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“It was like a bomb went off.”

It’s a sign of the times that, when one hears a line like the title of this piece, it is natural to brace for the casualty count.  We have become all too accustomed to hearing how humans are all too willing to use the flesh of anyone who seems different as a marking post for their political agenda.  Nothing ever justifies terrorism.  Nothing.

But it is false to think that terrorism is only measured in pounds of flesh and pints of blood.  It is also measured in the dropping of a broken-hearted tear, the silent shock of victimization, and the unspeakable horror over the desecration of everything sacred.  Kristallnacht was terrorism, pure and simple.  And it makes little difference if it is stone that is broken rather than glass.

And it was broken stones and memories that mark our latest example of the perfidy of humans against each other.  At this point, it is not being investigated as a hate crime, insisting it was just “criminal mischief”.  But a similar crime was discovered on Thursday.  Twice in less than a week is a lot of mischief not to be driven by hatred.