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“An issue of our generation:” higher education tuition

With signs saying “Stop Tuition Hikes,” “Tuition Today = Debt Tomorrow,” and “$1.2 Trillion in Student Debt,” the student newspaper Daily Targum reported that Rutgers students protested yesterday at the board’s open budget hearing. One student is quoted by the Record as saying, “We need a tuition freeze because so many of my friends are struggling. This is an issue of our generation.”

The governor’s proposed budget reduces the operating expenses of our senior public colleges and universities. In the case of Rutgers state-operated support is proposed to decrease for the coming year by $50 million dollars. Recent credit agency downgrades brought on by Gov. Christie’s mishandling of the budget and economy will likely also result in higher interest rates for university bonds.

Students pointed out examples of unnecessary spending such as the $1.2 million in severance pay to former basketball coach Mike Rice and former Athletic Director Tim Pernetti.


Christie Playbook: The Overreach

Governor Christie is always reminding us that he’s the governor. If you watch his town halls or television appearances and count the number of times he does this, you will quickly run out of fingers. We get it, Chris. You’re “in charge.” We know.

But perhaps he needs to insert a word into this meme he’s created, and start saying “I’m ONLY the governor.” Because his actions over the past few years indicate that when it comes to power, Chris Christie always seems to want more. The latest example can be observed in his plan to merge Rowan and Rutgers. Shooting first and asking questions only if someone makes him, Christie now plainly admits his tendency to act despite the law. He admits  that he doesn’t even know for sure if his plan is legal.

 Is this a pattern? You bet:

– His attempted elimination of COAH was illegal.

– His refusal to fund the state’s most troubled schools was illegal.

 – His early intention to unilaterally reopen government worker contracts in 2010 was squashed by his lawyers; it would have been illegal.

These examples of over-reaching are the ones involving illegality. Of course, there’s also the wide range of over-reaching that may be legal but is nonetheless unseemly. There are plenty of examples: He scuttled at $400M education grant in order to sustain his fight with teachers and the NJEA. He goes from zero to asshat in seconds, barfing insults at women, men, student “drug mules,” legislators, Navy Seals, teachers, or anyone else who disagrees with him without cowering in fear. And of course, there was the unilateral canceling of ARC.

More. More. More.


Justin Braz to run New Leaders Council-NJ

Justin Braz has been named as director of the New Jersey chapter of New Leaders Council. He succeeds Jackie Cornell-Bechelli, the new NJ State Director for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign. Until recently, Justin Braz was chief of staff for Assemblywoman Annette Quijano (LD-20). Congratulations to Justin.

What is New Leaders Council? NLC’s tagline is Training the Next Generation of Progressive Political Entrepreneurs. NLC fellows are young professionals most of whom have already shown leadership. They make a 5-month commitment to their training, one weekend per month, and take training in a curriculum of personal leadership development, entrepreneurship, communications and marketing, fund raising and finance, political strategy and management, traditional and new media, and Internet and technology. Emphasis is on teamwork, and there is an opportunity to meet with local and national leaders, and be paired with a career mentor.

A few weeks ago, Blue Jersey alums Scott Shields and Jason Springer and Blue Jerseyan Deciminyan taught netroots, and online organizing skills at the NLC-NJ Institute weekend training in New Brunswick.

Defend Rutgers: Why RU-Camden Matters to Rutgers

promoted by Rosi

Defend Rutgers: Why RU-Camden Matters to Rutgers University

Big Rutgers Board of Trustees Meeting tonight at 7pm at the College Avenue Student Center on the New Brunswick campus of Rutgers. The BOT will be dining across the street at Brower Commons immediately before the meeting.

So here is the third and installment of the three video series Defend Rutgers: Communicating our Identity 101. This one on why Rutgers-Camden matters to Rutgers.

In addition to the issues laid out in the video, what happens to other Rutgers facilities and the Rutgers cooperative extension programs in South Jersey?

What happens to the Rutgers Food Innovation Center in Bridgeton?

The Rutgers EcoComplex in Bordentown?

The Pinelands Field Station?

The Rutgers Marine Science Field Station in Tuckerton?

Rutgers Marine Sciences program is ranked fourth best in the world.  Will Rutgers have to give up it’s Marine Science program and/or facilities as part of the merger?

Defend Rutgers: Communicating Rutgers Identity 101

This video was developed by the writer for a class assignment in Rutgers Master of Communication and Information Studies program. We’re hearing a lot of Rutgers exceptionalism; well-deserved. We’re also interested in hearing from Rowan University students and community members. – promoted by Rosi

This video is a little experiment that I put together to help tell the Rutgers story during a time of significant transition.

Rutgers is one of the few institutiuons that reaches all parts of New Jersey and is one of only 59 universities in the country that is a member of the prestigious American Association

Yet, Rutgers has never recieved the in-state support that other large public, flagship universities, like Penn State, Indiana, Wisconsin and Virginia regularly recieve.

Now the Rutgers-Camden campus is being used as a pawn in the long overdue reorganization of medical education in the state while a nationwide search for a new Rutgers  president is underway.

New Jersey needs a robust flagship public university as part of it’s economy and public life.  

Help Defend Rutgers and help us tell the Rutgers story to key leaders across the state.

A Man To Watch: Mike DuHaime – A Key Christie Operative

        He’s a remarkable talent. This guy has a lot of raw talent. He’s just got great judgment. – Karl Rove talking about Mike DuHaime in 2008

Governor Christie who appears to be his own man, speaking from his seemingly singular gut with ideas that he says are his own, has in fact benefited tremendously from the skills and advice of key advisors. One such advisor is Mike DuHaime, who after serving in key positions in three national presidential campaigns, went on to become the lead strategist for Christie’s victory in 2009. DuHaime’s influence has been recognized in the press by both PolitickerNJ and TIME. He was ranked number 7 on PolitickerNJ’s 2010 Power List following Bill Palatucci, Mary Pat Christie, Jeff Chiesa, Steve Adubato, Rich Bagger, and David Samson. In 2010 TIME listed DuHaime in its “40 under 40” where his comments were indistinguishable from those of his boss: “The most overlooked issue these days is the unsustainable escalating costs of pensions, benefits and salaries associated with a public workforce.”

This week we heard comments from DuHaime complimenting Christie following his speech to the American Enterprise Institute in Washington,“He didn’t go seek the attention. He did big things and then went and talked about it. He’s completely turned Trenton upside down.” Duhaime appears confident but self-deprecating, humble, likable and measured – the opposite of Christie. However, he does not act entirely behind the scenes and has spoken in public occasionally helping us to understand his influence better. Among other matters he has weighed in on strategy in the governor’s campaign, Reform Jersey Now, and has been teaching a popular course on “Political Campaigning” at Rutgers with Maggie Moran, his Democratic counterpart during the Christie-Corzine campaign.

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