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Poverty in a Wealthy State

Andrew Seidman’s article in this morning’s Philadelphia Inquirer reveals that in this wealthy state, one-third of all residents are living in poverty. Given Governor Christie’s disdain for the plight of average citizens, this should not come as a surprise. But…
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Today in Moorestown: Christie returns to “Town Hall” orchestrated PR campaign at taxpayer expense

It’s almost unprecedented – Chris Christie is in New Jersey today for the second day in a row, following yesterday’s short (25-minutes) and mystifying 2016 Budget Address delivered before the full NJ Legislature.

Another politician might go on a listening tour after such a speech, to see how his constituents are taking it. This one, if previous “town halls” are an indication, will do most of the talking today. A public event dressed up as access and accountability, with just a few questions taken, and most or all of them being answered in long-winded style by the governor. As usual, Christie’s picked a majority white, comparatively wealthy and largely Republican perch from which to spin.

Gov. Chris Christie’s 128th “Town Hall” (his first in 6 months)

When: Today 3pm (doors open 1:30pm)

Where: Moorestown Recreation Center (111 West Second St.)

If you go, ask him about the our crumbling transportation infrastructure, and what he plans to do about the Transportation Trust Fund, which he didn’t mention at all in yesterdays’s outlook of his budget plans. Or ask him why he overstated a partnership on pension reform with NJEA, which they quickly pointed out. Or, ask him about his vulture-like (okay, don’t say “vulture-like”) longtime spokesman Michael Drewniak, and his hasty exit.

Or ask him if the Politicker story that he’s leaving his job in a few months for a TV job is true.

As usual – Seating is on a first come, first serve basis and open to the public.  No bags of any kind are permitted in the venue and all personal items are subject to search.  Due to safety requirements, law enforcement officers will be in attendance and will wand all attendees.

Courier Post Needs a Lesson in Geography

Yes, he clearly says ‘Morristown’ – twice. More than a mispronunciation. Dateline banner at the start of the video is correct, though. Promoted by Rosi

You would think the Courier Post knows their readership. But twice in the video below, the narrator moves the Lockheed Martin facility to North Jersey’s Morristown, not South Jersey’s Moorestown, where it is really located.

And their highlighting of Chris Christie as the savior of the contract is gratuitous. Christie had nothing to do with it. The contract was won based on the excellent work by Lockheed Martin employees and by the taxpayer’s funding of a $40 million tax break to make Lockheed’s proposal cost-competitive.

LD-7 Legislative Debate

What a difference a venue makes. When I covered the LD-16 legislative debate in Princeton a few weeks ago, they embraced transparency and allowed audio and video recording. At tonight’s LD-7 debate, no such recording was allowed. Both debates were run by the League of Women Voters, but I have a hunch that tonight’s no-recording policy was determined by the candidates of one of the parties. So I’ll have to report the old fashioned way, by using words instead of electrons.

Driving up to the school in Moorestown where the debate was being held, I was amazed to see the lawn littered with the GOP’s Orwellian yard signs on school property. The debate itself was very predictable with few surprises, and the Burlington County Times’ Dave Levinsky’s article summarizes it pretty well.


Wet or Dry?

What’s the most important election issue this year in the small South Jersey town of Moorestown? It just got redistricted from the Eighth to the Seventh Legislative District, so could it be the epic battle between incumbent doctor/lawyer/legislator Herb Conaway and the flip-flopping mayor of neighboring Mount Laurel, Jim Keenan? Not by a long shot.

Six years ago, the township topped Money magazine’s list of best places to live. The main east-west thoroughfare, Route 38, does not pass through the center of town, so Moorestown does not suffer the noise and pollution of through traffic like many other New Jersey towns its size. Known for its excellent schools, charming houses, and its Quaker roots, the town has been dry for almost a century.

And while the downtown area is often bustling with craft shows, parades, or other stereotypical small town America activities, the Moorestown Mall sits at the edge of town and attracts visitors from all over South Jersey.

Now, the owners of the mall want to draw more consumers by opening restaurants that serve alcohol. With competition from nearby malls and on-line shopping, the current owners of the nearly half-century old icon have managed to put together two ballot initiatives that would allow sales of liquor and provide licenses to restaurants to do so. Despite the fact that a similar referendum was voted down four years ago, and despite the fact that such referenda can be held only every five years, the courts have ruled that this initiative is worded sufficiently differently that it qualifies for the ballot.

So driving through Moorestown in the weeks before the election, you certainly see lots of yard signs for the legislative candidates. But the big issue is YES or NO on liquor licenses. Will the residents succumb to the promised $4 million in revenue that would come from approval? Or will they retain the laid-back charm that has been part of this South Jersey gem for decades?

Carl Lewis’ NJ Senate Campaign Kickoff (Redux)

The Carl Lewis saga continues to play out in the 9-time-Olympic Champ’s favor, despite the Burlington Republican machine’s concerted efforts to have him throw off the ballot. The BurlCoGOP likes things the quick-n-easy way for reasons too numerous to name here.

Anyway check of this video where Carl discusses issues like education, the millionaire’s tax and jobs. Nadia Comaneci and Doctor Freud come as well.

Oilman Runyan

We posted over this last night with an update about the Dem state conference changes – sorry, deciminyan – so I’m pulling it up top for a bit. –  Rosi

For many years, my wife and I have been lucky enough to take a week’s vacation every summer on Long Beach Island. We look forward to a time of relaxation and enjoyment of the pristine beaches. But during his first term in office, Congressman Jon Runyan is working to take that pleasure away from us.

Working in lock-step with his Republican colleagues, Runyan is actively promoting off-shore oil drilling in the Atlantic and providing the wealthy oil companies (i.e his campaign contributors) with more financial benefits – as if they need them.

To be fair, Runyan is delivering on campaign promises. I don’t understand why Ocean County residents would vote for someone who will put their tourism industry in jeopardy, but they did.

Now Runyan is making it even more attractive for oil companies to drill. He voted on a bill to allow these companies to obtain new leases, even while they owe the government payments for fines from previous sins. And while he’s voting to cut Medicare in the (false) name of fiscal responsibility, he also voted against elimination of taxpayer subsidies to oil companies.

Drilling off the Atlantic coast is not the way to solve our insatiable lust for energy. It’s not a matter of whether an oil spill will devastate Atlantic beaches, it’s just a matter of when and how badly.

Our vacations on LBI have become even more cherished over the last couple of years, as we have started a family tradition of having our grandson (and his parents!) visit us at the beach each summer. They live 300 miles from the nearest ocean, so this is a special time for our grandson as well as us. Let’s hope that Runyan’s pro-oil, anti-tourism approach magically avoids Murphy’s Law and that we don’t see a repeat of the BP disaster in our back yard. For our grandson’s sake and the sake of all those kids who love the beach.

How many more years will my son and grandson be able to enjoy LBI if Oilman Runyan has his way?

In the Belly of the Beast

Early this morning, I learned through a friend that Governor Christie would be holding a Town Hall meeting in nearby Moorestown.  After seeing how liberal bloggers have been treated at Republican events in the last few days, I decided to go, but with some trepidation.  But Moorestonians are good and welcoming people.  So I left my Obama shirt at home and decided to venture into Christie land – the belly of the beast.

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