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Why Bill Baroni will paint the 14th red

New Jersey’s 14th legislative district is one of those rare places where the delegation is split, with long-time Republican Senator Peter Inverso, Democratic Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein, and Republican Assemblyman Bill Baroni. Our ticket-splitting habit goes back several elections, but 2007 may change that.

Despite registered Democrats outnumbering Republicans in this district, the Republican was the top vote-getter in 2005. While local Republican Doug Forrester’s run for governor might explain part of this, the 14th could very well elect an all-Republican slate in 2007.

Workers Rally at the Statehouse


unionUFCW #152 is hosting a Statehouse rally in a few minutes to highlight the plight of heathcare workers in the wake of recent Medicaid cuts in Washington.  Total cuts for NJ over the past two years is around $46m.  Or about a $2 cut, per Medicaid patient, per visit.  And that is for the poorest of the poor.


OUCH!  No wonder the state's budget is in shambles, with all the wacky (unfunded) mandates and penny-penching out of the Whitehouse. 

  Claire Galiano, of UFCW's healthcare division says that medical workers (especially nurses and nursing home staff) are increasingly called upon to do more with less.

  “With less” meaning less supplies (!), less flexibility, less support staff, less job security, less benefits and so on.

  Ms. Galiano: “We are here to get the attention of our legislators to re-examine the Medicaid cuts from the past several years.

  The rally — complete with a band, refreshments, and a massive crowd — is set to begin shortly.  But the feeling of solidarity is paplable and very very exciting.

  So I'm gonna go absorb the atmosphere a bit and take some photos which I'll share shortly. 

  In the meantime, POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

Update 1:30pm The reggae band is still jammin' away.  I LOVE THIS!  A few legislators took time to come out and stand with the workers.  I spotted Weinberg, Baroni and Huttle.  Asw. Huttle, fresh off a primary win, said her presence was about showing “compassion and sensitivity.  As this generation gets older we have to give back.”

She went on:  “we have a moral issue to protect seniors and a legal obligation to not leave the healthcare workers understaffed.  They certainly don't deserve to be shortchanged.”

Amen to that.

14th District Chosen for Clean Election

The Clean Elections District Selection Committee met today to decide between the 12th and 14th legislative districts as the split district to participate in the clean election system. Republican leadership had wanted the 12th, while Democrats and Assemblyman Bill Baroni preferred the 14th. The AARP also supported choosing the 14th. The debate today was contentious, but ultimately the 14th district was selected by the panel.

Assemblyman Bill Baroni (R) and former Rate Counsel Seema Singh (D) will run for the Senate seat being vacated by Peter Inverso (R). Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein (D) will run with IBEW union leader Wayne D’Angelo (D) for the Assembly against Jamesburg Councilman Adam Bushman (R) and Hamilton Councilman Tom Goodwin (R).

Singh & are there groups now backing Baroni over Greenstein?

From Wally Edge today:

Greenstein, suddenly mulling a State Senate bid, is trying to mend fences with her Democratic base — especially after several groups that have supported her in past Assembly races told her yesterday that they intend to back Republican Bill Baroni for the Senate.  She asked for a meeting with some anti-war activists to discuss her vote…

I was at the meeting.  None of us there were talking about backing Baroni. She didn’t seem to be aware of any groups that had switched their support. 

I hope Singh will run for the assembly where she has a chance, whether or not Greenstein decides to run for the senate seat against Baroni.

According to CAWP there are only 29 South Asian women in state legislatures in the whole country.  It would be a first for NJ.

Candidates for the 14th

When Democrats decide on a candidate for the open Assembly seat in the 14th, it will likely be someone from Hamilton – the largest municipality in the district. The names I’ve seen mentioned so far as possible candidates include Hamilton Mayor Glen Gilmore, Mercer County Freeholder Keith Hamilton, former Hamilton Councilman Dan Benson and Mercer County Central Labor Council president Michael Maloney.

Am I missing any?

Update: Hmmm, I’m not so sure about Maloney being a candidate. He was in DC this morning introducing Baroni at the Building Trades meeting. Maloney urged them to endorse Baroni’s senate campaign.

Update 2: I got that wrong. Maloney is indeed one of the possible candidates being considered.

Polling the 14th

Sources say that the Assembly Democrats are putting a quick poll into the field to assess potential candidates in the 14th to run against Bill Baroni for the open Senate seat. Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein is waiting for the results before making a decision on whether to run. The Senate Democrats are mum on whether they are going to compete in the district and may focus on more competitive races in the 12th or 2nd.

Ferguson Will Not Challenge Lautenberg

Via PoliticsNJ:

Rep. Michael Ferguson has ruled out a bid for U.S. Senate against Frank Lautenberg. Chris Jones, Ferguson’s Chief of Staff, says that the 36-year-old Ferguson will positively not run for statewide office in 2008, and will seek re-election to a fifth term in the House. State Sen. Thomas Kean, Jr., Assemblyman Bill Baroni and Assemblyman Michael Doherty are viewed as the most likely contenders for the nomination to challenge Lautenberg, who will be 84 when he seeks his fifth term.

And Wally Edge says don’t count Kean Jr back in it so soon.

Had Ferguson lost to Stender, or had he run for the U.S. Senate, there was a good chance that State Senator Thomas Kean, Jr. would have run for the House instead. (He finished second in the 2000 primary, behind Ferguson.) Now the 38-year-old Kean must decide whether he is willing to chance a second statewide loss (something that usually signals the end of a political career) by running against Lautenberg — or even against the more conservative rivals in a contested Republican primary.

So, it’s down to Baroni and Doherty. Any other strong contenders?

Big doings in NJ’s 14th Legislative District?

So Politics NJ has all kinds of juicy tidbits about what may be going on in NJ’s 14th Legislative District. 

According to Bill Albers at Politics NJ,

Democratic Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein (D-Plainsboro) says she is considering a challenge to five-term Republican State Sen. Peter Inverso (R-Hamilton) in 2007.

Greenstein said that the 14th district Senate seat is “something that I would be interested in,” but noted that the decision to run will require careful consideration.

At the same time, Wally reports:

Democratic insiders are saying that John Cimino, the son of former Assemblyman and state Personnel Commissioner Anthony “Skip” Cimino, is showing serious interest in challenging two-term Republican Assemblyman William Baroni in 2007. An executive with UBS Securities, LLC, Cimino is a member of the Hamilton Township Redevelopment Agency and the Economic Development Advisory Commission.

Don’t forget about Dan Benson who ran with Linda in the last election cycle. Sounds like some competition and it will be interesting to watch this shake out…

News Round-up for Wednesday, March 1

News Round-up for Wed. March 1, 2006:

  • U.S. District Judge Jose Linares is scheduled to hear New Jersey’s lawsuit requesting an investigation of the deal to allow United Arab Emirates-based Dubai World Ports to take over of some U.S. port operations, including operations at Port Newark. Gov. Jon S. Corzine is also seeking permission to inspect documents given to a federal committee reviewing the deal. Of course, Bush’s mind is made up and says his position isn’t changing.
  • The citizens’ group Stop Renewal Of Oyster Creek will get the public hearing they wanted on the safety of the of a metal liner that helps keep radiation in the reactor core. The nuclear power plant is licenced through 2009 and seeking to renew its licence until 2029.
  • Yesterday the Democratic State Committee agreed to pay a record $255,000 fine, levied by the State Election Law Enforcement Commission, for being late in reporting of contributions during the end of the 2001 election year. Assemblyman Joseph Cryan (D- Union) said the mistakes were caused largely by an overwhelmed computer system; the Democrats raised a record $28 million during that election year.
  • Assemblyfolk Bill Baroni, Jennifer Beck and Linda Stender urged Rutgers University to retain Douglass College as a separate institution and not to combine it with the University’s other colleges. Assemblywoman Stender has drafted a resolution to that effect, AR131. The companion bill, SR26, is scheduled for a committee vote on Thursday, while Douglass grads and students plan a rally at the statehouse.
  • The NJ Supreme Court unanimously upheld the state’s standards for water clean-up at sites polluted by industry. Federal Pacific Electric Co. had challenged the standards in court, saying they violated the 1997 Brownfield Act, but were shot down. Score one for the environment!
  • The National Alliance on Mental Illness gave Our Fair State a C for its services to the mentally ill. They noted former Gov. Codey’s improvements to the system during his time as governor, but said they are simply good starting points. The nation as a whole recieved a grade of D.
  • The child-care industry in N.J. had a direct economic impact of $2.55 billion in 2005, according to a report released yesterday by the New Jersey Child Care Economic Impact Council. The impact is more than the revenues of the agriculture, scientific research and development, and hotel industries in New Jersey, and employ more people than many industries such as telecommunications, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and transportation.
  • There was one winner in last night’s $267 million Mega Millions drawing, and the ticket was sold in… Ohio. Better luck next time, NJ lottery fans.