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This post is a response from NJ DNC member and Bernie Sanders delegate Reni Erdos, on the way the NJ Democratic Party handled a vote to remove her and John Wisniewski – the only 2 DNC members supporting Sanders –…
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Snubbed?! Stripped?! A Verb By Any Other Name Is Just As Damning

For reasons that my fellow Blue Jersey readers might deem fair or unfair, I am only allowed to comment once a day here, which means when the site’s Editorial Director, Rosi Efthim, writes the following…

Bertin, you’re misinformed. Sen. Buono wasn’t stripped of “her” credentials; she was not chosen as a delegate. It’s not an insignificant distinction. There were more applicants than there were delegate spots; that goes for elected folks on the state level, as well. I’m not taking a position on what happened or didn’t happen in this case; I probably know more about it than you do, but I don’t know that this episode is more than just a piece of judging the state party, whatever your opinions or mine.

…my only way to respond is to write a diary.  First and foremost, there is no doubt in my mind that Rosi knows more about what happened or didn’t happen in this case than I do.  I do not have the access or contacts that she does.  My only source of information is what I read, which can be found below the fold.

Watching an Old Man Watching Obama in Charlotte

… with liberty and justice for all.

              – Former Rep. Gabby Giffords, Democratic National Committee                

Most of all, the President had faith in our special forces–the finest warriors the world has ever known.

               Vice President Joe Biden, Democratic National Convention

Earlier today, Jason wrote about his most moving experience in Charlotte, a wonderful moment involving a military family he knows personally. I wasn’t a delegate, and though I stayed with and traveled with the delegation, most of my convention was via the nightly watch parties at the NJ Delegation hotel. I sat with Gov. James and Lucinda Florio for Bill Clinton’s speech, and watched him intently absorb Clinton’s words. I saw Michelle Obama’s speech with a jubilant Loretta Weinberg, who left the convention early to watch on TV.

It was a stormy week. When the DNC pulled the Obama speech from the stadium (73,000 seats) into the Time Warner Cable Arena (19,000 seats, fewer than the stadium waiting list), credentials for Obama’s speech were a hot ticket. I wasn’t one of the many people begging for credentials but thanks to the good graces of one of New Jersey’s senators, I was amazed to find myself in the Arena (and wow, thank you so much).  

The walk to the Arena was joyous. Charlotte is a Democratic city with a high African-American population. So much of the street life – both vendors and families who came just to be part of it – was black and local. Inside the Arena, I was seated among some older folks in wheelchairs. That’s where I saw the man who stood up.  

Passes, Credentials and Tickets Oh My

I made the drive back to New Jersey yesterday after 9 days in Charlotte.  It was an amazing experience that we did our best to keep everyone updated through the State Committee’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can check back on the week and the #NJDNC hashtag here.

I’ll be going through photos, video and more to post in the coming days and will surely have more to say, but I thought you might enjoy the compilation of passes, credentials and tickets I put together from the experience:

NJDSC approves 2012 Delegate Selection Plan

Thanks for the Party update, Babs. – Rosi

Last Friday, May 13, 2011 at its annual Conference in Atlantic City, the NJ Democratic State Committee, after a month of public scrutiny and comment, approved the delegate selection plan for the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC. As a member of the DNC’s LGBT Caucus, I take particular note that the non discrimination policy specifically is inclusive on the basis of sexual orientation as well as gender identity/expression. (inclusive LGBT) conforming to DNC By-laws and Charter.

The “goal”, approved for LGBT delegates, is 8% which translates as of now to 13 delegates plus an appropriate number of alternates and committee members (rules, credentials and platform). Please understand that this is a goal, and not a quota, but provides a wonderful opportunity to be part of the process and be involved in the Democratic Party and help it work for us, equality Americans. Also please note that if NJ moves its primary back to June, it is anticipated that NJ will be awarded more delegates and the numbers will rise. more below...

One Historic Week

This week is an important time for Democrats all across the country.

I’m sure that many of you have been closely watching the 2008 Democratic National Convention. And while it would be great to be out in Denver celebrating with New Jersey’s delegation, instead – with just a little over 2 months to go until Election Day – the real action is in the 7th District.

So this week, I hope you join fellow Democrats not only excited for our campaign, but also for this historic Democratic Convention. I want to make sure you know there are many house parties all across the 7th District where you can watch Barack Obama’s acceptance speech alongside fellow supporters. You can find which party is closest to you here.

Last night, like many of you, I got excited while watching Michelle Obama deliver her speech. Her story is a quintessential American story.  Like so many of us, Michelle Obama knows all too well the challenges of balancing work and family.  She is a mother, a daughter, a public servant and a lawyer. And in a few short months, she will be an amazing First Lady. Last night, when Michelle talked about how she and Barack believe that “America should be a place where you can make it if you try,” I couldn’t help but nod in agreement.  It’s a value I will fight for in Congress.

I also want to note that today is not only the second day of the convention, but it’s also Women’s Equality Day. While women have made great strides in terms of political participation, oddly enough, we are lagging far behind here in New Jersey – despite the fact that there are approximately 4.3 million women in our state.  The stats here in New Jersey, while slowly increasing, remain dismal.  I am proud to be one of 25 women in the state assembly. But, as most of you are well aware, currently there is not a single woman representing New Jersey’s families in our congressional delegation.  With your help over these next few months, we will change all that!

I’d like to thank all of you for your continued support for our campaign for change.  Grassroots and netroots backing has been vital to my campaign since 2006 and I am pleased to see so many people continuing to express an interest in our message of change all across the 7th district.  This election marks an important time for Democrats – a real chance to move beyond the failed policies of the Bush Administration, and a time to lead us in a new direction. The past 8 years have been a miserable failure, and we need real change to get us back on the right track.

I look forward to joining a strengthened Democratic majority in Congress, where I will work with Barack Obama’s administration to bring the change we need. It?s time for leadership in Washington that will work hard to make America stronger, better and more prosperous. The future of our district, our state, and our country depends on it.

This really is an exciting week for Democrats. And it’s going to be an even more exciting two months leading up to Election Day.  But we all know the real excitement will begin in January, when together we lead our country in a new direction.

On Thursday, when Barack Obama delivers his address, Democrats, Independents, and many Republicans, will all gather in support, because he offers real change. I’m ready to win and bring the change we need, and I know you are, too.

So, again, here are some great convention parties being held all across the 7th District. Please come out and join your fellow Democrats as our next president accepts the nomination in Denver! All parties begin at 8:00 PM.

Sheet Metal Workers Local 22

106 South Avenue W


RSVP – 908-490-1380 or efriedman@njdems.org

Victory ’08 HQ

1910 Washington Valley Road (enter around back)


RSVP – 723-868-8023 or thousman@njdems.org

Home of Brooke Liebowitz

139 Broad Street


RSVP – 908-782-3388 or sburns@njdems.org

430 Lake Avenue


RSVP – 908-490-1380 or dmarcus@njdems.org

Blue Jersey Crashes Denver!

Hey folks. Sorry I couldn’t get you a news roundup this morning; I was stuck waiting in lines at Philadelphia Airport!

I arrived at Denver International Airport just after 10 AM (Noon EDT for those of you back home), and I’ll be here until my bus leaves at 2. The DIA main terminal is beautiful, and hopefully Denver looks as nice from the ground as it did from the air.

I’ll be posting plenty from the College Democrats Convention and the Democratic National Convention over the next week! Hopeful will join me on Monday. And, of course, Obama alternate Brian McGinnis will also be in Denver.

Convening a National Conversation about Democracy & America in Denver

By Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper

Now that one of the most remarkable primaries in our nation’s history has concluded, attention is turning to the Democratic National Convention in Denver.  In less than three months, the Mile High City and the Rocky Mountain West will host this historic event for the first time since 1908.

The Convention also coincides with Denver’s 150th birthday – a

century-and-a-half of progress and innovation since its birth at the height of the Colorado gold rush.  A hub of opportunity for people seeking new frontiers, people come to Colorado seeking much more than gold these days.  The spirit of visionary zeal and limitless possibility is as strong as ever in the New West.  So it’s fitting that as the Democratic Party marches toward its own new frontier, it will do so through Denver.

A message to all of you in New Jersey: you don’t have to be in Denver – or on the Convention floor – to get in on the action though.  The Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee has organized two interactive ways for people anywhere in America to get involved.  We’re convening a national conversation about democracy and community and invite everyone to participate.