 even split.

City Belt Launches With a Look at Lyon

The idea was first floated a few years ago, between journalists Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg and Jon Whiten: let’s start an alternative paper in New Jersey.

After many brainstorming sessions and lots of planning and study, July 1 marked the realization of that idea with the launch of City Belt, an independent, progressive news organization that’s focused on the cities and towns of North and Central New Jersey. City Belt will at first be a monthly magazine, distributed mainly through small businesses and college campuses — the first print issue debuts Sept. 1. The Internet offers City Belt a space to pursue an even greater amount of journalism; the Web site will be updated at least once daily.

City Belt will muckrake and revist a golden age when the alternative press had investigative vigor and the political conviction to stand up for what is important. And just what do we think is important? Social justice issues and good government, for starters. City Belt will also be covering the local arts scene in ways that probe deeper than patronage. Overall, we hope to be a voice of the progresssive community in New Jersey, and to further foster political, cultural and civic engagement. We welcome feedback — after all, we need readers as much as we hope readers will come to need us.

Our first story is a quick look into the background of Chris Lyon, the independent contractor working on the film commisioned by the Kean campaign to paint Menendez as unethical. We found some pretty interesting stuff by just looking around a bit, and thought it was important to get this out there. We hope that other news organizations will use their resources to look more closely at the pasts of those involved in this very important election, especially when doing so may shine light on hypocrisy or dishonesty.

City Belt is currently also looking for all kinds of help: we are scraping by in true DIY fashion, and could always use writers, distributors, tips on friendly businesses (both for advertising and distribution), and story ideas. We certainly can’t promise riches, but we do promise to reward all efforts to help get City Belt off the ground. Thanks.