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FDU/ Public Mind Poll Has Clinton Up 10 Nationally

Farleigh Dickinson’s Public Mind Poll has Democrat Hillary Clinton hitting the magical 50% level nationally with a 10 point lead over Republican nominee Donald Trump who sits at a terrible 40%. With Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Jill Stein included…
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Love/Hate in New Jersey

Public Mind has its the latest pulse on New Jersey’s opinion:

New Jersey voters chose Senator Hillary Clinton as the candidate they?d be the most likely and most unlikely to support in the general election, according to a new study from Fairleigh Dickinson University?s PublicMind. In a survey conducted from January 14 through January 20, likely primary voters, regardless of party affiliation, were asked who among the field of candidates they are most likely and most unlikely to support for president. Clinton tops both lists with 25 and 27 percent, respectively.

Wow.  It would seem that for every person who really wants to vote for Hillary there is someone waiting to vote for ANYONE else.  What a great candidate!  Jump with me for more insights.